MAC 911

MAC 911 posterBecome MAC savvy in minutes!

Not quite a digital native? Are you new to the MAC or to OS X? Just need to come up to speed for your coursework? We have just the thing you need! Join us for a free MAC 911 workshop. Yes FREE and only 3 hours long! More dates and times may be added later in the term. Check back!

No workshops are scheduled for this term.

Here are some support opportunities forindividuals:

Tutor Central
One-on-one assistance may be available at Tutor Central. Check with them directly to see if they have services that can meet your needs.

Scroll down below this box to the section Part 2 2: Support Options and choose what works best for you.

Not sure you need the workshop? Take the test and find out. Support options are available.

Part 1: Digital Literacy Assessment

Take the initial Northstar Digital Literacy Self-Assessment Test. Anyone may take this test. This assessment can take anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour, depending on your skill level. You must have a Flash Player enabled on your browser. Both sound and captioned text are available. If you are in a classroom and wish to use sound please wear your earbuds or headphones.

Read this document prior to taking the test: Directions for taking the Digital Literacy Assessment

The Test: Northstar Digital Literacy Self-Assessment [the online test]

Low scores? See Support Options below.

Part 2: Support Options - Choose what works best for you!

Anyone receiving low scores or feeling the need to brush up on basic computer skills can go to
GCF LearnFree and work on short tutorials that are targeted for the areas you need most.


Attend MAC 911 - The Workshop
This hands-on workshop style training session lasts approximately 3 hours. There is no cost to Lane students. Time will be given at the end of the session to retake the hands-on self assessment if you are interested. Although it is recommended that you take the above assessments prior to coming to the workshop, it is not mandatory. If you know you need help just sign up for a workshop. Workshops are generally offered in weeks 1 or 2 and week 10 or finals week.

Registration is located at the top of this page in the yellow box.

More Resources

911 Workshop links: 

For more information contact Meredith Keene-Wilson at or call (541) 342-3022.