Discipline Rubrics

Previous Projects- Discipline Team Rubric Creation 2012-2013

The Assessment Team invites part-time and full-time faculty to form discipline teams and engage with the new Core Learning Outcomes. Teams of up to 5 part-time and full-time faculty receive 10 hours each of curriculum development funds to create a rubric which reflects the abilities of learning within your discipline. Project acceptance is first-come first served and is limited to 8 teams.

Project purpose

  • Develop rubrics to assess student learning outcomes that are meaningful to faculty within disciplines
  • Promote part-time and full-time faculty professional development in assessment within disciplines
  • Provide resources for faculty (part-time and full-time) within disciplines (funding, professional development) to reflect and collaborate on discipline practices for student learning assessment
  • Facilitate interdisciplinary conversations about how the core learning outcomes are assessed within various disciplines
  • Share project outcomes with faculty and the college

Project outcomes:

  • Create a rubric for a core learning outcome which reflects the abilities and levels of learning in your discipline
  • Align levels of learning with current descriptors (beginning, developing, proficient, accomplished)
  • Briefly describe the team's methods to complete the project
  • Describe opportunities for future development of discipline-level core learning outcome assessment

Who should apply

  • Part-time and full time faculty discipline teams of 2*-5 members, (20-50 hours per team)

Project guidelines

  • 10 hours of curriculum development is allotted to each faculty member
  • Completed project proposals are reviewed for approval on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Faculty lead completes the "CLO Rubric Development Project Acceptance Form" and submits it to Christina Howard, A-Team Chair, howardc@lanecc.edu
  • Completed projects are due within 8 weeks of project acceptance
  • Funding is released upon completing project outcomes (rubric and reports, parts 1 and 2)

See the Discipline Rubric Development Project Packet for more information and project materials.

See our Rubrics page for rubric info including examples of discipline-developed rubrics.