October 5, 2011

Lane Community College
Board of Education Minutes
October 5, 2011

1. Attendance
Board members present: Bob Ackerman, Pat Albright, Susie Johnston, Gary LeClair, and Tony McCown, and Rosie Pryor. Board members absent: Sharon Stiles. Also present were: President Mary Spilde; Vice President Sonya Christian; Lane Community College Education Association Interim President Stacey Kiser, Lane Community College Employees Federation President Bob Baldwin; and ASLCC President Mario Parker Milligan.

A. Chair Johnston called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m.

B. President's Report
Well, it's been an exciting start to fall term!

The all-staff inservice event was energizing and focused on quality, progression and completion. Thanks to Ackerman, Albright, McCown, and Pryor for joining us, and especially to Johnston for her opening remarks. Special thanks to Vice President Sonya Christian for developing the workshops and trainings and for her kind words about my ten years as president. I was also touched by everyone who spoke in the tribute video.

Second-week enrollment shows registrations are up 2.5 percent and headcount up 2.9 percent. Credit-only registrations are up 3.8 percent, and credit headcount is up 5.3 percent. Our noncredit enrollment seems to be down. We'll have better figures after the fourth week of the term. Meanwhile, final summer term reports show FTE down slightly by 0.2 percent, but credit FTE up by 6.5 percent. This number was pulled down by noncredit courses, which is not unusual in times of financial difficulty.

First-week parking and commuting were tight as expected, but things went well thanks to Student Services, Facilities and Public Safety. Zimride, the new campus rideshare social media tool, was a huge success, with more than 750 users signed up to carpool and more than 500 rides by the end of the week. Hats off to student government for taking the lead on this valuable new service.

We had a couple of surprises, including the rescue of a dog from a locked car in the parking lot on a hot day, and a chiller refrigerant leak at the Downtown Center that same afternoon. The Downtown Center was evacuated and closed for the day while a Eugene Hazmat team flushed the air. Kudos to Kevin Williams of Facilities for immediately reporting the leak, and to Facilities for expediting repairs.

We received some very good news last week as well. Our High School Connections program was named one of the nation's best ten high school to college transition programs and will be profiled in a book about transition programs. The ranking is from the CCSSE (Community College Survey of Student Engagement). We were nominated by Larry Cheyne of the Oregon Department of Community Colleges and Workforce Development (CCWD). Many people worked hard over the years to build up our program including Executive Dean Andrea Newton. The program is now in the capable hands of the program's new director, Deron Fort.

An Oregon community college consortium has received a three-year, $18.7 million federal grant for workforce and career training through the Obama Administration's Trade Adjustment Assistance for Community College and Career Training Grant program. Oregon was one of 32 recipients. Lane will receive about $2 million under the Oregon CASE Consortium grant, an acronym for Credentials, Acceleration, and Support for Employment. We will use the grant to expand and enhance career pathways, use career coaches to reduce barriers to success, and develop a flexible approach to providing Credit for Prior Learning. The grant will expand upon community colleges and workforce systems in Lane County and throughout the state to maximize persistence and completion of certificates and degrees for Trade Act Assistance participants and unemployed and underemployed Oregonians, and increase job placement. Dawn DeWolf will direct the effort for Lane.

Kudos to the Oregon Small Business Development Center Network (OSBDCN), which we host, which was fully accredited by the national network. This shows OSBDCN's value as a high quality economic development service and qualifies it for Small Business Administration funding. The next review won't come again until 2014. Congratulations to director Michael Lainoff and his staff.

Finally, we've won another marketing award thanks to Tracy Simms' leadership. This time it's a Silver Summit Award for our outdoor billboard advertisements. We were selected from among 604 entries. Only 9 percent of submissions won awards.

Virginia Ramsey, a former teacher in the Springfield School District, has left legacy gift of $100,000 to endow scholarships for Lane students.

A local maker of pipe organs, John Brombaugh, has retired and is donating his power equipment to Lane. We are giving some items that we can't use to local high schools. John also offered to donate a metal building and we are analyzing the cost of disassembly and siting to determine if this would benefit the college.

On the state front, you may know that the Senate confirmation hearings for the Oregon Investment Board were set for the same day as in-service but then rescheduled for November. In the meantime, we are having meetings with the Governor as a workgroup, not as a board, to get ready for the legislative session.

There are two state revenue forecasts before February's legislative session, but Governor Kitzhaber is not waiting to prepare for a worst-case scenario. Last week he directed state agencies to develop 5 percent and 10 percent reduction plans. It is not clear at this time if the reduction is to happen during the current year, future year or if he is going to use the 3.5% already reduced. He intends to meet with legislative leadership from both parties to discuss budgetary priorities should the legislature have to trim the budget during its short 2012 session.

The Oregon Court of Appeals struck down a state administrative rule banning firearms on Oregon University System campuses. This does directly impact community colleges because the board policy complies with the current law, but the issue might come up in the 2012 or 2013 legislative sessions.

In media activity, I interviewed with the New York Times for a story about stagnant college graduation rates. At Lane, we are ahead of the curve on this issue with our own completion and retention initiatives. I also interviewed with Insider Higher Ed about trends on college boards, and with Business Officer Magazine about leadership in sustainability.

I attended the American Association of Colleges and Universities meeting in Washington last week, and next week and I will attend the Association of Community College Trustees Annual Leadership Congress in Dallas. I also attended the Junction City town hall meeting on the new state hospital, the Foundation board meeting, and the Eugene Education Fund dinner.

The American Association of Community Colleges has asked Lane to host university and technical college presidents from China at the end of November, and I am working with Vice President Christian and International Programs Director Jennifer Falzerano to see if we can make that happen.

There are some important events coming up soon for your consideration:

* A reading by author Barry Lopez this Thursday at 7:30 p.m. in the Center for Meeting and Learning, as part of our Reading Together program;
* The annual Harvest Dinner on October 26;
* The annual OCCA convention October 27 to 29 at Salishan in Gleneden Beach;
* The annual Shining Star scholarship reception on November 15.

1) Personnel
The college's current personnel appointments were presented.

C. Board Agenda Review/Changes
No changes were made to the agenda.

D. Statements from Audience
No statements were offered from the audience.

2A. Consent Agenda
Pryor moved, and seconded by LeClair, to approve the revised Consent Agenda consisting of:

•Approval of the September 21, 2011, Minutes
•Academic Calendar
•Cisco Equipment

Motion passed unanimously.

3. Policy Review
A. Second Reading
1. Contractual Authority, C.030

McCown moved, seconded by Albright, to approve the second reading of board policy C.030, Contractual Authority.


Only the president, or formally designated representatives, may commit the college to financial obligations or contractual agreements. No obligation may be incurred unless it first has been authorized by the budget or by the budget change process. Any contract entered into in violation of this policy is void as to the college.

All contracts of $100,000 for goods and services contracts, or $150,000 for public improvements contracts or greater shall be approved for award by the board of education. The president is authorized by the board to enter into contractual agreements on behalf of the college up to a total dollar value not exceeding $100,000 for goods and services contracts, or $150,000 for public improvements contracts. The president may delegate this authority to college staff.

The Lane Community College Board of Education shall be the college's Local Contract Review Board as defined in ORS 279A.060.

ADOPTED: November 9, 1998
REVISED: April 14, 2004
REVISED: April 13, 2005
REVISED: November 9, 2005
REVISED: July 19, 2006
REVIEWED: October 8, 2008
REVIEWED: October 5, 2011

Motion passed unanimously.

B. First Reading
1. Purchasing Procedure, C.050

No changes were recommended to this policy; however, it was requested that legal counsel review the Oregon Administrative Rules for changes. A second reading will be held in November.


All procurement on behalf of the college shall be executed in accordance with the requirements of Oregon Revised Statute Chapters 279A, 279B and 279C, the Oregon Community College Rules of Procurement (“CCRP”), and Oregon Administrative Rules 125 (OAR 125) and Lane Community College on-line Policies and Procedures.

Where federal procurement regulations apply and are more restrictive than the state regulations, the federal regulations shall prevail.

Pursuant to ORS 279A.065(5), the Oregon Attorney General's Model Rules (OAR 137) do not apply to Lane Community College except those portions of the Oregon Attorney General's Model Rules that have been expressly identified in Section 300, Appendix A, of the CCRP.

The CCRP shall prevail over the provisions in OAR 125 and where topics are not addressed in the CCRP, the rules of OAR 125 shall remain in force.

ADOPTED: November 9, 1998
REVISED: June 9, 2004
REVISED: April 13, 2005
REVIEWED: November 9, 2005
REVIEWED: December 3, 2008

4. Discussion/Action Items
Disabilities resources presentation

Nancy Hart, Director of Disability Resources, presented information on the services offered by her department. In recent years, the focus has moved away from the medical model in favor of problem solving, disability awareness, culture, and resources. Approachability is the key element to those who contact the department with questions or concerns.

During 2008-2011, Lane took the primary leadership role for a national demonstration research grant titled Project ShIFT (Shaping Inclusion through Foundational Transformation). This project involved working with 26 colleges and universities across the nation. Project ShIFT participants have adjusted procedures and systems, alter department environments to become more welcoming for students with disabilities, remove barriers, and treat the student as the expert about his or her disability. The grant is in the process of ending, but the plan is to embed concepts in procedures and systems at Lane and across the nation.

Hart introduced student and part time classified staff member, Leann Guthrie, who described her experience with her disability and with the services in Disability Resources, which have helped her be successful in college.

B. Downtown Campus Update
Spilde reported that some value engineering has been done to keep the Downtown Campus project on budget. She appreciated the naming opportunities approved at the last meeting; she has met with a potential donor regarding a naming opportunity and will keep the board informed.

C. LCCEA Contract Ratification
Spilde reported that the faculty have ratified the two-year agreement for 2011-12 and 2012-13.

McCown moved to approve the contract between the LCCEA and the Lane Community College Board of Education. Pryor seconded.

Motion passed unanimously.

5. Accountability/Reports
A. Benchmarks

Craig Taylor, Institutional Research, Assessment, and Planning director, responded to questions and comments on the following Benchmarks:

•Grants and Contracts by Funding Source

B. Facilities Update
An update on the status of bond and facility projects was presented.

6. Reports
ASLCC President Mario Parker-Milligan reported that ASLCC took part in four retreats over the summer, including one at Lane’s Siltcoos Station in Florence. They have collected 1,000 student surveys on campus, with a goal of 3,000, identifying issues that are most important to students to advocate for on a state level. ASLCC will be hosting the Oregon Students of Color Conference held here at Lane in November. ALSCC is also hosting Secretary of State Kate Brown in Steve Candee's political science class on November 4.

LCCEF President Bob Baldwin discussed the issue of civility on campus, giving an anecdote in which he, as a union leader, apologized to union members for comments that may have offended some at a union meeting. Sometimes it is appropriate for those who are being led to comment on those who lead. The union is an organized movement. The world is rife with social movements deemed right and proper that might not have been seen so at the time. The moral authority of those who lead derive from those being led, so it is appropriate that those being led challenge the behavior of those who lead. Discussions should be held in civil forums, avoiding attack and vulgarities. Baldwin hoped that we remember that the challenges to leadership are necessary in order to find improvement or identify a problem.

Chair Johnston commented on Baldwin's report. One of the things that the board is going to take up and is working on is how the board and the college community can be more civil. Baldwin's comments at the last board meeting had jolted Johnston. The board meeting is a public meeting; civil language is something we all need to be cognizant of. She asked Baldwin and everyone to remember to be careful of the language used in a public meeting.

LCCEA Interim President Stacey Kiser reported that the faculty ratified the 2011-13 contract. She thanked faculty who came in to work over the summer. She received the report from the Oregon Community College Workforce Development office on part-time faculty levels and comparing full time to part time ratios. Lane is ninth on the list. Forty-six percent of Lane's classes are taught by full time faculty. The association will be keeping their eyes on that number and will continue to push for improvement.

Vice President Sonya Christian commented on the exchange between Baldwin and Johnston, stating that she is a firm believer that we need to have real conversations in order to remain healthy. Next Friday Lane will be hosting a Strategic Directions conference on sustainability. Lane will be hosting the Win-Win Conference on October 20 and 21, featuring keynote speaker, Cliff Adelman. Regarding the Disability Resources presentation, all staff environments and faculty requirements have changed, which takes a truly remarkable investment on the part of faculty and staff to meet students' needs.

Board Reports
McCown attended Lane County's redistricting meeting this afternoon; it has been recommended that Lane's Board of Education explore zone boundaries as well to balance out the five districts. The Lane Council of Governments annual awards dinner is in January in the Center for Meeting and Learning.

Pryor reported that Oregon Community Credit Union is the sponsor of the Shining Star Scholarship event. Pryor shared that she is hearing impaired, so she can relate to the disability challenges that were described this evening. It is extraordinary to hear about the services and efforts taken on students' behalf that didn't exist in the early days. Kudos to Lane and everyone involved to provide that kind of access to people.

LeClair reported that he, too, has a hearing disability. Through technology he is able to achieve adequate hearing. LeClair has attended Lane's theater performances for years; the recent production "Brighton Beach Memoirs" was superb.

Albright reported that he is attending the Oregon Community College Association (OCCA) board meeting this Friday. He is attending the Reading Together event at Lane tomorrow featuring Barry Lopez, a local author who has won national awards. He leaves for the Association of Community Colleges Annual Congress on Saturday. In response to Baldwin's comments, the board benefits from having union leaders at the table to inform the board on what is happening. In this discussion of civility, awareness can be accomplished through careful use of language.

Ackerman reported that keeping discussions civil and professional will allow the board to make better decisions.

Johnston reported that she will be attending the OCCA board meeting. She attended the CentroLatino American dinner and fundraising event. Johnston enjoyed the inservice presentation and the board retreat. She congratulated Spilde on her ten year anniversary as president. She will be attending the Barry Lopez event. It is great to see the Downtown Campus coming into form.

7. Date, Place, and Proposed Agenda Items for the Next Regular Meeting
Wednesday, November 16, 2011, Boardroom, Building 3, Lane Community College.

8. The board meeting unanimously adjourned at 7:59 p.m.

Mary Spilde, President/District Clerk
Susie Johnston, Board Chair