Overview of Assessment at Lane

Overview of Institutional Assessment

Assessment at Lane is a joint effort. It is faculty-driven and involves collaboration among academic and student affairs departments; the office of Institutional Research, Assessment and Planning (IRAP); the Assessment Team (A-Team); and Administration.

Departmental assessment reports are intended to provide a snapshot of direct and indirect data (qualitative, quantitative, formal/informal), evidence and information used to evaluate the learning environment, make recommendations for improvement, and share actions taken as a result of data analysis. Read about direct and indirect measures 

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2016-17 Department Assessment Reports

Assessments of Effectiveness

Venn Diagram of assessment at Lane

Lane has a long history of monitoring institutional benchmarks, including proxy learning measures such as alumni employment rates or transfer credit upon leaving Lane.

In the past few years, though, institutional assessments have grown to include Lane's progress toward achieving the state's legislated education goal (pdf) of "40-40-20." By 2024, this ambitious goal calls for:

  • 40% of the citizens of Oregon to have baccalaureate degrees
  • 40% to have associate's degrees
  • 20% to have high school diplomas

Assessing Progress toward Lane's Institutional Goals

Student Success - Initiatives supporting Lane's vision to Transform Lives through Learning.
See Success Stories.

  • Strategic Direction - A Liberal Education Approach for Student Learning
  • Strategic Direction - Optimal Student Preparation, Progression and Completion

Achieving the Dream - A national initiative to use data about students' progress toward degrees to improve policies, curriculum, and student success

  • Lane's ATD work

Core to College - An initiative to align academic standards and placement tests into college math, writing and reading, based on Common Core State Standards

Degree Qualifications Profile - A framework describing what students should be expected to know and be able to do once they earn degrees at any level, regardless of a student's field of specialization

Foundations of Excellence - a comprehensive, self-study and improvement process for students' first year at college

Learning Commons - Research and assessment efforts to help design a highly functional learning commons tailored to the needs of Lane students

TRiO and TRiO STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) - Federally funded programs with services provided free to students who are first-generation, low income and/or have disabilities; programs help students meet the varied challenges of college life, stay in school and successfully graduate and/or transfer to a four-year institution.