July 2013

Lane Community College
Board of Education Minutes
July 10, 2013

1. Attendance

Board members present: Bob Ackerman, Pat Albright, Matt Keating, Gary LeClair, and Tony McCown, Rosie Pryor, and Sharon Stiles. Also present were: President Mary Spilde; Executive Dean Dawn DeWolf; Director of College and Budget Services Jennifer Steele; Lane Community College Education Association President Jim Salt, Lane Community College Employees Federation President Bob Baldwin, and Associated Students of Lane Community College President Paul Zito.

A. Chair Stiles called the meeting to order at 6:33 p.m.

B. Oath of Office Administered to Newly Elected Board Members

President Spilde administered the Oath of Office to Sharon Stiles, Zone 1;Gary LeClair, Zone 3; and Matt Keating, Zone 4.

C. Election of Chair and Vice Chair

Chair Stiles opened nominations for chair of the board of education.

Albright nominated Rosie Pryor for chair of the board. Keating seconded.

Motion passed unanimously.

Chair Pryor opened nominations for vice chair of the board of education.

Albright nominated Bob Ackerman for vice chair. LeClair seconded.

Motion passed unanimously.

D. President's Report

First, I'd like to thank Sharon Stiles for being such a great chair this past year and present her with a small token of appreciation.

The legislative session concluded Monday. Brett will provide a brief update, including the good news on our capital construction project.

[Brett Rowlett reported that the Community College Support Fund received $450 million. All sixteen community college capital construction projects were approved. $15 million was added to the Oregon Opportunity Grant; each student receives about $1,800.]

The Oregon Education Investment Board selected Nancy Golden as the state's interim Chief Education Officer. Golden replaces Rudy Crew, who resigned the position last month to become president of Medgar Evers College in New York City.

Lane and KLCC are official sponsors of this summer's Eugene Celebration, which will be held August 23-25 in downtown Eugene. The event brings thousands of people downtown and will include multiple music stages, including one outside of the Downtown Campus, an excellent opportunity to open our doors to the public. If you'd like to be a part of the event, contact Brett Rowlett.

It was very quiet here right before the 4th of July and the long weekend, nonetheless, we hosted a visit of a Chinese delegation on July 3. They toured main campus and attended a presentation with International Program Director Jennifer Falzerano and Director of Governmental Relations Brett Rowlett, and also presentations on evaluation standards. Thanks to Dennis Carr for his work on this visit, including coordinating arrangements.

I interviewed with the Salem Statesman Journal last week about a study issued by Education Sector, a think-tank on education policy that used certain federal data and concluded that financial aid default rates exceed graduation rates at some institutions, mostly for-profit colleges, but also some community colleges. I explained what the graduation rate means for us and some of the steps we are taking with financial aid and financial literacy.

We are participating in meetings called by the City of Springfield to reimagine Main Street and its connections into the greater community, primarily through the lens of transportation. I'd like to thank Dennis Carr, Russ Pierson and Brian MacMurray for representing the college's view in these discussions.

Hats off to our custodians, who have further extended their safety streak and have now worked more than 256 days without a time-loss accident. Kudos to the custodial team and to Heath Pierce and Dave Willis for their exemplary leadership in providing safety training.

I am sorry to note the passing of two of our long-time and popular instructors, Ann Marie Prengaman of Language, Literature, and Communication and Jerry Hall of Science. Ann Marie died in late June while visiting family in Atlanta. She was 72. She taught Shakespeare, literature classes, and writing at Lane for 37 years. Her service will be on Saturday, July 27, at St. Jude's Church in Eugene at 11 a.m.

Jerry passed away July 5 at age 71. Besides teaching biology at Lane for many years, he was an integral part of our Native American program including pivotal support for building our Longhouse and developing the curriculum for our American Indian Languages classes. We will let you know when service arrangements have been settled.

A Lane student, writing under the pseudonym of Sophie Pierce, has won third place in the League for Innovation's Annual Student Literary Competition in the nonfiction category for her essay, "Past the Yellow Tulips." The essay will be published in the League's 2012-2013 competition anthology due out in October. Kudos to her instructor, Jose Chaves, and thanks to instructor Will Fleming for coordinating our participation in the competition.

I am pleased to announce that we have filled two key management vacancies with outstanding candidates. Congratulations to Brian Kelly, our new Vice President for College Services. Brian has served the college as Dean of Culinary, Hospitality and Conference Services. He has also owned businesses and served as a faculty member. He brings a keen understanding of the enterprise and business side of the house, leadership in sustainability and clearly understands the relationship between college services and their support for our core mission of learning. He will begin his assignment on July 15 but will stay connected to his current assignment while we work out a transition plan.

I am also excited that Dr. Kerry Levett will be our new Executive Dean of Student Affairs. She comes to us from Finger Lakes Community College in New York where she served as Associate Vice President of Student Affairs. She has experience in a wide scope of student affairs including Student Life, Judicial Affairs and Student Success and Retention. She will begin her new assignment with Lane on August 15.

I am grateful to both search committees for all the work to get to this point, and I am looking forward to working with these two new members of our Executive Team.

Kudos to the Small Business Development Center for being our first department to achieve Green Office Certification. The SBDC received 20 out of 25 possible points thereby attaining the highest level of certification – the coveted Triple Green Star! To celebrate the SBDC's achievement, the Sustainability Committee hosted a lunch for all of the SBDC staff made from produce from Lane's Learning Garden.

As you know we will not have a board meeting in August, so I hope you all get some time for rest and relaxation and family.

I will end on a personal note. I am very much looking forward to my son's wedding which will be in my backyard in August. I've been planting flowers and hope they survive until the wedding!

1) Personnel

The college's current personnel appointments were presented.

E. Board Agenda Review/Changes

No changes were made to the agenda.

F. Statements from Audience

Justin Blakely, expressed dissatisfaction with services he received as a student from Disability Resources.

2A. Consent Agenda

McCown moved, and seconded by Stiles, to approve the Consent Agenda consisting of:

  • Approval of the June 12, 2013 minutes
  • Appointment of District School Clerks and Deputy Clerks
  • Resolution No. 593, President's Annual Authorizations for FY 2013-14

Motion passed unanimously.

4. Discussion/Action Items

A. Spotlight on Student Success: Financial Aid

This item was postponed until the September board meeting.

B. Board Appointments to Community Organizations

LeClair was appointed to serve as the Lane Community College representative to the Foundation for 2013-14.

Keating was appointed to serve as the Lane Community College representative to the Lane Council of Governments for 2013-14.

Albright will continue to serve as the Lane Community College representative to the Lane Economic Committee of the Lane Council of Governments for 2013-14.

Albright will continue to serve as the Lane Community College representative to the Oregon Community College Association for 2013-14.

LeClair moved to approve the above appointments. Ackerman seconded.

Motion passed unanimously.

C. Board Evaluation

The board reviewed the results of their self-evaluation. A question arose regarding question number 20, which asks how well the board focuses on intended long-term impacts on the world outside the organization (Ends), not on the administrative or programmatic means of attaining those effects.

Albright moved to remove the question from the self-evaluation. Stiles seconded.

Board members felt that more discussion was needed regarding the evaluation and agreed to place it as an item on the agenda for the board retreat to be held in August. Albright withdrew the motion.

D. Enrollment Update

Spilde explained that enrollment has been monitored closely for summer and fall terms. A 2% enrollment decline was budgeted for the 2013-14 academic year. Currently, credit enrollment for summer term is down 18%, and registrations for fall are down 28% from this time last year. Jen Steele discussed the financial impact at various levels of enrollment decline for the year. The college is working on a strategic enrollment plan but wanted the board to be informed that there will be some impact on the budget. More information will be brought to the September board meeting.

4. Policy Review

A. Second Reading

1. Treatment of Staff, A.030

Stiles moved, seconded by LeClair, to approve the second reading of board policy A.030, Treatment of Staff.

Motion passed unanimously.

Policy Number: A.030

With respect to the treatment of paid and volunteer staff, the president shall:

  • Operate with written personnel policies that clarify personnel rules for staff, provide for effective handling and redress of grievances, and protect against wrongful conditions.
  • Assure that there is an environment to freely examine and discuss assumptions and data and be guided by evidence.
  • Never discriminate against any staff member for expressing an ethical dissent or retaliate against any staff member for engaging in whistleblowing activities as defined in ORS 659A.200 to 659A.229 or for addressing the Board as provided in subsection 4 of this policy.
  • Not prevent staff from addressing the board when internal grievance procedures have been exhausted and the employee alleges that board policy has been violated to his or her detriment. The opportunity to address the board will occur either in writing or during public comment.
  • Operate within a collaborative and participative environment.
  • Acquaint staff with their rights under this policy.
  • Make results a measure of staff success.
  • Assure there is adequate provision for the safety and security of staff.

ADOPTED: November 9, 1998
REVISED: April 12, 2000
REVISED: May 12, 2004
REVISED: September 8, 2004
REVIEWED: July 11, 2007
REVISED: October 13, 2010

2. Emergency Presidential Succession, A.060

McCown moved, seconded by Albright, to approve the second reading of board policy A.060, Emergency Presidential Succession.

Motion passed unanimously.

Policy Number: A.060

In order to protect the board from sudden loss of presidential services, the president shall have at least one other executive familiar with board and presidential issues and processes. The president shall periodically furnish the board with the current name or names of the executive or executives familiar with the board and presidential issues and processes. In the event of a sudden loss of presidential services, the board shall appoint an acting president of the college in accordance with board policy B.050.

ADOPTED: November 9, 1998
REVISED: April 12, 2000
REVIEWED: January 14, 2004
REVISED: September 12, 2007
REVIEWED: April 14, 2010

B. First Reading

1. Compensation and Benefits, A.080

No changes were recommended to this policy. A second reading will be held in September.

Policy Number: A.080

With respect to employment, compensation, and benefits to employees, consultants, contract workers, and volunteers, the president shall assure fiscal integrity and public image.

Accordingly, the president shall:

  • Not change his or her own compensations and benefits.
  • Not promise permanent or guaranteed employment.
  • Establish current compensation and benefits which:
    • Not establish deferred or long-term compensation and benefits which cause any employee to lose benefits already accrued under any forgoing plan.
    • Do not deviate materially from the professional market for the skills employed, are competitive, and are consistent with board-approved collective bargaining agreements.
    • Not create obligations over a longer period than prudent.

ADOPTED: November 9, 1998
REVISED: April 12, 2000
REVIEWED: May 12, 2004
REVIEWED: June 11, 2008
REVIEWED: May 12, 2010

2. Communication and Support to the Board, A.090

No changes were recommended to this policy. A second reading will be held in September.

Policy Number: A.090

The president shall assure that the board is informed and supported in its work.

Accordingly, the president shall:

  • Submit monitoring data required by the board (see policy on Monitoring Presidential Performance) in a timely, accurate, and understandable fashion, directly addressing provisions of board policies being monitored.
  • Keep the board aware of relevant trends, anticipated adverse media coverage, or material external and internal changes, particularly changes in the assumptions upon which any board policy has previously been established.
  • Advise the board if, in the president's opinion, the board is not in compliance with its own policies on Governance Process and Board-President Linkage, particularly in the case of board behavior that is detrimental to the working relationship between the board and the president.
  • Marshal for the board as many staff and external points of view, issues, and options as needed for fully informed board choices
  • Provide a mechanism for official board, officer, or committee communications.
  • Deal with the board as a whole except when (a) fulfilling individual requests or providing information; or (b) responding officers or committees duly charged by the board.
  • Report in a timely manner known noncompliance with any policy of the board.
  • Supply for the consent agenda all items delegated to the president yet required by law or contract to be board-approved, along with the monitoring assurance pertaining thereto.
  • Provide semiannual budget planning information.

ADOPTED: November 9, 1998
REVISED: April 12, 2000
REVISED: January 14, 2004
REVIEWED: February 13, 2008
REVIEWED: May 12, 2010

5. Accountability/Reports

A. Benchmarks

The following Benchmarks were presented to the board:

  • General Fund Revenues and Transfers by Source - Lane
  • General Fund Expenditures by Category - Lane
  • General Fund Operating Expenditures – Lane and all Oregon Community Colleges (graphic and table)

B. Facilities Update

An update on the status of bond and facility projects was presented.

6. Reports

ASLCC President Paul Zito reported that the ASLCC Officers are preparing for a retreat which will help get them ready to fulfill their duties in the new academic year.

LCCEF President Bob Baldwin reported that the union has requested mediation for contract negotiations and is in the process of getting that scheduled. He welcomed Matt Keating to the board.

LCCEA President Jim Salt reported that faculty contract negotiations will resume in September since most faculty are not teaching during the summer.

Executive Dean Dawn DeWolf reported that the Diesel Technology program received eight diesel engines as a donation from Brattain International of Eugene. She thanked faculty members Al Clark and Steve Webb for working with local industry to get these types of donations. In June, Continuing Education held a fashion design show that was attended by more than 400 community members. Models for the show included President Mary Spilde wearing a design by student and Lane employee, Marika Pineda. After just one year, the dental clinic at Lane's Cottage Grove campus has provided $79,000 worth of dental care to students of South Lane Schools.

Director of College and Budget Services Jennifer Steele reported that College Operations welcomed new vice president Brian Kelly on Monday. The Budget Office and College Finance received the Government Finance Officers Association award for Lane's budget document for the eighth consecutive year and the ninth consecutive year for the audit. Specialized Support Services welcomed a new cohort of high school students placed in an eight-week program; these students will transition into college or a job placement.

Board Reports

Stiles thanked everyone for their support during her time as board chair last year.

Pryor congratulated Brian Kelly and welcomed him to his new position. She thanked Stiles for partnering with her over the last year. She welcomed Keating to the board.

Keating stated that he looked forward to working on voter registration at the Country Fair. He congratulated Brian Kelly, employee of the month James McConkey, and faculty member Michael McDonald on receiving the faculty recognition award. He thanked the voters for electing him to Lane's Board of Education and looked forward to the next four years on the board.

LeClair expressed concern about the decreasing enrollment and how it will affect tuition and course offerings.

McCown congratulated Brian Kelly and wished him the best in his new position. He hoped to reach an agreement soon in contract negotiations.

Albright stated that the board needs to be looking at what is happening with enrollment and the long term impacts. He recently attended a Lane Economic Committee meeting where the University of Oregon Business Incubator program was discussed. We may not have the inclination to house the program at the old Downtown Center, but there may still be some opportunities associated with that program.

7. Date, Place, and Proposed Agenda Items for the Next Regular Meeting

Tuesday, September 17, 2013, Boardroom, Building 3, Lane Community College

8. The board meeting unanimously adjourned at 9:19 p.m.

______________________________ _____________________________

Mary Spilde, President/District Clerk Rosie Pryor, Board Chair

Prepared by:

Donna Zmolek, Assistant to the Board