June 2013

Lane Community College
Board of Education Minutes
June 12, 2013

1. Attendance

Board members present: Bob Ackerman, Pat Albright, Susie Johnston, Gary LeClair, Tony McCown, Rosie Pryor, and Sharon Stiles. Also present were: President Mary Spilde; Executive Dean Andrea Newton; Director of Budget and College Services Jen Steele; Legal Counsel Meg Kieran; Lane Community College Education Association President Jim Salt; Lane Community College Employees Federation Vice President Alen Bahret; and Associated Students of Lane Community College President Paul Zito.

A. Chair Stiles called the meeting to order at 6:32 p.m.

B. President's Report

Congratulations to Sharon and Gary for your re-election to the board. I am very glad to have your continued dedication on behalf of the college and our students.

Congratulations to Matt Keating on your election. I'm looking forward to the energy you bring from your student and budget committee experience into your new role on the board.

Susie, I do want to say something about your years on the board, but I am saving that for a little later in tonight's meeting.

Kudos to Pat O'Connor:

  • Oregon Coast Community College recently named its community room in his honor. As you know, Pat was OCCC president from 1990 until 2011 when we were lucky enough to get him back at Lane.
  • Also, thanks to Pat and Executive Dean Dawn DeWolf for the front-page story in The Register-Guard about the job market for college grads. It was obvious that Lane grads get jobs.
  • Finally, Pat and welding instructors Al Laskey and Mark Huntington scored high marks with Oregon OSHA following a welding safety training. I received a letter from OSHA that said, "To say our expectations were met would be an understatement. It's relationships like this that make us here at Oregon OSHA very proud to be affiliated with fine academic institutions like Lane Community College and tremendous individuals such as Pat O'Connor and his staff."

One of our culinary graduates recently was featured in The Washington Post food section. Carly Rodgers runs the kitchen for a sustainable community of 92 people near Charlottesville, North Carolina. Her parents wrote to Clive Wanstall to thank him for helping Carly achieve her dreams.

Hats off to student Corinne Moon for editing and producing Denali, our literary arts magazine, using new equipment and software obtained with donations made possible through Student Life and Leadership Development, thanks to the leadership of Dean Barb Delansky and support from Division Dean Susan Carkin. Denali is now available online—and you also have copies at your places.

Congratulations to our Men's and Women's Track and Field teams who defeated all comers and won the NWAACC Championship. The Women's team won by an amazing margin of 79.5 points and the Men's team won by a 5.5 point margin. Lane's Kara Hollock was the Women's championship high point scorer and Allie Church was the Women's Outstanding Track Athlete. Madison Seaman was the Outstanding Field Athlete. Grady O'Connor was named Coach of the Year.

Titan Baseball pitcher Kenyan Middleton was drafted by the Los Angeles Angels major league team. Kenyan is the highest-drafted player ever for the Titans.

Kudos to our Black Student Union and faculty member Mark Harris for dedicating a monument to Wiley Griffon, Eugene's first African-American mentioned by name as a resident. You might have seen the story on the front-page in Saturday's Register-Guard.

Today's RG also had a wonderful front-page piece on one of Women in Transition and Ford Foundation Scholarship students, Margaret Innocenti. The women's program and the Ford scholarships make a tremendous difference in students' lives.

Lane custodians have now logged more than 200 work days without a time-loss accident or injury, an achievement that won them a feature in a national trade publication, Facilities Alert. Thanks to Dave Willis for his outstanding leadership in providing safety training to his employees, and for support from Dennis Carr.

I am pleased to congratulate the extraordinary instructors who received Faculty Recognition Awards last week. They are writing instructor Michael McDonald, aviation maintenance instructor Herb Moore, and social science instructor Stan Taylor.

Congratulations to James McConkey, Classified Employee of the Month for June. He is the man behind the scenes, that is to say, our longtime technical director in Music, Dance & Theatre Arts. James began working at LCC part-time in 1997. He is well known and sought after throughout the local theater community.

At our annual Employee Recognition Gala last month, we applauded 30 retirees; 3 40-year employees; 4 30-year employees; 19 20-year employees; and 36 10-year employees. It's very hard to let go of our retirees and I will say thank you just one more time to our retiring instructional leaders, Andrea Newton, Don McNair, Kate Barry, and Ken Murdoff.

Tonight you will have your annual budget hearing. I would like to thank the Budget Committee for performing this challenging task with dedication and professionalism. Thanks also to Jen Steele and her team and Don McNair for their exemplary work on behalf of the Budget Committee. Thanks also to the employees and students who served on the College Council Finance and Budget Subcommittee whose work informed the Budget Committee. As it happens, the Committee is recommending a budget based on a Community College Support Fund of $450 million, and we have since learned that that is the amount currently favored in Salem.

Before I continue, I would like to ask Brett to come to the podium and provide a brief update on legislative bills. [Brett Rowlett gave an update on the Community College Support Fund and legislative bills he is tracking.]

Lane Day at the State Capitol was May 15. Many thanks to all the staff and students who participated. The day gave us the opportunity to meet with all of our local legislators and show off our programs and clubs in the Capitol Galleria. Thanks to Tony, Pat and Matt for attending.

Members of Lane County's state legislative delegation were joined by Ways & Means Committee Co-Chair Representative Peter Buckley at the Downtown Campus on May 28 for a town hall meeting on the state budget. More than 100 community members attended. Thanks to Rosie, Susie and Pat for attending.

We are in the midst of program graduations and recognitions, and I hope you can all attend college graduation on June 15 at the fairgrounds. Participants need to line up about 3:30 p.m. The ceremony begins at 4 p.m.

After that, just a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • The Fashion Design Program in Continuing Education will holds its annual show on June 22 at 6 p.m. at New Hope Christian College in Eugene. I get to be one of 120 models who will show the creations of students. My outfit is being designed and made by our own librarian, Marika Pineda.
  • Note that the college will be closed on Fridays from June 28 through August 30.

I'd like to close my report by asking new KLCC general manager John Stark to come to the podium and take a few minutes to tell you about some of the programming changes coming to KLCC. [Stark reported that KLCC is concentrating on the news program, featuring local content which integrates the program "All Things Considered" and responding to community needs.]

3) Personnel

The college's current personnel appointments were presented.

C. Board Agenda Review/Changes

Pryor moved to postpone the board evaluation to the July meeting. Albright seconded.

Motion passed unanimously.

D. Statements from Audience

Rodger Gamblin, Information Technology and LCCEF officer, thanked Susie for her time on the board, welcomed Keating to the board, and congratulated Stiles on her re-election. He holds the board responsible on decisions regarding bargaining parameters, not President Spilde. He stated that the President has kept her word in budget discussions.

Pam Farr, Information Technology, stated that she moved to Eugene in 2012 on a promise from Lane regarding health insurance, and she urged the board to keep that promise.

Jim Salt, Sociology instructor and LCCEA President, stated that employees have made unbelievable sacrifices over the last five years and asked the board for the money that was calculated for bargaining in the Budget and Finance Committee.

Polina Kroik and Valerie Metcalf, English Instructors, stated that they are both part time instructors and were shocked at the way bargaining has proceeded this term and that proposals to improve conditions of part time faculty were not seriously discussed.

Michel Kovcholosky, Math instructor, stated that the college can give the most expensive employee an increase and refuse to pay the rest of the employees the increase they have earned.

Jeffrey Borrowdale, Philosophy instructor, expressed concern about the bargaining process. The college's offer has been changed, and employees have been asked to take a hit again.

Deanna Murphy, Math Instructor, stated that she was formerly the interim dean of Mathematics and saw all employees accommodate the enrollment surge. She expressed concern that the bargaining allowance has been taken off the table. She hoped for fairness and balance and to come away with an agreement that will leave employees feeling respected.


A. The board meeting recessed, and the Budget Hearing was called to order at 7:10 p.m.

B. Statements from the Audience

Rodger Gamblin, IT Technician, stated that staff and faculty work remains the same regardless of state funding. The work being diminished by taking away part of the bargaining allowance is the work that today's students will be doing in ten or fifteen years. He asked the board to restore the full bargaining allowance and empower the bargaining teams to actually bargain the economics of the classified contract.

Barbara Bailey, Bookstore, read a quote from Theodore Roosevelt regarding character.

C. Resolution 589, 2013-14 Budget Adoption and Appropriation

McCown moved to adopt Resolution 589, 2013-14 Budget Adoption and Appropriation. Albright seconded.

Motion passed 6 -1. Ackerman dissented.

E. Resolution 590, Imposing and Categorizing Taxes for 2013-14

McCown moved to adopt Resolution 590, Imposing and Categorizing Taxes for 2013-14. Johnston seconded.

Motion passed unanimously.

Tony McCown moved that if resources exceeds $450 million from the state, the administration and the board consider additions to the staff bargains as well as remediation of student cost. Pryor seconded.

Motion passed unanimously.

E. Discussion/Action: Tuition Rate

Spilde explained that the tuition proposal from the Budget and Finance Committee was a tuition increase of $1 per credit. This would include $.50 already in the tuition dedicated to student success which would be moved to the general fund and an increase of $.50 for a total of $1.00.

LeClair moved to increase the tuition by an additional $1 per credit. Albright seconded.

Pryor recused herself from the vote, stating a conflict as she is currently paying tuition for a student.

Motion passed unanimously.

The budget hearing adjourned, and the board meeting reconvened at 7:40 p.m.

2A. Consent Agenda

McCown moved, and seconded by LeClair, to approve the Consent Agenda consisting of:

  • The approval of the May 8, 2013 meeting minutes
  • Building 15 Remodel
  • Resolution No. 591 to Supplement Administratively Restricted Fund Appropriation for FY 2012-13
  • Resolution No. 592 Authorizing Budget Transfers for 2012-13

Motion passed unanimously.

4. Discussion/Action Items

A. Spotlight on Student Success: High School Connections

Deron Fort, Director of High School Connections, informed the board that his department works directly with high schools, school districts, and across Lane departments and divisions to build relationships and support students in their transition from high school to college. Programs and services include College Now, Regional Technical and Early College (RTEC), Alternative Education/GED, contracted classes taught by college instructors in the high school, and special events such as Hands-On Career Day. In the fall, Lane will partner with 4J to offer Early College High School operating out of the RTEC Center in Building 10. In addition to helping high school students transition into college, it will also develop a model with the potential to set the gold standard for several Oregon educational initiatives.

High School Connections provides a platform to improve teaching and learning through secondary-postsecondary collaboration, breaks down barriers between high school and college, promotes the development of students who are better prepared for college success all while meeting Lane's enrollment recruitment goals.

Fort introduced two students who had participated in College Now while at high school Melissa attended South Eugene High School and completed 33 college credits. This was a significant financial savings and also took care of her language requirement. Cody completed 15 credits to apply toward his AAOT, which he completed in his first year at Lane.

B. Achievement Compacts

Spilde informed the board that the achievement compact taskforce has met twice, and the reporting template has not changed from last year. Craig Taylor, Director of Institutional Research, Assessment, and Planning, described the factors used in arriving at projection and target data.

Pryor moved that the board approve Lane's achievement compact with the Oregon Education Investment Board. LeClair seconded.

Motion passed unanimously.

C. Parking Lot Maintenance

Spilde explained that maintenance on the parking lots will take place this summer. Four firms submitted proposals, and the low bid was from Wildish Construction for $142,000. Although the amount of the project is under the amount which would require board approval, change orders may exceed $8,000, and the project would need to stop to await board approval. The board is being asked to approve the contract now, including the potential changes orders needed to accomplish this work.

Pryor moved that, in accordance with the bid documents, Wildish Construction be awarded a contract for $142,000 and change orders as approved by the president. McCown seconded.

Motion passed unanimously.

D. Election Canvass

Ackerman moved to accept the official abstracts from the May 21, 2013, Special Election, Lane Community College Board, and declare Sharon Stiles, Zone 1, Gary LeClair, Zone 3, and Matt Keating, Zone 4, winners. Pryor seconded.

Motion passed unanimously.

E. President's Evaluation

The board has conducted the annual performance evaluation of President Mary Spilde. Spilde received an outstanding performance evaluation for the twelfth consecutive year.

Chair Sharon Stiles read the following statement:

"The Board of Education has conducted its annual performance review of President Mary Spilde. For the 12th consecutive year, she has earned our highest commendation.

We evaluated her in seven areas including: leadership and strategic direction; educational outcomes; board relations; financial management; staff management/supervision; communication; and decision-making/governance.

Each board member assigned a point score of 1 to 5 in each area, with 5 as excellent and 1 as unsatisfactory. This year there were five over-the-top scores of 5-plus; 37 scores of 5; three 4s, and nothing less. In other words, we found the performance of our CEO to be exceptional.

Mary Spilde is an icon of leadership in our community and nationally. The highlight of the year was the opening the Downtown Campus, not just for Lane, but for Eugene and the entire college district. Her recognition as Eugene's First Citizen affirms the convictions of this board.

The president remains committed to students. Our students get the education and the training that they need. Further, she has advanced support for community colleges in the state through her work on the Oregon Education Investment Board, and nationally through her continued service on national organizations such as the American Association of Community Colleges.

Lane's board is perhaps the most informed at any community college, thanks to Dr. Spilde's transparency and timeliness, even Skyping from Scotland when necessary. She shows tolerance for our sometimes divergent points of view and she is a mentor to every new and present board member.

The president's financial insight is best expressed in the fact that we have had no layoffs, no program cuts, and minimal tuition increases, despite overwhelming funding shortfalls for more than a decade. Under her leadership, we have leveraged our resources and built partnerships that have encouraged an economic rebound in our community. Once again, the president successfully advocated for improved community college funding, despite economic angst in Salem. She never stops working toward financial stability for Lane.

This past year, the president handled key management retirements and shifting roles with poise. She maintained continuity and instituted a solid transition plan for the future.

Her ability to communicate is truly outstanding, from everyday conversation or at the podium. Mary Spilde has an uncanny ability to be heard and understood. She listens objectively and inclusively and she speaks with poise and clarity. She is an articulate spokesperson for Lane and the community college mission.

The president gathers complete information and includes diverse views to inform decision-making. She ensures that the board understands the full picture. She is a collaborator who involves as many stakeholders as possible. She has to make the toughest of decisions and she does so with humanity and with respect for the college vision, mission, values and strategic directions.

We have no recommendations for the president. We support her desires to align with the Foundation's plans for a new capital campaign; and to keep the college focused on student success; to consider the financial and policy ramifications of new initiatives; and to share the many successes of Lane students and employees with the board.

This board fully supports President Mary Spilde. We congratulate her on another successful year and a 12-year record of performance that is unmatched at community colleges in Oregon or beyond."

Pryor moved to accept the evaluation and authorize the board chair and vice chair to complete the contract details. The contract will remain the same with the exception of a salary increase to be determined. McCown seconded.

Motion passed unanimously.

G. Board Member recognition

The board recognized Susie Johnston's service on the board. The meeting was Johnston's last board meeting. Board members appreciated Johnston's commitment to education, serving twelve years on the Pleasant Hill School Board, and then eight years on Lane's board while working on a degree. Johnston showed compassion and advocacy for staff and students. She has always spoken from the heart. She has been an outstanding board member, bringing the student perspective to the table. She attended multiple Lane events, such as plays, dinners, graduations, presentations, and attended community events to represent Lane. She also represented Lane when she served at the state level on the Oregon Community College Association board and as president of that board.

3. Policy Review

A. Second Reading

1. Financial Condition and Activities, A.040

McCown moved, seconded by LeClair, to approve the second reading of board policy A.040, Financial Condition and Activities.

Policy Number: A.050

With respect to the actual, on-going financial condition and activities, the president shall avoid fiscal jeopardy and assure that actual expenditures reflect board priorities as established in ends policies.

Accordingly, the president shall:

  • Not expend more funds than have been received in the fiscal year to date, except as approved by the board.
  • Not use any long-term reserves that are not budgeted and appropriated for expenditure.
  • Settle payroll and debts in a timely manner.
  • Assure that tax payments or other government-ordered payments or filings be on time and accurately filed.
  • Make no single purchase or commitment of greater than $100,000 for goods and services contracts, or $150,000 for public improvements contracts, without board approval, except in extreme emergencies.
  • Acquire, encumber, or dispose of real property only with board approval, except in extreme emergencies.
  • Pursue receivables aggressively after a reasonable grace period.
  • Comply with budget and financial policies contained in Section E.
  • Not contract with the College's independent auditors for nonaudit services without prior approval of the Board.
  • Provide the following annual certifications, by the president and by the vice president for college operations, to the Board upon receipt of the audited financial statements:
    • He/she has reviewed the annual audit report;
    • Based on his/her knowledge, the report does not contain any untrue statement of a material fact or omission of a material fact that makes the financial statements misleading;
    • Based on his/her knowledge, the financial statements present in all material respects the financial condition and results of operations.
  • Establish and maintain an adequate internal control structure and procedures for financial operations and reporting.

ADOPTED: November 9, 1998
REVISED: May 12, 1999
REVISED: April 12, 2000
REVISED: January 14, 2004
REVISED: March 9, 2005
REVISED: July 19, 2006
REVIEWED: March 17, 2010
REVIEWED: June 12, 2013

Motion passed unanimously.

2. Asset Protection, A.070

McCown moved, seconded by Albright, to approve the second reading of board policy A.070, Asset Protection.

Motion passed unanimously.

Policy Number: A.070

The president shall assure that assets are protected, adequately maintained, and not placed at risk.

Accordingly, the president shall:

  • Insure against theft and casualty losses and against liability losses to board members, staff, and the organization itself in an amount similar to the average for comparable organizations.
  • Prevent uninsured personnel from access to material amounts of funds.
  • Assure that plant and equipment are not subjected to improper wear and tear or insufficient maintenance.
  • Assure that the organization, its board, or staff, are not unnecessarily exposed to claims of liability.
  • Assure that every purchase:
    • Includes normally prudent protection against conflict of interest;
    • and of over $100,000 for goods and services contracts, or $150,000 for public improvements contracts includes a stringent method of assuring the balance of long-term quality and cost.
  • Protect intellectual property, information, and files from loss or significant damage.
  • Receive, process, or disburse funds under sufficient controls to meet the board-appointed auditor's standards.
  • Invest or hold operating capital in excess of daily requirements in accordance with ORS 294.035.
  • Not endanger the organization's public image or credibility, particularly in ways that would hinder the accomplishment of its mission.
  • Not name a building, substantial parts of buildings, or significant landscape features of Lane Community College without prior approval of the board; and, when a building has substantial support from a donor, without prior involvement of the Foundation.

ADOPTED: November 9, 1998
REVISED: April 12, 2000
REVISED: December 13, 2000
REVISED: September 10, 2003
REVISED: January 14, 2004
REVISED: July 19, 2006
REVIEWED: May 12, 2010
REVIEWED: June 12, 2013

B. First Reading

1. Treatment of Staff

No changes were recommended to this policy. A second reading will be held in July.

Policy Number: A.030

With respect to the treatment of paid and volunteer staff, the president shall:

  • Operate with written personnel policies that clarify personnel rules for staff, provide for effective handling and redress of grievances, and protect against wrongful conditions.
  • Assure that there is an environment to freely examine and discuss assumptions and data and be guided by evidence.
  • Never discriminate against any staff member for expressing an ethical dissent or retaliate against any staff member for engaging in whistleblowing activities as defined in ORS 659A.200 to 659A.229 or for addressing the Board as provided in subsection 4 of this policy.
  • Not prevent staff from addressing the board when internal grievance procedures have been exhausted and the employee alleges that board policy has been violated to his or her detriment. The opportunity to address the board will occur either in writing or during public comment.
  • Operate within a collaborative and participative environment.
  • Acquaint staff with their rights under this policy.
  • Make results a measure of staff success.
  • Assure there is adequate provision for the safety and security of staff.

ADOPTED: November 9, 1998
REVISED: April 12, 2000
REVISED: May 12, 2004
REVISED: September 8, 2004
REVIEWED: July 11, 2007
REVISED: October 13, 2010

2. Emergency Presidential Succession

No changes were recommended to this policy. A second reading will be held in July.

Policy Number: A.060

In order to protect the board from sudden loss of presidential services, the president shall have at least one other executive familiar with board and presidential issues and processes. The president shall periodically furnish the board with the current name or names of the executive or executives familiar with the board and presidential issues and processes. In the event of a sudden loss of presidential services, the board shall appoint an acting president of the college in accordance with board policy B.050.

ADOPTED: November 9, 1998
REVISED: April 12, 2000
REVIEWED: January 14, 2004
REVISED: September 12, 2007
REVIEWED: April 14, 2010

5. Accountability/Reports

A. Facilities Update

An update on the status of bond and facility projects was presented to the board.

B. Treatment of Learners Monitoring Report

The Treatment of Learners Monitoring Report was presented to the board.

C. Treatment of Staff Monitoring Report

The Treatment of Staff Monitoring Report was presented to the board.

6. Reports

ASLCC President Paul Zito reported that ASLCC has a group of solid officers going into next year. They will continue some of the work that had been started this year, such as campaigning for a cultural competency policy, food drive, and outreach to students on campus. He thanked the students that helped him get elected.

LCCEF Vice President Alen Bahret reported that the union and the college are working on contract negotiations. The situation reminded him of bargaining back in the early 1990s, settling in the wee hours of the morning. He acknowledged the passion in the statements from classified members earlier in the meeting. Classified employees are ready to do what needs to be done to settle the contract; now both sides have just got to make it happen.

LCCEA President Jim Salt reported that faculty will be leaving campus for the summer and bargaining will have to come to a halt until Fall term. He asked for the deal made in the Budget and Finance Committee to be put back on the table. Bargaining began with the worst proposal ever given to any group. It can't move forward when the college is threatening to not pick up any insurance hikes. The association and the college are further away than they have ever been. The college has also fallen down on cultural competency and diversity education. An agreement has been reached for all staff to receive education and training, but the process still needs to defined. A policy has not been reached because the administration will only approve it if they have control over what it looks like. Salt stated that he is looking forward to working with the new student representatives. He questioned why the board and president have not stopped the performance based funding proposal brought forward by the Community College and Workforce Development Commissioner Cam Preus.

Executive Dean Andrea Newton distributed ASA highlights. She recognized Advanced Technology Dean Patrick O'Connor for his work in bringing attention to Advanced Technology. She thanked Johnston for her service to Lane. She thanked Don McNair and Kate Barry for working with her, and the board for their support of her work.

Director of Budget and College Services Jennifer Steele thanked Johnston for her service, and remembered that her first interaction with her was as a customer at the Bookstore. She told the board that the budget office is prepared to provide updated forecasts and projections as more becomes known about state funding.

Board Reports

Ackerman noted the discrepancy between Salt's memory of the Budget and Finance Committee agreements and other members' memory of the agreed upon amounts, and he suggested that the meetings be recorded in the future.

LeClair reported that he was overwhelmed with the energy and emotion surrounding bargaining and the Budget and Finance numbers. The stories differ, and it is difficult to know what it true and what is not. We seem to link the budget with negotiations, but they are not related. The board can put whatever amount they wish into bargaining, but if everyone gets what they want tuition will have to be raised.

McCown thanked McNair, Newton, and Barry for their service to the college. They will be sorely missed. He recently spent forty hours in Phoenix at the League Learning Summit. He has a strong interest in where Lane can go with open education resources.

Albright attended Lane Day at the Capitol and thanked Rowlett for putting together the schedule.

Pryor welcomed new ASLCC President Paul Zito. She acknowledged the speakers tonight and the passion they expressed. It was extraordinary to see the room fill up as it did tonight. She thanked McNair, Newton, and Barry for their work and Johnston for her service to the college.

Johnston thanked the budget committee appointees for the tough conversations and the leadership of Chair Jacque Betz and Vice Chair Carmen Urbina. She welcomed Zito and wished him the best of luck. She welcomed Matt Keating to the board. She thanked McNair, Newton, and Barry for their service to the college. She noted that the best introduction as a student was through the Women's Program, and she will be forever thankful. She stated that it was great to be a part of the American Association for Women in Community Colleges, Gift of Literacy, Classical Cuisine dinners, and the work sessions with the Foundation board.

Stiles reported that the Florence Scholarship Night will take place Thursday, and $38,000 will be given out in scholarships. She was grateful to have been re-elected to her position on the board. She attended Classical Cuisine, and it was fabulous. Stiles noted that President Spilde has been selected to receive the 2013 National Leadership Award for outstanding leadership in continuing education and workforce development. She wished Newton, McNair, and Barry the best of luck.

7. Date, Place, and Proposed Agenda Items for the Next Regular Meeting

Wednesday, July 10, 6:30 pm, Boardroom, Building 3, Lane Community College

8. The board meeting unanimously adjourned at 9:17 p.m.

______________________________ _____________________________

Mary Spilde, President/District Clerk Sharon Stiles, Board Chair

Prepared by:

Donna Zmolek, Assistant to the Board