Online Teaching and Learning

Online Teaching and Learning

Online and Hybrid Course Development

Online and hybrid courses are possible solutions to Lane's educational challenges, but only if course design, development, implementation and evaluation, are carried out systematically with attention to pedagogy, learning, reuse and scale. There is no single tool, nor one-size-fits-all approach to online and hybrid course development and implementation; however, you may find the steps below helpful for getting started:

  • Review Are You Thinking About Teaching Online?
  • Obtain a copy of the Quality Matters Rubric for Online and Hybrid Courses workbook from the ATC or your division chair.
  • Familiarize yourself with Moodle:
    • Start simple, use Moodle as a supplement to your traditional course
    • Next, move to teaching in a hybrid format [partially traditional, partially online]
    • Build an online course [give yourself at least a term to build and test the course]
    • Check with the ATC for Moodle workshops
  • Explore your support resources. The online community at Lane is growing. Support includes ATC courses, workshops and trainings, individualized support, mentoring for first time online instructors, Faculty Professional Development opportunities, specialized training in creating media rich courses and more. Check with the ATC for more information or contact one of your Faculty Technology Specialists.
  • Most of all, realize Rome wasn't built in a day and that teaching and learning is a journey, not a destination!

Media Server

It is possible to store all of your video/audio lessons on a special server. Each teacher/group of teachers can have an account. Also you can protect any folder with a unique password.

Instructions on how to upload files to the media server.

Distance Learning [Lane Online]

A variety of useful resources for distance and online instructors, including:

Library Catalog Search for Moodle

Add widgets for searching the library catalog to your moodle page.