Emergency Assistance Application

Academic Technology Student Worker Fund

Emergency Assistance Application

Funds to Support

This fund may be used to provide financial assistance to resolve issues that will prevent you from working in the Academic Technology Student Worker program or registering for and attending classes. Where feasible and appropriate, financial assistance may be given for such issues health care, transportation, housing, food, and unpaid-tuition. Depending on the available balance in the Student Worker Fund, minor awards of up to $300 in emergency financial assistance will be given.

Awardee Criteria

  • Currently employed in Academic Technology Center / Student Help Desk
  • Currently attending Lane Community College

How to Apply

  1. You may apply for the Emergency Assistance if you meet all the criteria mentioned above
  2. Fill out the Emergency Assistance Application Form
  3. Submit your completed form to your supervisor

For further assistance, contact the Academic Technology Center (ATC).