Basic Assessment Cycle

Faculty Assessment Toolkit

assessment phases, descriptions in text below

Basic Assessment Cycle

Plan, Prepare

  • Develop, articulate, and publicize measurable/demonstrable course- and program-level student learning outcomes.
  • Create course materials that articulate to students both the outcomes and the disciplinary context in which these outcomes operate.
  • Map course-level outcomes to Lane’s Core Learning Outcomes (CLOs).
  • Develop shared assignments, question, or projects with evaluation rubrics.

Collect, Analyze, Share

  • Collect and analyze direct evidence of student learning through artifact assessment.
  • Collect and analyze indirect evidence, such as job placement rates, surveys, grades, enrollment, retention, completion, persistence rates.
  • Share assessment processes and projects, as well as what you learned from these with the college community.


  • Use what you learned from assessment processes and projects to revise teaching or curriculum materials.


  • Consider the effect of revision/improvements in student learning that resulted from your assessment process.
  • Reflect on the assessment cycle to prepare for further assessment.