February 6, 2013

Lane Community College
Board of Education Minutes
February 6, 2013

1. Attendance
Board members present: Bob Ackerman, Pat Albright, Susie Johnston, Gary LeClair, Tony McCown, and Rosie Pryor. Board members absent: Sharon Stiles. Also present were: President Mary Spilde; Executive Dean Don McNair; Chief Financial Officer Greg Morgan; Lane Community College Education Association President Jim Salt; and Lane Community College Employees Federation President Bob Baldwin; and Associated Students of Lane Community College President Merriam Weatherhead.

A. Vice Chair Pryor called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.

B. President's Report
We received word yesterday that Lane made the governor's list of recommended capital construction projects. We requested $8 million in matching funds for our Center for Student Success (formerly called The Commons) as we are calling our upcoming Center Building renovation.

I am pleased to announce a partnership opportunity with School District 4J to help 200 high school students successfully transition to college by co-locating an Early College and Career Options program on main campus. Early College and Career Options, or ECCO, serves high school aged students who need a different educational environment than that provided in a typical high school. ECCO now enrolls nearly 200 students who are working toward their high school diploma and is currently located in the former Parker Elementary School Building in South Eugene. Co-locating the program at Lane would acquaint 4J students with college life while they earn their high school diploma and help them transition seamlessly into college. Similar models show that being on a college campus significantly improves students' chances to go college, be successful in college, and graduate from college. The partnership would support Lane's mission to make college more accessible, help meet our enrollment goals at a time when enrollment is declining, and improve our completion rates. 4J students would have outstanding connections to campus resources, including easy bus transportation, on-campus childcare for parenting students, and early introduction to career-technical programs. This could set a gold standard for the seamless transition to college and career preparation to meet the Oregon's 40-40-20 plan. Now is an opportune time in the long range planning of both institutions. We are planning the last of our 2008 bond projects and 4J has funds available from its 2011 bond measure if we need to do some renovations on campus. We will be exploring the possibilities and working out what a partnership might look like. This could become a model for more school districts in our area.

Hopefully you've received your first edition of Lane Community eNews, a new community email newsletter by Brett Rowlett and with assistance from Tracy Simms, Funk/Levis, and Joan Aschim. This will help us deliver more news directly to our community.

I am delighted to announce Dawn DeWolf as our next Executive Dean for Career and Technical education. She has served as dean of Adult Basic and Secondary Education and Workforce Development for Lane and is recognized statewide for her leadership in ABSE, as well as in connecting students to career and technical education through Career Pathways. She has led our workforce development efforts and nurtured successful relationships with workforce partners, employers and funders. Dawn is committed to serving students and will help us expand access to higher education.

Congratulations to Tina Reyes, Classified Employee of the Month for January. She is an institutional coordinator specialist in Continuing Education and has been with Lane since 1995 in various roles. She is a can-do person and a pleasure to work with.

English Instructor José Chaves has published a family memoir, "The Contract of Love," now available on Amazon. José has an MFA in creative writing from the UO and was a Fulbright scholar to Colombia in 1999. He has published a bilingual anthology of Latin American fiction and his poetry has been published The Atlanta Review, Exquisite Corpse and other journals.

Co-op coordinator Tamara Pinkas recently published a book, "Find Your Next Professional Job: A Guide for Community College Students and Experienced Workers," co-authored with Scott Weighart, formerly of Northwestern University. The book is available at the Titan Store. Tamara has been with Co-op for 20 years.

College Council is working with other councils and staff in reviewing Lane's College Online Policies and Procedures (COPPS) to establish a more organized framework for our policies and procedures and making sure we have all of the work done for our accreditation. This may impact how the board policies are framed.

We are again addressing indoor environmental quality issues in Building 4. After staff reported ailments in December, we temporarily closed the building winter break, called in consultants, and took steps to improve conditions. Currently, most offices are still closed, but classrooms and labs are open. Short-term occupancy does not appear to present issues but many employees and some students are affected. No cause has yet been identified, but we are focusing on the building's mechanical room which has a positive charge that prevents air from fully exhausting. We've adjusted the system and are assessing outcomes to determine next steps. We have relocated 26 faculty and staff. We are reviewing the Incident-accident reports. We are looking at relocating the dental lab. Weekly meetings are held with the staff to keep them updated. We will keep working at this until the issue is resolved.

The Oregon Education Investment Board (OEIB) released its strategic plan summary and a proposal for regional achievement compacts. The plan provides an overview of the planning process and vision and outlines objectives and metrics for the next seven years. A new regional achievement compact pilot program was proposed to bring together institutions in a region to share ideas and pool resources. The Oregon Community College Association (OCCA) continues to work with Dr. Rudy Crew and the OEIB to ensure that community college needs are considered.

The legislative session got underway on Monday. The next few weeks will be packed full of committee hearings. We will attend the OCCA Legislative Summit on February 20 and meet with members of the Lane County delegation on February 21 to discuss community college priorities. Mark your calendars for Lane Day at the Capitol on Wednesday, May 15.

Last Friday, we welcomed Congressman Peter DeFazio at the Downtown Campus. We showed him the academic building, including the rooftop classrooms, and I think he was impressed. I would like to thank Roger Ebbage, Jim Lindly, Dawn DeWolf, Cathy Lindsley, Barbara Susman and Brett Rowlett for helping organize the visit.

In Washington, the House Committee on Education and Workforce held its organizational meeting to assign committee members and adopt rules. Congresswoman Virginia Foxx is the chair and ranking member for the Subcommittee on Higher Education and Workforce Training. New members on the committee include former Lane student and Oregon Congresswomen Suzanne Bonamici.

Last week, a bipartisan group of eight U.S. Senators released a framework for comprehensive immigration reform. Among the items included in their proposal is a pathway to citizenship for DREAM students. While the exact details on how this will be achieved will not be released until a bill is drafted, it signals a strong bipartisan desire to address the challenges surrounding DREAM students in 2013.

I am grateful to everyone who joined me at the Eugene Chamber Celebration of Business last week. I was very honored to receive the Citizen of the Year Award but as you've heard me say before, such awards are never about one person and are not possible without the work of many.

It was a pleasure to attend the annual Staton Luncheon. The Robert W. and Bernice Ingalls Staton Foundation gave $2 million to Lane in 2003 to fund $5,000 scholarships. So far we have given this scholarship to 145 students. Bernice passed away in 2005. This year, her grandson, J.P. Voilleque, and his young daughter Claire, represented the Staton family. LCC Foundation President John Watkinson welcomed the guests which included twelve current and past scholarship recipients.

I'd like to welcome our new KLCC station manager who is here tonight, John Stark. John comes to us from KNAU, Arizona Public Radio in Flagstaff with more than 30 years of public radio experience. A special thanks to retiring station manager Steve Barton for everything he's done for the college.

Once again I would like to commend Lane students and staff for their support of the Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration. Many joined this year's march and presentation, and I was fortunate to attend the evening event as well. Lane students started the celebration, and it's now a mainstay of the community's cultural identity.

We hosted a performance of "Pouring Tea: Black Gay Men Of The South Tell Their Tales" by Dr. E. Patrick Johnson. More than 200 staff, students and community members attended. This was the latest presentation built on the Storytelling Model for Social Justice through the Arts, as part of our Diversity Strategic Direction.

Next we welcome Dr. Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, who will speak on "Lessons From My Grandfather" on February 21; and then our own Stanley Coleman will perform "Paul Robeson" on March 8 and 10.

I attended the "Board Role of Student Success" workshop at the Achieving the Dream conference in Anaheim this week, along with board members Sharon Stiles and Rosie Pryor.

I am pleased to announce and welcome Wendy Jett as the new Executive Director of the LCC Foundation. I would also like to thank Janet Anderson for her many years of service to the college.

I will be visiting my mother in Scotland next week. She is having a medical procedure, and I have delayed this trip so I am glad to finally be able to visit her.

Remember that the annual Lane Council of Governments Appreciation Dinner is Thursday, February 28 here in the Center for Meeting and Learning. It had originally been set for January 24.

And it won't be long now until the grand opening celebration of our Downtown Campus on Friday, March 15, at 1 p.m.

2) Personnel
The college's current personnel appointments were presented.

C. Board Agenda Review
No changes were made to the board agenda.

D. Statements from the Audience
Merriam Weatherhead, ASLCC President, stated that the ASLCC student body reluctantly supports the proposed tuition increase. She also informed the board that the student body will be voting on a student activity fee increase to support MECHA and the Gender and Sexuality Alliance.

Johanis Todeo, student, expressed his support for MECHA de LCC and the proposed fee increase.

Matt Keating, budget committee member, announced that he will be running for the Zone 4 position on the board.

Nathan Garcia-Campbell, student, expressed his support for MECHA de LCC and the proposed fee increase.

Max Jensen, GSA president, expressed his support for the Gender and Sexuality Alliance and the proposed fee increase.

2A. Consent agenda
McCown moved, seconded by LeClair, to approve the Consent Agenda consisting of:

  • Approval of the January 9, 2013, minutes
  • CM/GC Draft Findings for Central Plant and Center for Student Success

Motion passed unanimously.

3. Policy Review
A. Second Reading
1. Debt Issuance and Management, E.100
Ackerman moved, seconded by Johnston, to approve the second reading of board policy E.100, Debt Issuance and Management.

Motion passed unanimously.


The president shall ensure that sufficient funds are available to meet current and future debt service requirements on all indebtedness, while adequately providing for recurring operating requirements. The issuance of debt limits the college's flexibility to respond to future learning priorities; consequently, the college shall issue and manage debt in a manner which maintains a sound fiscal position, protects its creditworthiness and complies with ORS 341.675 and ORS 341.715.
To meet the objectives of this policy the president shall ensure that the college incurs and services all debts in a manner that will:

  • Maintain a balanced relationship between debt service requirements and current operating needs.
  • Maintain and enhance the college's ability to obtain access to credit markets, at favorable interest rates, in amounts needed for capital improvements and to provide essential learning services.
  • Prudently incur and manage debt to minimize costs to the taxpayers and ensure that current decisions do not adversely affect future generations.
  • Preserve the college's flexibility in capital financing by maintaining an adequate margin of statutory debt capacity.

The board shall approve borrowing as described in Board Policy C.040. Long-term debt (due more than a year in the future) shall not be issued to fund normal operating needs.

ADOPTED: June 9, 2004
REVIEWED: May 9, 2007
REVIEWED: December 2, 2009
REVIEWED: February 6, 2013

B. First Reading
1. Financial Reporting, E.110
No changes were recommended to this policy. A second reading will be held in March.


Lane's annual audited financial statements shall conform to generally accepted accounting principles. Applicable professional accounting standards and guidance shall be incorporated into Lane's financial statements.

ADOPTED: March 9, 2005
REVIEWED: June 28, 2007
REVIEWED: January 10, 2010

4. Discussion/Action Items
A. Foundation Report
Janet Anderson, Retired Foundation Executive Director, presented an update on the work of the LCC Foundation. She shared the growth of the Foundation over the past ten years, in which aid to students has increased from $300,000 to $750,000. The keys to fundraising are leadership, friendraising, telling Lane's story, and asking for donations. The President's Office and the Foundation have had a strong connection, and Anderson was grateful to have had Spilde's leadership. The foundation board is a wonderful group of trustees who volunteer their time.

The Foundation has over 1400 donors comprised of businesses and corporations, community members, and alumni, staff, and retirees. Donations are solicited in several ways: by mail, through an employee campaign, through bequests, and by such events as the Harvest Dinner. Funds given to the Foundation are invested in scholarships, faculty, building and equipment, trust payments, fundraising and administration, and program support. Opportunities for the future include a new major gifts campaign, planned giving, and alumni development.

B. Tuition Rate
Spilde provided background information on the board policy regarding the tuition rate which calls for the board to adjust the tuition rate each year using an appropriate index for two-year public colleges. In November, the board approved the use of the Higher Education Price Index (HEPI). Based on the HEPI, the college is recommending an increase of $2 per credit hour.

LeClair moved that the board authorize a $2 per credit hour tuition increase in the base tuition rate based on the use of the Higher Education Price Index as the inflation benchmark for FY14. Albright seconded.

Ackerman stated that he will vote against the motion, stating that the issue is dominated by strategy plans and purposes other than affordability and accessibility.

Other board members agreed that a tuition increase will make it difficult on the students; however, the problem is that the state level of funding for higher education is inadequate. A tuition increase is not ideal but the alternative would mean cutting programs.

Pryor recused herself from the vote as she has a student attending Lane next year.

Motion passed 4 – 1. Ackerman dissented.

Ackerman distributed a handout describing a proposed tuition policy revision which will be discussed at the March meeting.

C. ASLCC Special Election Fee Request
Spilde explained that there is a proposed student activity fee increase to be voted on by students in a special election in March pending board approval. The increase will go to support MEChA de LCC and the Gender and Sexuality Alliance.

McCown moved to approve the proposed ASLCC ballot measure language for special election in March 2013. Albright seconded.

Motion passed unanimously.

D. Downtown Center – Willamette Street
The board reviewed options regarding the use of the Willamette Street building. Four options were proposed: 1) integrate into the proposed Southern Willamette Valley Business Accelerator project, 2) develop the property on our own, 3) partner with commercial developers, or 4) put the building up for sale.

The board held a substantial discussion regarding the options but needed more information before making a decision. The college will come back with more data and a recommendation in March.

E. Economic Impact Study
Brett Rowlett, Community and Governmental Relations Director, shared the results of the recently-completed economic impact study done by Economic Modeling Specialists, Inc. From a student perspective, there is the cost of attending versus the future benefit of earning power of money used over lifetime, which is a 21.4% return on investment. From the social perspective, Lane's students expand the state's economic base through their higher incomes and contribute an estimated $70 million in taxable income to the Oregon economy each year. The study showed that Lane enriches the lives of students, increases students' lifetime incomes, contributes to the growth of the economy, generates government revenue, and reduces the demand for social services.

F. Budget Committee Appointments
McCown moved, seconded by LeClair, to approve the appointments of Jacque Betz, Zone 1, Amy Callahan, Zone 4, and Matt Keating, Zone 5 to the Lane Community College Budget Committee to complete a three-year term effective immediately and ending June 30, 2015.

Motion passed unanimously.

5. Accountability/Reports
A. Benchmarks
The following benchmarks were presented to the board:

  • Economic Impact – Students and Taxpayers: Lane Community College

B. Facilities Update
An update on the status of bond and facility projects was presented to the board.

C. Financial Planning & Budgeting, A.040
Greg Morgan, Chief Financial Officer, responded to questions and comments on the Financial Planning and Budgeting, A.040, monitoring report.

D. Financial Condition and Activities Quarterly Report, A.050
Greg Morgan, Chief Financial Officer, responded to questions and comments on the Financial Condition and Activities, A.050, quarterly report.

6. Reports
ASLCC President Weatherhead reported that they are working on a special election for a change to the ASLCC constitution and a change to the student activity fee. They are working toward transparency and accountability in the activity fee. ASLCC is conducting two student surveys: one on campus safety and another to determine whether students at satellite campuses should be members of the main campus student body. ASLCC will be lobbying in Salem for issues such as tuition equity. Weatherhead thanked the Foundation for providing support to low income students. She congratulated Spilde on her First Citizen award, commenting that it is helpful to have a woman in her position to look up to. Spilde is recognized statewide as a student advocate.

LCCEF President Baldwin reported that he is looking forward to spending some time with mediator Kevin Boyle to meet with management and LCCEF officers. He commented that management has taken it upon itself to try to rewrite discipline rules, terminating an employee who was subject to just cause and not allowing representation in the process, so the union is preparing for arbitration in that case. The executive dean hiring committee recommendation has gone to the president and has become a political process.

LCCEA President Salt reported that the regional achievement compacts is a step in the right direction. It is not exactly what is needed, but at least it is getting people together in a way that can advance the completion agenda. He discussed Senate Bill 222, which would require high school students to have college credit in order to graduate. It is his understanding that there is no support from K-12 faculty and not likely to have support from community college faculty. The association met last week with administration to move forward on bargaining. He has seen some progress made on classroom safety with one regression in that the people who decide how to protect the safety of the classrooms have been from the student services side. There was an agreement to fix that, and the college has stalled on that agreement, but there is hope that the college and association will work together to move that forward. There are some concerns about the executive dean search; the faculty association and council refused to participate in the secondary process. Salt read from an LCCEA document regarding the air issue in Building 4. The document is dated October 1982, but the issues are still relevant. Employees in that building have been suffering for decades.

Executive Dean Don McNair distributed ASA highlights and the 2011-12 accomplishments aligned to Lane's Strategic Directions. He congratulated the women's basketball team for being rated number one in NWAAC. He congratulated Spilde on her award.

Chief Financial Officer Morgan congratulated Spilde on her First Citizen Award. He noted that KLCC has a wide impact on Lane County, and the recent changes made in the program have only increased the impact. He welcomed John Stark to his new position, and stated that we will miss Steve Barton. A meeting is scheduled to look at getting a Verizon tower on campus.

Board Reports
Albright noted that not only do women look up to President Spilde for her leadership, but he also feels the same way. He attended an OCCA meeting last week and went through the initial stages of legislative review of the bills. He gave kudos to Janet Anderson for her long time service and to Steve Barton for his incredible work at KLCC. He announced that the KLCC Brewfest is happening this weekend.

LeClair commented on the number of his patients that are attending Lane and working full time and trying their best to get ahead. He recently visited Southeast Asia and went to Cambodia, where he was reminded of the tragedy of what happens to women in this world, and how many opportunities we have for women in this country.

Pryor returned from the Achieving the Dream conference and board member workshop this morning, where presenters spoke about student success and how board members can be more active in board meetings. She thanked Lane for the opportunity to attend that training.

Ackerman reported that he was impressed by the fundraising techniques revealed in tonight's meeting. There is a joy of giving to Lane, and watching the Foundation operate has been one of the highlights.

Johnston congratulated Tamara Pinkas on her new book. She was recently invited by KLCC to a forum about the future of public radio, and Congressmen Blumenaur and Walden were both there to speak. She wished Anderson and Barton good luck in their retirement. She congratulated Spilde on her First Citizen award. Johnston announced that her board seat is up this June, and she will not be running. She has deeply appreciated the privilege to serve as an elected board member.

McCown thanked Steve Barton and Janet Anderson for their years of service to the college and welcomed John Stark and Wendy Jett to their new positions. He announced that this Saturday is Jam the Gym for the Titan men's and women's basketball games. McCown remembered discussing the athletics student fee when he was student body president, and he has come to realize that it is more than just athletics, it is a benefit to the students, a recruiting tool, and it builds community.

7. Date, Place, and Proposed Agenda Items for the Next Regular Meeting
Wednesday, March 13, 6:30 pm, Boardroom, Building 3, Lane Community College

8. The board meeting unanimously adjourned at 9:14 p.m.

Mary Spilde, President/District Clerk 

Rosie Pryor, Vice Chair