June 14, 2011

Lane Community College
Board of Education Minutes
June 14, 2011

1. Attendance
Board members present: Bob Ackerman, Pat Albright, Susie Johnston, Roger Hall, Gary LeClair, Tony McCown, and Sharon Stiles. Also present were: President Mary Spilde; Executive Dean Don McNair; Chief Financial Officer Greg Morgan; Legal Counsel Meg Kieran; Lane Community College Education Association President Jim Salt; and Lane Community College Employees Federation President Bob Baldwin; and Associated Students of Lane Community College President Mario Parker-Milligan.

A. Chair McCown called the meeting to order at 6:40 p.m.

B.1. President's Report
I am saddened to report that long-term part-time Computer Information Technology faculty member, Anthony "Tony" Michaels, passed away June 10. Arrangements are being made by West Lawn Memorial Funeral Home. We will have more information as it becomes available.

Thanks to everyone who attended college graduation on Saturday. Our numbers were up at about 1,790 students applying for degrees and certificates (including our own board member Susie Johnston), compared to 1,145 last year. This is the outcome of the enrollment surge we experienced two years ago and shows that students persisted and retention efforts are working. We also celebrated program graduations over the last couple of weeks including Florence Scholarship Night, TRiO program, Native American Student Association, and Nursing.

The legislative session is closing in on sine die, which could occur as soon as this Saturday. On Friday, the Ways and Means Committee passed out the community college budget, and the House and Senate are expected to vote on it this week. The budget funds the Community College Support Fund at $410 million, however, the amount actually funded in the bill is $395.8 million because of a legislatively-mandated 3.5% holdback on all budgets that will be reinstated during the February 2012 session so long as the economy does not worsen.

Another budget issue the legislature must tackle before final adjournment is the maintenance of effort requirement. We are still anticipating $15 million for community colleges of the required $48 million being returned to higher education. Leadership of the legislature has indicated that these funds will come from the Education Stability Fund, which means it will require a super-majority vote. This will likely be one of the final votes of the session. We will receive the money in June and it must be expensed by June 30.

SB 242, the bill that creates the Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC), was passed out of Ways and Means last week and will also be up before the House and Senate this week. The committee delayed implementation of the HECC until July 1, 2012, which will give ample opportunity to study how the commission would mesh with the Oregon Education Investment Board, assuming SB 909 - the Governor's Education Investment Board bill - passes as well.

Capital construction funding remains a possibility. While some legislators are urging for the state to take on no new capital commitments, there are some legislators pushing to fund community college projects that have a match available and are ready to go. Lane's project falls into this category. Brett recently testified before the Ways and Means Subcommittee on Capital Construction about Lane's project, and both he and Oregon Community College Association (OCCA) continue to follow this issue closely.

The governors investment team has had three meetings, and he has asked us to have three more.

Eugene City Manager Jon Ruiz and I signed the Intergovernmental Agreement to finalize transfer of the $8 million for our Downtown Campus. You will recall that the funding is part of the Downtown Urban Renewal Plan that was approved last year by the City Council acting as the Urban Renewal Agency Board.

English as a Second Language (ESL) daytime classes are relocating to the Downtown Center at 10th & Willamette for the summer. ESL nighttime classes already are held downtown. We are remodeling ESL's main campus home in Building 11. About 400 students will be affected. The daytime program will return to main campus in time for fall term.

For the first time in several years, Florence Campus will be open this summer. This is due in part to the fiscal stability that the college has achieved overall, and it's also part of our retention efforts. Research increasingly shows that not interrupting the educational flow helps students succeed. I'd also like to congratulate the Florence Campus for winning the Mayor's Award in the Rhody Days parade.

The Health and Wellness Center won first place for public buildings of its size, in the TopProjects 2011 contest for design, engineering and building in the state of Oregon, sponsored by the Daily Journal of Commerce published in Portland. It's one more reason to be proud of this new facility on campus, and another testament to the college's core value of sustainability.

Philos Molina of Lane won second place in the essay category of this year's League for Innovation National Student Literary Competition. His essay is titled, "Of Pupusas and Love." Philos works at Lane in Enrollment Services and Workforce Development and uses his tuition waiver to take classes in writing and literature to enrich his life and improve his English. Judges for the competition reviewed more than 60 works of poetry, short stories, plays and essays. The League will publish a catalog of the entries and send us copies this fall.

College Finance received the Government Finance Officers Association Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting for 2010. This is the seventh year in a row College Finance has won this recognition.

KLCC now has an app available at no charge through the iTunes store for Apple IOS devices such as iPhone, iPod, or iPads and through the Android App Store for Android devices. There is also a version for PCs on the KLCC web site. It allows users to not only stream current broadcasts to their device but allows listeners to select and listen to their favorite past programming.

We enjoyed several outstanding events on campus last month, including lectures by Afghan-American author Tamin Ansary, our Reading Together guest this year; and scholar Kambiz GhaneaBassiri of Reed College, as part of our Visiting Scholars on Islam series. We also held Lane Family Day which drew about 500 children and parents to campus to see what Lane has to offer; and we again hosted the Gift of Literacy that brings books and reading into the lives of Springfield first-graders.

We hosted Dr. Garry McDonald of Australia on June 7. He is director of the National Centre for Sustainability in Melbourne, Australia, which provides educational leadership on sustainability initiatives. He is visiting colleges and sustainability programs in the US to learn about innovations and practices here. He met with me, Jennifer Hayward, Roger Ebbage, and Rosie in the Learning Garden.

I just returned from a meeting on Achieving the Dream. Coming up, I will be attending the AACC board meeting and president’s academy, and teaching in the Oregon Institute for Leadership Development.

Just a reminder that we are closing on Fridays for the summer beginning June 24 through August 26.

I would like to congratulate Mario Parker-Milligan on recently being appointed to serve as a Student Commissioner on the Oregon Student Assistance Commission. The Senate approved his two-year term last week. We are very excited to have such a great voice for students and community colleges on the Commission.

B.2. Resolution Honoring Board Member Roger Hall
Spilde gave heartfelt thanks to Roger Hall, who is leaving the board after serving for twenty years. Hall brought reason, intelligence, and exemplary leadership to the board. Hall was instrumental in the board’s transition to policy by governance, and he has always held the board to high levels of accountability. Several board members made statements expressing their gratitude and appreciation for Hall’s service.

Chair Tony McCown read the following Resolution No. 565:

WHEREAS, Roger Hall served as a dedicated member of the Lane Community College Board of Education for twenty years, from July 1991 to June 2011 in At Large Position 6;

WHEREAS, Roger Hall; served as the board's representative on the LCC Foundation Board;

WHEREAS, Roger Hall consistently advocated for students, the community, faculty and staff;

WHEREAS, Roger Hall demonstrated leadership in times of difficult fiscal challenge;

WHEREAS, Roger Hall served in the best interests of the college at all times;

WHEREAS, Roger Hall provided leadership in two successful bond elections;

WHEREAS, Roger Hall led the efforts in the board's transition to policy governance and was an exemplary role model in carrying out that method;

WHEREAS, Roger Hall consistently conducted himself in a professional, respectful manner that enriched board discussions;

WHEREAS, Roger Hall devoted two decades of expertise and passion to the advancement of Lane Community College;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Education extends its deepest appreciation to Roger Hall for his outstanding leadership and service to Lane Community College and the community.

Albright moved to adopt the resolution. LeClair seconded.

Motion passed unanimously.

McNair read heartfelt comments from Vice President Christian, who could not attend. A video was shown in Hall's honor. Spilde presented Hall with a plaque and a framed print of "The Road to Lane."

3) May Highlights
May highlights at Lane Community College as offered in the board mailing were presented.

4) Personnel
The college’s current personnel appointments were presented.

C. Board Agenda Review/Changes
No changes were made to the agenda.

D. Statements from Audience
Curtiss Greer, community member, attended the Islamic studies workshop in May and was dissatisfied with the manner in which the workshop was conducted.

Justin Blakely, former student, expressed dissatisfaction with Lane’s Disability Resources services.

Kevin Hager, Housekeeping, expressed concern regarding classified pay and benefits.

Twila Souers, Native American Advisory Committee member and Longhouse Committee Co chair, thanked the committee for many hours of service they have put in for the completion of the Longhouse. She thanked the board for their support in bringing dream to reality. Pendleton blankets were presented to Hall and Spilde. Hand-beaded necklaces were presented to all board members.

Bob Baldwin, LCCEF president, commented on the pending classified contract negotiations, stating that classified perceive that they have not been treated equitably with respect to faculty.

Bruce Pahlinuk, Housekeeping, expressed concern regarding classified pay and benefits.

Rodger Gamblin, IT department, expressed concern regarding classified pay and benefits.

Andy McClure, Housekeeping, expressed concern regarding classified pay and benefits.

Mark Jordan, Facilities, expressed concern regarding classified pay and benefits.

Tasha Drake, College Finance, expressed concern regarding classified pay and benefits and requested equitable treatment.

Marie Sagaberd, Housekeeping, expressed concern regarding classified pay and benefits.

Tracy Simms, Marketing, expressed appreciation for Hall's service on the Board of Education.


A. The board meeting recessed, and the Budget Hearing was called to order at 7:55 p.m.

B. Statements from the Audience
No statements from the audience were made.

C. Discussion/Action: Tuition Surcharge
Spilde reminded the board of the budget committee's recommendation to extend the $3 tuition surcharge for two years, at which time it will be reevaluated.

LeClair moved to extend the $3 tuition surcharge for two years, at which time it will be reevaluated. Hall seconded.

Motion passed unanimously.

D. Resolution 562, 2011-12 Budget Adoption and Appropriation
Albright moved to adopt Resolution 562, 2011-12 Budget Adoption and Appropriation. Ackerman seconded.

Motion passed unanimously.

E. Resolution 563, Imposing and Categorizing Taxes for 2011-12
Ackerman moved to adopt Resolution 563, Imposing and Categorizing Taxes for 2011-12. LeClair seconded.

Motion passed unanimously.

The budget hearing adjourned, and the board meeting reconvened at 8:03 p.m.

2A. Consent Agenda
Johnston moved, seconded by Stiles, to approve the Consent Agenda consisting of:

  • The approval of the May 11, 2011 meeting minutes
  • Cafeteria Furnishings
  • Building 10/11 Office Equipment

Motion passed unanimously.

3. Policy Review
A. Second Reading

1. Budget Committee Principles, B.190
Stiles moved, seconded by Ackerman, to approve the second reading of board policy B.190, Budget Committee Principles.

Motion passed unanimously.


Board committees, when used, will be assigned so as to reinforce the wholeness of the board's job and so as never to interfere with delegation from board to the president.

ADOPTED: November 9, 1998
REVIEWED: February 11, 2004
REVIEWED: April 9, 2008
REVIEWED: June 14, 2011

B. First Reading
1. Parliamentary Procedure, B.200

No changes were recommended to this policy. A second reading will be held in July.


Unless otherwise provided in board policy, or as provided in Oregon Revised Statutes, the board shall conduct all of its meetings in accord with Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised.

ADOPTED: November 8, 2000
REVIEWED: March 10, 2004
REVIEWED: May 14, 2008

4. Discussion/Action Items
A. Language, Literature, and Communication Presentation

Susan Carkin, Division Dean, Anne McGrail, English instructor, Sandy Jensen, English instructor, and Karin Almquist, French instructor, presented information on the Language, Literature, and Communication (LLC) Division. The Division consists of three departments:

English (Writing, Literature, Film)
Languages (Spanish, French, Chinuk Wawa)
Speech and Communication Studies (Speech, Debate)

Courses are taught in a variety of modalities - traditional classroom, online, and hybrid courses. Some writing classes have been linked to other disciplines, such as Nursing, Business, and Culinary Arts. Nineteen Learning Communities have been established through faculty willingness to adapt to common, cross discipline goals.LLC faculty help students polish their writing for publication and also serve as advisors to student run publications. McGrail talked about her work with the Title III grant, which is dedicated to student engagement. Almquist discussed methods used in the French discipline, such as the immersion weekend, collaborating with the Culinary Arts program to sell crepes in the cafeteria, and internship programs abroad. Jensen informed the board about online classes that use Moodle, the online modem for delivering classes. The LLC Division consists of 98 instructors and several tutors and classified staff members.

(At 8:25 pm, Chair McCown fell ill and left the meeting.)

B. Perimeter Planning
The 2011 Long Range Draft Report was presented to the board at the May meeting and has been revised slightly to include additional material on the Planning Vision, Goal and Principles section and the Lane Community College Resources.

Hall moved to adopt the 2011 Report and agree to continue work during FY 2011-12. Stiles seconded.

Motion passed unanimously.

C. Core Themes
The Core Themes were presented to the board at the May meeting and have been revised slightly to include suggestions made at that meeting. Anne McGrail was present to answer questions and respond to comments. Items not included in the Core Themes document will be addressed in the college's accreditation self evaluation report.

Hall moved to approve the Core Themes. Ackerman seconded.

Motion passed unanimously.

D. Downtown Campus Update
Spilde presented Resolution No. 564, Request for Qualified Energy Conservation Bond Allocation. This issue was discussed in the May meeting and the board approval was given to move forward. Bond counsel advice has been sought to ensure eligibility and discussions have been held with the City of Eugene.

Ackerman moved to adopt Resolution 564 to request QECB authority from the City of Eugene. Albright seconded.

Motion passed unanimously.

E. Board/Budget Subcommittee
Due to McCown's absence, Albright requested to table this issue. The board agreed to discuss it at the board retreat.

F. President's Evaluation
The board has conducted the annual performance evaluation of President Mary Spilde. Johnston read a summary of the board evaluation, stating that Spilde continues to demonstrate extraordinary leadership. Spilde received an outstanding performance evaluation for the tenth consecutive year.

G. Board Evaluation Process
The board reviewed the results of their evaluation and self assessment.

LeClair moved to accept the results of the 2010-11 board evaluation. Stiles seconded.

Motion passed unanimously.

H. Election Canvass
Stiles moved to accept the official abstracts from the May 17, 2011, Special Election, Lane Community College Board, and declare Robert Ackerman, Zone 2, Pat Albright, Zone 5, Rosie Pryor, Position 6, and Tony McCown, Position 7, winners. LeClair seconded.

Motion passed unanimously.

5. Accountability/Reports
A. Benchmarks

The following Benchmarks were presented.

  • College Now Enrollment
  • College Now Students Enrolled in Credit Courses (not College Now) 1-year Later
  • Students 16 to 19 years of Age Enrolled in Credit Classes

B. Facilities Update
An update on the status of bond and facility projects was presented.

C. Treatment of Learners Monitoring Report
The Treatment of Learners Monitoring Report was presented.

D. Treatment of Staff Monitoring Report
Carr responded to questions and comments regarding the Treatment of Staff Monitoring Report.

6. Reports
ASLCC President Mario Parker-Milligan looked forward to serving Lane students for another year and serving as a commissioner on the Oregon Student Association Commission. ASLCC is hosting a board transition and student management training this Thursday and Friday. Students will come from all over the state to take part in the training. ASLCC officers will meet during the summer to make plans for next year. Parker-Milligan thanked Hall on behalf of all students for his service to the college and community for the past twenty years.

LCCEF President Bob Baldwin thanked Hall for his twenty years of service. Baldwin remembered times when Hall was a board candidate, and the Federation happily supported him. Although there have been times when Baldwin and Hall disagreed, it was always about different perspectives of the college.

LCCEA President Jim Salt stated that this evening's first public statement grossly misrepresented the visiting professor that spoke on Islam. The professor's responses were very gracious and one key element was that one can find in all documents justification for conclusions which are so far removed from the reality of behavior and politics. Lane should be proud of the visiting scholars program and all of the speakers that have come in. Salt thanked the administration and LCCEA representatives on the bargaining teams for staying at the table through negotiations even when it was difficult to do so. Salt expressed a deep appreciation for Hall's service on the board. Salt will be on sabbatical leave this fall, and Stacy Kiser will be serving as interim president.

Executive Dean Don McNair reported that he attended graduation, and it was exciting to see Lane's largest graduating class. McNair thanked Hall for his service to the college and students

Chief Financial Officer Greg Morgan thanked Hall for his wealth of wisdom over the years. He thanked the board for adopting the budget appropriation resolution.

Board Reports
LeClair stated that he would like to see bargaining move to a two or three-year contract. Bargaining is the most divisive aspect of the college and employees, and bargaining every year is a waste of funds.

Ackerman stated that he will be spending tomorrow night celebrating his mother's 99th birthday. As this is the time of year to confirm labor contracts, things can get unprofessional and acrimonious. We need a reminder to stay on a level playing field to ensure civility, respect, and conducting labor relations in a professional manner.

Albright agreed that he would like to see longer employee contracts, but there needs to be stable and adequate funding in order to do so. He attended the Employee Recognition Gala in May and was impressed to see the group of people who have made a long-term commitment to Lane. Yesterday on the radio, Albright heard an owner of a Eugene coffee company speaking about how helpful the Lane Small Business Development Center has been in getting her company started.

Johnston attended the Classical Cuisine Dinner hosted by Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management in May. The food was delicious. She attended the graduation ceremony, in which she herself was a graduate. It was great to see the students so excited and sometimes literally dance across the stage. Johnston participated in the Gift of Literacy event and has a set of books for the preschool program. She thanked James Florendo for the lovely necklace.

Hall stated that he was overwhelmed by all of the kind comments and the video presentation. He thanked everyone, stated that all of Lane's employees do noble work. All of us affect the lives of people in ways in which we aren't even aware. Hall appreciated the work of the Foundation board members, who give hours of their own time in order to benefit the college. Faculty and classified staff work hard every day doing countless jobs to make sure the institution keeps running. The management staff works hard to see that students are educated. Hall stated that Lane has the finest community college president in the nation. He appreciated the work of his fellow board members, who make the best decisions they can to support the mission and core values of the college. He thanked everyone for giving him the opportunity to do something really great.

7. Date, Place, and Proposed Agenda Items for the Next Regular Meeting
Wednesday, July 13, 6:30 pm, Boardroom, Building 3, Lane Community College

8. The board meeting unanimously adjourned at 9:28 p.m.

Mary Spilde, President/District Clerk
Tony McCown, Board Chair