Catalog of Courses, Workshops and Special Projects

Workshops and courses are presented by the ATC staff, faculty technology specialists and other instructors from within the Lane community. They are designed to be short, informative, hands-on sessions covering various technologies as they relate to instruction. While many workshops are geared for instructors teaching online/hybrid courses, many, if not all workshop topics will have practical application for any class that has access to computer presentation.

Workshops and courses will be held in the ATC (Academic Technology Center). Registration is recommended as space is limited to 14 participants.

For class dates and times, to find the instructor of record or to register email the ATC. If the workshop you want it not listed you can contact the ATC to find a Faculty Technology Specialist that can help you get started in your area of interest.

TRAIN Courses

Use these online courses to get convenient help with Moodle course design and development. You can learn how to:

  • Build courses in Moodle
  • Design effective courses
  • Teach efficiently with Moodle.
  • Use Moodle tools and modules

Included are samples of very good activities and courses that you can use as examples.



This edu-blogging class will cover three approaches to using blogs in education here at Lane:

  • Classroom blogs on one topic
  • Individual student blogs
  • Your professional development

Workshop covers an introduction to Lane Blogs and how to use the Wordpress software. Edu-blogging is not only a tool but a pedagogy or approach to teaching that faces out into the world. We will talk about both and give you some brainstorming and hands-on time.

Elluminate Live

Elluminate is a virtual, interactive learning environment that can be used to open up the boundaries of your classroom beyond the physical boundaries of campus. Use this software to deliver traditional lectures and content, quizzes, long distance expert interviews, online office hours, and can also be used for student presentations. Use this tool when you don't want distance or weather to be a factor in learning. Elluminate can be integrated into your traditional, online or hybrid courses. This workshop will give you an overview of what it is to be a participant and how to create your own sessions. This is a 2-day workshop.

Google Docs

Google Docs is a free, Web-based word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, and form application offered by Google. It allows users to create and edit documents online while collaborating in real-time with other users. You will learn to use the tools and also discuss the educational advantages to using a Web 2.0 based collaboration tool. Check out Google Talk, an online video/chat program and other web 2.0 collaboration tools.

Intro To Video Editing

Have you created some video footage that you want to show to your students, but the video needs work? Would you like to learn how to trim files to size, make minor adjustments and add titles?

Come to the Video Editing Workshop! This is an introductory level class that will introduce:

  • Windows Movie Maker (Free for Windows)
  • iMovie for Mac (it's often bundled with Macs)
  • Learn how you can do a simple project with some using simple edits, transitions and titles

OERs: Open Education Resources

There are free online resources that may replace those expensive textbooks for your courses. You can come to an orientation about open educational resources and the online communities, join the OER Faculty Fellowship or meet with other instructors using OERs in their courses. 

For more information go to the OER home page.

Screen Capturing

Screencasting is a form of computer video that allows viewers to see recordings of your computer screen, complete with audio narration. What are they good for? Try demonstrating techniques or offering feedback while marking student work. Use them to record your Power Point presentations. The best thing about screencasts are the instruction you can deliver once and allow your students to revisit as often as needed. Join us for this workshop and we will show you how to create them and link to them in Moodle.


Promote interactivity in online and hybrid courses with SoftChalk. SoftChalk is a simple yet powerful software, designed with the features you need, to create exciting, interactive content for your online/hybrid course. If you can use a word-processing program, you can use SoftChalk.

Teaching with iPads

  • Beginning. Explore how to start using your iPads in the classroom.
  • Intermediate. Learn more cool ways to use your iPad in the classroom.
  • Advanced. There is even more!

The number of iPads available are limited, please bring your own if you have one.

Using iClickers In Your Classroom

The iClicker audience response system is available for checkout at the ATC!

  • Each iClicker instructional package comes with a lightweight USB receiver that plugs into your computer's usb port, as well as enough iClicker handheld response "clickers" for your entire class.
  • Display any content, problems or quizzes and query your class without having to generate questions ahead of time.
  • Quickly poll or quiz your class on lecture material and get instant feedback.

Special Projects

If you are interested in participating in any of the following projects or would like more information please contact Meredith Keene-Wilson at

Teaching Pairs: Improving Your Online Course

The goals of the T2T pilot project Improving Your Online Course are twofold

  • To improve teaching and build community through a structured, non-evaluative process of course review and reflection
  • To set up a future framework for peer review of online courses in the area of student engagement, specifically interactivity, media and social networking.

This project is a joint effort between Faculty Technology Specialists, Faculty Professional Development and of course, you, the faculty. Offered spring term only.