October 15, 2012

Lane Community College
Board of Education Minutes
Florence Center
October 15, 2012

1. Attendance
Board members present: Bob Ackerman, Pat Albright, Gary LeClair, and Tony McCown, Rosie Pryor, and Sharon Stiles. Also present were: President Mary Spilde; Chief Financial Officer Greg Morgan; Executive Dean Don McNair; Lane Community College Education Association President Jim Salt; and Lane Community College Employees Federation President Bob Baldwin.

A. Chair Stiles called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.

B. President's Report
It's a pleasure to be at our Florence campus. I'd like to thank Dean Mary Jeanne Kuhar and her staff for hosting us, and I appreciate the presence of some of our Florence Advisory Committee members. You may have noticed all the good work Facilities has been doing here at Florence, especially in the last couple of weeks.

Back on main campus, our Health & Wellness Building officially was awarded LEED Gold status. This is a significant accomplishment considering that LEED certifications are now based upon the actual operational performance.

Before our meeting this evening, Mary Jeanne, Sharon and I visited the KCST radio station to visit with news director Bob Sneddon and tape interviews for his "Our Town" program which will air on November 7. We covered a variety of topics.

The Florence Center and Main Campus will participate in the Great Oregon Shakeout earthquake drill this Thursday. In Florence that of course means tsunami preparedness, and I'd like to commend Mary Jeanne for all she does to make the center a safe and welcoming place for our students and community.

We closed our Qualified Energy Conservation Bond financing early this month, using our allocation from the City of Eugene. This is the first energy financing from this program in Oregon and will provide a 70 percent subsidy of the interest cost from the Treasury. Thanks to Greg Morgan for his work on this.

Most of you know that one of our Cessna 152 airplanes made a safe landing in a field south of Eugene Airport last month after experiencing loss of power. We are very proud of the instructor and student who followed their training and protocols and walked away from the event. We are working with the FAA on an investigation. Lane's aviation program has an outstanding safety record of 300,000 hours with no injuries. Kudos to director Steve Boulton and Dean Pat O'Connor for his outstanding leadership. We are in good hands.

The Oregon Education Investment Board (OEIB) is holding community forums around the state, including one this Wednesday in Eugene from 6-8 p.m. in the Giustina Ballroom at the Ford Alumni Center at the UO. There also will be a webinar. The forums will allow stakeholders a chance to provide input and feedback on recommendations to the Oregon Education Investment Board and the Governor from the Education Funding Team appointed by the Governor.

For the second time in three years, the Oregon Student Access Commission, which oversees the Oregon Opportunity Grant program and numerous scholarship programs, is in search of a new executive director. Josette Green resigned unexpectedly late last month. The commission has approved Bob Brew as interim executive director and Vic Nunenkamp as interim chief operating officer, and plans to begin the process of selecting a new director after the 2013 legislative session.

Congratulations to ASLCC President Merriam Weatherhead on her election as chair of the Oregon Student Association Board of Directors. Mary is the first community college woman to hold the position. OSA represents over 100,000 students at Oregon's universities and community colleges. This is the second time in the organization's history that a community college student has been chair; both times it has been Lane students.

Tomorrow is the registration deadline for first-time voters in Oregon, so this is your reminder if you still need to register. If you've been on the main campus at all this term, you've likely seen the student-led voter registration drive out in full force. ASLCC won't have their final tally until later this week, but they've already registered more than 6,000 people in 2012. This not only sets a new campus record, it also makes Lane's voter registration drive one of the largest and most successful in the country. Great job to everyone involved.

Marketing has been working closely with the International Program to develop a variety of promotional and recruitment materials. They are particularly proud of their new viewbook, which is at your places. You also have a copy of the current issue of Open for Business, the Eugene Chamber's bi-monthly publication. This issue features our Downtown Campus and how it has helped revitalize downtown Eugene. There's also a great story about the positive impact our Cooperative Education program has on local businesses, and yet another story about how our downtown buildings are a model of sustainability. We could not have hoped for so much excellent earned media!

AACC has asked me to be one of 20 presidents to join a Dialogue on Veterans in Washington on October 30 to talk about what community colleges are doing.

And speaking of veterans, we will dedicate the Maxwell Student Veteran Center on main campus in a ceremony on November 5. We will have a very special guest, the center's namesake, Army Technician 5th Grade Robert Dale Maxwell. Bob is a World War II veteran who earned the Congressional Medal of Honor. He helped establish Lane's automotive technology program in the 1960s. He lives in Bend and is coming over with family and friends for the dedication. The center gives student veterans a quiet space to study and regroup, go online, or connect with our veterans' services staff.

I'd like to give special congratulations to Sonya Christian, who was appointed president of Bakersfield College. She has been an amazing executive vice president whose vision, execution, passion, and intelligence have made huge contributions at Lane. She has developed leadership at all levels through the many initiatives she has led. The leadership teams consist of classified, faculty, and managers at all levels, and I'm confident they will move forward and be part of Sonya's lasting legacy. We wish her the best of luck in her new endeavors.

I am working on a leadership plan, and have set up a series of meetings this week and next. I will shift my focus to internal work at the college until we have a new team in place. We have been fortunate to have had stable leadership for the past few years, and I am confident that we can select the right people to form our new team.

1) Personnel
The college's current personnel appointments were presented.

C. Board Agenda Review/Changes
No changes were made to the agenda.

D. Statements from Audience
Ron Green, Florence Advisory Committee member, recently helped out with the Florence scholarship committee. They received 40 applications and gave 18 scholarships. It was an emotional event to see students trying to pursue their dreams. He recognized Mary Jeanne Kuhar for doing a fantastic job as Dean of the Florence Center. He is grateful to be part of the community and the community college and appreciated all the board does to support the campus.

Ken Gaylord, Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Club of Western Lane County, stated that community partnerships are such a valuable part of their work. There are 600 participants registered as members of the Boys and Girls Club. The club relies on community partners for programs and facilities. This summer there was a great computer summer camp held at the Florence Center, with 22 children attending. It couldn't have been done without a partner like Lane. He thanked everyone at the Florence Center for what they do for the community.

Kim Erickson, Advisory Committee member, emphasized the importance of the Florence Center to the community and to her personally. Erickson was able to get her two-year degree entirely through the Center. She took classes in the evening and was then promoted at her place of work. The advisory committee will continue to let everyone in the community know the center's importance.

Jacque Betz, Florence City Manager, Lane Budget Committee member and distinguished alumni, attended classes at Lane before moving to OSU to complete her Bachelor's degree. Now she is giving back by being on the budget committee and the advisory committee. She will continue to keep the information flowing to the main campus.

Nola Xavier, City Councilor, is a lifelong learner and has taken classes at the Florence Center. Community colleges have the flexibility to provide the kinds of criteria for learning opportunities across the spectrum. She thanked the staff at the Center for their presence and for the courses and curriculum offered.

Phil Brubaker, Mayor of Florence, pointed out that Florence is the largest city in Oregon located the furthest from the county seat. He thanked the board members for coming over for the meeting. Brubaker celebrated Florence's hospital, tsunami preparation, relations with the confederated tribes, and the Lane Community College Florence Center.

2A. Consent Agenda
McCown moved, and seconded by Pryor, to approve the revised Consent Agenda consisting of:

  • Approval of the September 19, 2012, Minutes

Motion passed unanimously.

3. Policy Review
A. Second Reading
1. Definition of a Balanced Budget, E.010
McCown moved, seconded by LeClair, to approve the second reading of board policy E.010, Definition of a Balanced Budget.

Motion passed unanimously.


The board directs the president to develop annual budget recommendations that are in accordance with the college's strategic plan and conform to the requirements of Local Budget Law (ORS 294.326). The budget shall provide for:

  • Annual operating expenditures not to exceed projected revenues (Expenditures shall be budgeted according to the college's strategic priorities.)
  • Debt service, both current (due in less than 12 months) and long term
  • Reserves for maintenance and repairs to its existing facilities
  • Reserves for acquisition, maintenance and replacement of capital equipment
  • Reserves for strategic capital projects
  • Funding levels to fulfill future terms and conditions of employment, including early retirement benefits
  • Allocations for special projects related to the strategic directions of the college·
  • Allocations for contingencies (unforeseen events requiring expenditures of current resources)
  • Ending Fund Balances (according to policies set specifically for that purpose)
  • Lane has a further responsibility to:
  • Plan how it will spend any "onetime" unanticipated revenue, allocating it strategically and prudently between:
    • The restoration of any shortfall to targeted ending fund balances,
    • Currently unfunded projects in the strategic plan, and/or
    • Holding some or all of it in reserve during financially volatile periods.
  • Permanently stabilize its finances in their entirety (operating budget, reserves, contingencies and ending fund balances) when it perceives a long term change (increase or decrease) to its available future recurring resources.

ADOPTED: January 14, 2004
REVIEWED: November 8, 2006
REVIEWED: September 15, 2009
REVIEWED: October 15, 2012

2. Unappropriated Ending Fund Balance, E.020

Pryor moved, seconded by Albright, to approve the second reading of board policy E.020, Unappropriated Ending Fund Balance.

Motion passed unanimously.


The president shall assure budgeting that maintains the estimate of unappropriated ending fund balance at no less than three percent of the general fund operational expenditure budget.

ADOPTED: January 14, 2004
REVIEWED: December 6, 2006
REVIEWED: September 15, 2009

B. First Reading
1. Integrated Pest Management, D.170
The board held a first reading of this new policy created in order to comply with ORS 634.700, which was enacted by the Oregon Legislature. A second reading will be held in November, and the Integrated Pest Management Plan will also be brought before the board for approval.

POLICY TYPE: Miscellaneous
POLICY TITLE: Integrated Pest Management Policy

Consistent with Oregon's State Pesticide Control Act (ORS Chapter 634), the Board is committed to ensuring that the College has a coordinated decision-making and action process that uses the most appropriate pest control methods and strategies in an environmentally sound manner to meet the College's pest management objectives. The College shall adopt an Integrated Pest Management Plan ("IPM") that emphasizes the least possible risk to students, employees and community members and shall adopt a list of low-impact pesticides for pest control.

The Board delegates authority to the President to designate an employee as the Integrated Pest Management Plan Coordinator with those responsibilities set forth in ORS 634.700 to 634.750. The IPM shall provide a proactive strategy for the long-term prevention and/or suppression of pest problems through economically sound measures.

4. Discussion/Action Items
A. Florence Center
Mary Jeanne Kuhar, director of the Florence Center, welcomed everyone to the Florence Center. The Center is 70 miles from the main campus and serves a different demographic than the main campus. Sixty-five percent of the population in Florence is retired, and the Center strives to meet their needs, which aren't always academic, as well as meet the needs of the younger population with programs such as the computer camp held over the summer for middle school students and a GED program for those wanting to complete their high school equivalency.

The Center serves approximately 800 students in both credit and non-credit classes and programs. The population in Florence is about 8,000, which means the Center serves 10% of the population. Certificate and degree programs offered in Florence include Medical Office Assistant, Nursing, and the Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer degree. The Center offers telecourses and courses streamed through video from the main campus. There is a strong partnership with PeaceHealth Hospital for clinicals and internships. Student services such as counseling and disability resources are also available.

In 2011, PeaceHealth Siuslaw Region was named LCC Employer of the Year. Nursing students participate in cooperative education at the hospital; those that are hired at the hospital after graduation have the advantage of having been trained, already understanding the culture, and staying in the area.

Community partnerships in Florence include the more than 30 cooperative education work sites, the Boys and Girls Club, and the Siuslaw School District, where students can get college credit in high school through the College Now program. Scholarship programs are also strong in Florence, where $31,000 was raised for scholarships last year.

B. Bond Recommendation
Todd Smith, Bond Project Manager, and Alen Bahret, Chair of the Bond Leadership Team, distributed information on the remaining bond projects and the recommendation on the budget for completing the projects. Projects include the Center Building, infrastructure, Buildings 11, 15, 17 and 18, and renewable energy.

Pryor moved that the board approve the reconfigured budgets in alignment with the Bond Leadership Recommendations dated 10/15/12. LeClair seconded.

Motion passed unanimously.

5. Accountability/Reports
A. Benchmarks

The following Benchmarks were presented:

  • Grants and Contracts by Funding Source
  • Unduplicated Student Headcount

And the following Mission Fulfillment Indicators:

1.3 Percent of students reaching the milestone of earning their first 15 college-level credits in 1 year

6. Reports
LCCEF President Bob Baldwin congratulated colleague and friend Sonya Christian. On a professional level, he is not able to share the President's confidence that reshifting and realignment will make up for her absence. With Christian leaving, the retirement of two of the ASA executive deans and another returning to her previous duties, there will be a lack of leadership in ASA. Baldwin regrets that it is happening as it is but congratulated those who are taking on a new adventure or retiring.

LCCEA Jim Salt reported that he was surprised that there wasn't a report of the residency rate at the Downtown Campus which is only at 40%. He will be forwarding the board a file that will assist the board in looking at the full time/part time faculty ratio as it is one of the major problems that the college faces. The Achievement Compact Taskforce had been concerned about the one-two punch. The first was to build the compacts; the second is the funding. Outcomes funding has been coming down the pike all along. Christian had led the way in addressing issues at the college. He offered congratulations, but shared Baldwin's concerns that Christian did so much at the college that her loss is going to be more than that of a great leader.

Executive Dean Don McNair reported that the Senior Companions program sponsored by Lane for the last 40 years just passed their federal compliance visit and will continue to establish partnerships. The international student population increased over 20% fall term. McNair congratulated Jennifer Falzerano for her hard work. As part of First Year Matters, tips for student success are being posted around campus, which are some of the same tips from thirty years ago in the Math Resource Center. McNair stated that it is a privilege working with Kuhar and the Florence staff and was glad to see all of the excitement in the community for the Center. McNair acknowledged that Christian has been a mentor, friend and confidante, and it's been a privilege to work with her.

Chief Financial Officer Greg Morgan echoed comments that he will miss Christian, who always had a smile and a kind comment no matter how much was going on. Steve Barton of KLCC and Morgan participated in a conference for public broadcasting by the Oregon Community Foundation where they explored ways to collaborate better with public broadcasting stations. KLCC receives approximately $256,000 per year from the Corporation of Public Broadcasting. The board will soon have a number of ways to get more involved with KLCC.

Board Reports
McCown congratulated Christian and noted that we have been privileged to have had continuity in executive leadership these past years. We'll be able to move forward and it will help that we can keep Executive Deans McNair and Newton for a few months longer. McCown gave Christian much credit for his success. She has challenged him to do his best, first as ASLCC president and then as a board member. He looks forward to seeing her succeed in her new role.

LeClair appreciated traveling to Florence and seeing the Center. He wished Christian well in her new position and was confident that we will find a replacement.

Pryor thanked Kuhar and the Florence staff for hosting the meeting. She congratulated Christian. We will miss her but the fact is that no one is irreplaceable. Pryor attended the ACCT Congress held in Boston.

Albright attended the Lane Economic Committee meeting where Lane was mentioned in reference to the regional prosperity plan. In the last four years, Springfield High School has created a Hall of Fame, to which Dale Parnell will be inducted this Saturday. He was the first president of Lane, but he was also a coach, vice principal, and principal of the high school. Albright, Spilde, and two others gave a presentation on achievement compacts at the ACCT Congress in Boston. He will miss Christian, who has done a tremendous job. Replacing her with a single person will be difficult.

Ackerman reported that his 101 year old mother signed on with Lane for senior resources. Ackerman was thoroughly impressed with the people and programs at Senior Companions. It was good to see how it tracks from a user standpoint. Regarding Christian's new position and the retirement of the executive deans, he felt that professionals at that level will have the ability to adapt to the changes. We need to concentrate on the important work that needs to be done in the classroom and with the budget.

Stiles thanked Mary Jeanne Kuhar for hosting the board meeting. Stiles attended the ACCT Congress in Boston and thanked Lane for giving her that opportunity.

7. Date, Place, and Proposed Agenda Items for the Next Regular Meeting
Wednesday, November 14, 2012, Boardroom, Building 3, Lane Community College

8. The board meeting unanimously adjourned at 8:25 p.m.

Mary Spilde, President/District Clerk

Sharon Stiles, Board Chair