ATC's Equipment Checkout

ATC's Equipment Checkout

What's available for instructors to checkout at the ATC:

Media Projectors

State-of-the-art Epson Media Projectors are ready to use in your classroom or meeting space.

Image of Projector


HDMI to Mini HDMI, DVI, and VGA

3.5mm Audio to 1/4in and TRS

Apple 30-pin to VGA

VGA to HDMI, Displayport, DVI, and Lightning

Flip Video Cameras

Easy and portable way to record videos and presentations that can then be posted to your Moodle course or elsewhere on the web


We have mini tripods that were designed for the Flip Video Cameras, and we have larger tripods as well.

Bamboo Tablet

Multi-touch tablet with ergonomically-designed pen, to be used as a mouse for drawing and painting programs

SD Cards & Flash-drives

Extra memory for transporting or transferring photos and files from computer to computer or from a device to a computer

USB Headsets

Headsets that come complete with earphones and a microphone, so you can talk, record, and listen for use when on Skype, for screen casting, and more

USB Webcams

Webcams are useful if you need to or would like to record your face.

Lapel Microphones

For use with flip video cameras or a camcorder

Digital Voice Recorders

Great for recording lectures, interviews, or presentations for uploading to your Moodle course or elsewhere on the web


An audience response system allows students to instantly provide feedback and answer questions posted by their instructors

iPod Touch & iPads

Apple tablet computers often used for recording and editing videos, taking photos, and many other tasks.

ATC Library Books

We have a small library of books available for instructor checkout, with titles in online-learning, design-of-instruction, instructional technology, and multi-media software applications.

...and More!

All items are available for instructors to checkout. We also provide assistance in using all equipment and suggestions on how they can be used to assist you in different courses and for your different objectives.