February 8, 2012

Lane Community College
Board of Education Minutes
February 8, 2012

1. Attendance
Board members present: Bob Ackerman, Pat Albright, Susie Johnston, Gary LeClair, Tony McCown, Rosie Pryor, and Sharon Stiles. Also present were: President Mary Spilde; Vice President Sonya Christian; Chief Financial Officer Greg Morgan; Legal Counsel Meg Kieran; Lane Community College Education Association President Jim Salt; Lane Community College Employees Federation Vice President Alen Bahret; and Association Students of Lane Community College President Mario Parker-Milligan.

A. Chair Johnston called the meeting to order at 6:45 p.m.

B. President's Report
I want to thank ASLCC and our Black Student Union for again sponsoring the community's Martin Luther King Jr. celebration and keeping the dream alive. Congratulations to Lane student Erica Bullock for winning the first $500 scholarship from the BSU, and Lane student Eric Richardson for receiving the ASLCC Martin Luther King Jr. Award.

This is rare, but we closed Florence campus for a couple of days last month due to severe winds and rain. The campus lost phone and computer service and some trees came down. Thanks to Dean Mary Jeanne Kuhar for managing the closure and to Facilities Maintenance and Planning staff since they were on the scene and dealing with that quickly. We also briefly closed our Cottage Grove center due to an area power outage.

There was a delay in financial aid refunds last month due to an internal computer system challenge. We jumped on it, and the system was restored the next day, but that was long enough for 30 or so students to express complaints. We won't charge any late fees, and we've discussed ways to maximize communications with students and to improve their financial literacy. This incident shows how dependent some students are on financial aid for living expenses. We haven't had a delay in many years. It's noteworthy that last year we disbursed $104 million in financial aid to more than 12,000 students.

We revised enrollment reports for fall term after correcting a program glitch. Final fall FTE was 4 percent up from fall 2010. Fourth-week reports for winter term show an increase of 1.5 percent.

The AARP Foundation has awarded $200,000 for the Plus Project, a two-year initiative to put people ages 50+ back to work by increasing their skills, connecting them to employers, and addressing financial instability. Partners include Lane, Enterprise Contact Center, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Lane Workforce Partnership, and Goodwill Industries Prosperity Center. We will provide reservation sales representative training to 100 low income and long term unemployed senior workers. Lane Workforce Partnership is the fiscal agent. Classes will begin spring term.

I am pleased to note some kudos:

  • Greg Evans will receive the 2012 Trailblazer Award from the Oregon Northwest Black Pioneers Association at its annual gala in Salem this Saturday. The award recognizes contributions to the advancement of Oregon's African Americans in the state and for paving the way for others to follow.
  • Theater student Mathew Bostrom recently won five singing and acting awards at a competition in Los Angeles, including Actor of the Year, from among thousands of contestants.
  • Health and Physical Education instructor Sean Hayes has been invited to deliver a workshop and lecture at on swordsmanship at the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds, England. He has taught the Armizare style of martial arts at conferences in the U.S., Canada and Europe, and has presented research in the U.S. and abroad.
  • Dance instructor Mary Seereiter inspired a student to make a $500 donation to the dance program. In a letter, Pat Frishkov wrote, "I have taken Mary's Authentic Movement class each of the last two years. They have provided significant fun and healing for me. And I love the new studio. It even has cubbies along the windows, on which folks like me can take naps during day-long workshops. LCC is a treasure in our community and the strength of its dance department is a part of that resource."

If you're keeping up with Titan basketball news, you know that they Jammed the Gym a couple of weeks ago and gathered 523 pounds of donations for Food for Lane County, not to mention winning their games against Clackamas. Go, Titans!

Our Visiting Scholars on Islam speaker series is continuing, and we recently had Dr. Mark Juergensmeyer of UC-Santa Barbara present on "Global Rebellion and the Arab Spring," and scholar Jamillah Karim talk about "Race in America."

Our Diversity Strategic Directions Conference drew 183 attendees and 250 others who tuned in via live streaming. Thanks to Donna Koechig, Bill Schuetz, and the IT staff for making this important training so accessible.

The legislature convened last week, and the one-month session is off to a fast start. Budget leaders announced that a deal to balance the current budget has been made. As expected, the deal includes the state keeping the 3.5% budget holdback from the Community College Support Fund. We will continue to talk to legislators about the impact of reduced state funding and, depending on the revenue forecast, push for any available remaining funds.

The revenue forecast came in today, and it is down $35 million. Hopefully this is a sign that things are about to level out. We will continue to make the case to legislators for the Community College Support Fund.

Representative Dave Hunt has introduced a $50 million economic development package in the House, which includes $10 million in lottery-backed bonds for community college capital construction projects. If passed, Lane would receive $1 million for additional STEM/CTE classrooms/labs. The bill had its first hearing last Thursday and is expected to pass out of committee this week.

Other priorities we are tracking this session include legislation dealing with achievement compacts, the Higher Education Coordinating Committee, the Chief Education Officer, and textbook affordability. Brett has updated bill lists for anyone interested.

In his State of the Union address, President Obama laid out his vision for economic growth with a focus on job creation and taxes. This includes significant investment in community colleges. Obama proposed a new initiative to train and place two million Americans in good jobs through partnerships between businesses and community colleges that give workers the skills that employers explicitly need.

Congratulations to Suzanne Bonamici, who has been elected to serve out the remainder of David Wu's term in Oregon's 1st Congressional District. Suzanne began her college career at Lane before transferring to the UO to earn degrees in journalism and law. She is a strong supporter of public education and community colleges. We are thrilled to have a Titan walking the halls of Congress.

The Lane Council of Governments held its annual appreciation dinner here in the Center for Meeting and Learning. Thanks to Susie, Tony, Bob and Pat for attending.

Thanks to Susie and Pat for joining me and Brett at the OCCA board meeting here at Lane last month. I believe Susie and Tony will join me and Brett at the AACC-ACCT National Legislative Summit next week in Washington, DC, and we have a full schedule, including meetings with Oregon's Congressional delegation.

I am again serving on the UO president search committee with 21 others including PCC President Preston Pulliams.

The Register-Guard is assigning longtime higher ed reporter, Greg Bolt, to the county beat. Diane Dietz will now cover higher ed in addition to business and environment. I want to publicly thank Greg for his dedicated coverage of higher education and his ability to report complex issues in a clear and meaningful and fair way. The transition will take some time, and we will continue to work with Greg on occasion, while getting Diane up to speed on Lane.

I would like to conclude my report with a 90-second video promoting the EMT program. Career and technical deans are working with Tracy Simms to develop videos for each CT program as part of an update of our Learn to Earn web resources.

2) Personnel
The college's current personnel appointments were presented.

C. Board Agenda Review/Changes
Item 4.A., Oregon Community College Workforce Development was moved to item 2.B.

D. Statements from Audience
Rodger Gamblin, Information Technology, LCCEF officer, and AFEO secretary, asked that the board take a proactive approach on the Oregon Education and Investment Board's Achievement Compacts. He stated that it is in Lane's best interest to list what we would like outcomes to be rather than what we do not want them to be.

2A. Consent Agenda
Pryor moved, and seconded by McCown, to approve the Consent Agenda consisting of:

  • The approval of the January 11, 2012 meeting minutes.
  • OSBDCN Software
  • Downtown Campus Furnishings
  • Information Technology Equipment for Downtown Campus

Motion passed unanimously.

2B. Oregon Community College Workforce Development (OCCWD)
Cam Preus, OCCWD Commissioner, apprised the board of statewide issues. She distributed a handout showing statistical information on Oregon community colleges and explained how Lane compared to the other colleges.

3. Policy Review
A. Second Reading
1. Gambling, D.040
A discussion was held as to whether this policy is needed as it merely duplicates state law.

McCown moved to delete board policy D.040, Gambling. Pryor seconded.

Motion passed unanimously.


Illegal gambling of any form, whether played for money, check or any item or service representative of value, is prohibited on the Lane Community College campus or facilities under its direction and control.

ADOPTED: November 9, 1998
REVIEWED: May 12, 2004
REVISED: January 18, 2006
REVIEWED: February 18, 2009
DELETED: February 8, 2012

B. First Reading
1. Use of Intoxicants and Controlled Substances, D.040
A discussion was held on the use of medical marijuana and what is meant in item number 2 of the policy. Legal counsel will review the latest changes made to this policy and will provide clarification at the next meeting.

No person may bring onto college property or into any college-owned facility or to any college-sponsored class or activity any intoxicating beverage, controlled substances, volatile inhalants, for the purpose of mind or mood alteration, except in the situations specified in this policy. No person may appear on college property or in any college-owned facility or in any college-sponsored class or activity under the influence of any of the above mentioned substances. Under no circumstances shall alcohol be served at college-sponsored activities to underage minors as defined by state law.

Exceptions to this policy are as follows:

  1. Alcoholic Beverages may be used/served:
    1. for cooking and/or instructional purposes in food preparation labs or classes and in labs or classes related to the science and/or service of alcohol; or
    2. at college-sponsored or on-campus activities catered by legally licensed and insured businesses or agencies with prior approval using procedures specified in college administrative rules(see Alcoholic Beverages on Campus).
  2. With appropriate documentation, medical marijuana, prescription opiates, or other psychoactive medications, may be used as legally prescribed by a licensed practitioner. However, according to statute, marijuana shall not be ingested on campus even with a medical marijuana card.
  3. Glue and thinners may be used only in class-related lab environments and in facilities construction and maintenance for non-intoxicating purposes.

ADOPTED: November 9, 1998
REVISED: June 9, 2004
REVISED: March 8, 2006
REVISED: February 18, 2009

4. Discussion/Action Items
A. Online Teaching and Learning
Brad Hinson, Dean of Academic Technology, presented information on Online Teaching and Learning. Enrollment has more than doubled in distance learning courses over the last few years and continues to grow steadily. This year, distance learning has been renamed LaneOnline as an indicator of renewal, growth, and a student centered focus. Course offerings are determined by academic departments including decisions of instructional modality, such as online, hybrid, telecourse, and live video.

The philosophy of the Academic Technology department is to learn, unlearn, and relearn as this is what the modern student is required to do. The department offers training and professional development opportunities to faculty in a variety of formats and venues. Current initiatives include Academic Advising Online, Knowledge Network & Honors Portfolios, Open Educational Resources Faculty Fellowship, iLane Conferences, Open Learning, and Adaptive Learning. Work is underway to create online classes that are textbook free.

B. Downtown Campus Update
Spilde reported that Lane is working with Eugene Water and Electric Board (EWEB) regarding the cost of providing electrical service to the new Downtown Campus. Spilde recently had the opportunity to take a hard hat tour of the construction site; the board will be invited for a tour in the coming weeks.

5. Accountability/Reports
A. Benchmarks
Craig Taylor, Institutional Research, Assessment, and Planning director, responded to questions and comments on the following Benchmarks:

  • Gender and Race/Ethnicity Status of Graduates

B. Facilities Update
An update on the status of bond and facilities projects was presented to the board.

C. Asset Protection, A.070, Monitoring Report
The Asset Protection monitoring report was presented to the board.

D. Financial Condition and Activities, A.050, Monitoring Report
The Financial Condition and Activities monitoring report was presented to the board.

E. Financial Condition and Activities, A.050, Quarterly Report
The Financial Condition and Activities quarterly report was presented to the board.

6. Reports
ASLCC President Mario Parker-Milligan reported that students will be at the Capitol all month lobbying for funding. On February 21, the Oregon Student Association will have a statewide lobby day and participate in a tuition equity hearing. This weekend we are hosting an event to train student leaders on voter registration in preparation for the spring elections. Election dates have been set for the ASLCC officers at the beginning of May. On Monday, the Black Student Union will show a viewing of the film "Brother Outsider." ASLCC will be sending 30 student leaders to the Northwest Student Leadership Conference in March.

LCCEF Vice President Alen Bahret attended the meeting on behalf of President Bob Baldwin. Bahret commented that labor relations tend to go through cycles. He recalled having to make similar board reports when he was union president as Baldwin is currently having to do. Movement is happening between the parties as they are working to move forward.

LCCEA President Jim Salt reported that he was disappointed with the achievement compacts as a sociologist and as a faculty member. His concerns are due to wanting to have a process that is rooted in an understanding on how education works and how we promote educational growth, which is currently lacking. The presentation on online learning did a great job at pointing at what is happening in technology and here at the college, and there are some threats that come with that as well. While we are using the technology, the fundamental relationship between instructor and student is going to remain a core component. Salt noted that he was on sabbatical during the conversations on civility, but he wanted to respond to Albright's comments from the last meeting regarding how to report in civil ways. Salt did not believe that Baldwin had been uncivil. Instead, he sees it as a professional engagement of issues.

Vice President Christian commented on the Online Teaching and Learning presentation, stating that students who come to Lane may not know how to navigate the web, and we want them to have access to the world, so we need to teach them digital literacy. Christian shared that it was Don McNair who recognized the problem with the FTE reporting. She recognized McNair for his tireless work at the college and presented him with a trophy in the form of a hammer made by our machine technology students.

Chief Financial Officer Morgan shared the KLCC arbitron report which showed an increase in listeners.

Board Reports
Pryor realized for the first time what an extraordinarily rich experience being on the board is going to be for her. This Saturday night, Oregon Community Credit Union employees will be gathering in Lane's Center for Meeting and Learning for employee awards. Pryor is now on the Workforce Investment Board, whose focus is to bring agencies together in a more efficient workforce, and she will be testifying on a bill that will make that happen.

LeClair noted that online learning has the potential to get remedial learners up to speed, but one of the problems he has witnessed is social isolation due to things like texting and computers. One of the benefits in coming to class is making a connection with the instructor and other students, which is important.

Albright thanked Spilde for hosting the reception for the OCCA board and presidents council. He acknowledged that learning will continue to take on many different forms. Albright will be working on programs for the Olympic trials; he was pleased to discover that one of the athletes is former Lane student, Cyrus Hostetter. In response to Salt's comments, Albright stated that there is a problem with civility here and in our society. Our focus is trying to identify content appropriate to the occasion. He encouraged everyone to attend the KLCC Brewfest this weekend.

Johnston thanked President Spilde for hosting the Oregon Community College Association board meeting and a reception for all at her home. She acknowledged Joan Aschim, Public Information Officer, for her news releases, media information, and college newsletter, which keep the board informed of happenings at the college. She congratulated Don McNair on his recognition and thanked him for his good work at the college.

Stiles reported that she recently enjoyed a tour of the Small Business Development Center. She also saw the new Downtown Campus and was impressed with its size and scope. She and a group of 18 others from Florence came over to main campus for the African art exhibit. A storm on the coast brought a tree down and scraped the building of the Florence Center; she thanked the Facilities staff for coming over to assess the damage and make repairs. Stiles reported that Jacque Betz, her budget committee appointee and a Lane graduate, has been named the first female city manager of Florence.

Ackerman attended the annual Eugene and Springfield Chamber dinners, the LCOG dinner, and a portion of the OEIB presentation. Regarding the issue of civility, Ackerman stated that personal attacks by anyone on campus are inappropriate and should be avoided. There have been instances during the reports at board meetings when it seemed union presidents attempted to engage the board in collective bargaining, and that is not appropriate. He hoped that communication can be improved even when it involves difficult material. Ackerman recently left campus at 9 pm on a Friday night and was surprised at how many students were also leaving campus at that time.

7. Date, Place, and Proposed Agenda Items for the Next Regular Meeting
Wednesday, March 14, 6:30 pm, Boardroom, Building 3, Lane Community College

8. The board meeting unanimously adjourned at 7:48 p.m.

_____________________________ _____________________________

Mary Spilde, President/District Clerk Susie Johnston, Board Chair