Assessment Team Charter

Assessment Team Charter


The Assessment Team is faculty-led and chartered by the Learning Council. Under Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities accreditation standards, "Faculty with teaching responsibilities take collective responsibility for fostering and assessing student achievement of clearly identified learning outcomes." Systematic assessment provides ongoing opportunities for thorough, thoughtful, critical analysis of evidence, and reflection about what students learn, with the goal to improve learning.

The assessment team will:

  • create, support and sustain a culture of assessment
  • facilitate systematic assessment of student learning outcomes across programs, general education and instructional modalities
  • promote and disseminate evidence of assessment of student learning
  • serve as liaisons to broad college initiatives on student success, progression and completion


The Assessment Team will:

  • develop and support assessment practices for Lane's core learning outcomes
  • support and advise program coordinators with program assessment tools
  • close the loop: foster use of data to improve and advance student learning at Lane
  • provide opportunities for professional development on course, program and degree learning outcomes assessment


The Assessment Team will facilitate systematic assessment of state approved programs, general education courses, and instructional delivery modalities at Lane.


The Assessment Team will deliver:

  • annual Assessment Team work plan, to be reviewed by the Learning Council
  • implementation of the general education assessment plan, including synthesis of institutional assessment of core learning outcomes in general education
  • syntheses of funded assessment projects to be reported annually, online
  • assistance with technical skills assessments for Carl Perkins reporting through meetings with program leads and coordinators
  • web page updated annually showing how program assessment results are used to improve the educational program at Lane


Member terms are encouraged to be 2 to 3 years, on a rotating basis, to provide continuity and diversity of representation from divisions. Membership will include:

  • team chair, to be selected from faculty membership and supported by reassignment time of one course per quarter, for a term of two years
  • assistant chair, to be selected from faculty membership and supported by reassignment time of one course during the team chair's last term
  • general education coordinator to implement the general education assessment plan, supported by reassignment time of one course per quarter, for a term of one to two years
  • minimum of five, maximum of twelve faculty, appointed by Faculty Council, to include transfer disciplines, professional-technical programs, a paid part-time representative, and support services
  • Institutional Research, Assessment and Planning Director or designee
  • Coordinator, Student Outcomes Assessment and Curriculum Development
  • ASA representative
  • two instructional managers or their designees
  • at least one classified staff member with program coordination responsibilities
  • non-credit representative

Charter Review

This Assessment Team will review this charter annually in fall and spring and report any revisions to the Learning Council.