Analyzing Data

Faculty Assessment Toolkit

Analyzing Data, Sharing Results, Making Changes

Analyzing Results, Taking Action

Once you have gathered assessment data (qualitative, quantitative, etc.), notes, and any resources that will help frame your assessment work, it is important to take time to discuss results as a team. From your analysis, you should develop a list of actionable items, a time line, and resources needed to make improvements.

Reviewing Results

Learning Outcomes

  • How were learning outcomes understood by and/or communicated to students?
  • Do we need to make changes to course or program learning outcomes as a result of this assessment work? If so, what changes are needed?

Assessment Process

  • What worked well? (Consider collaboration, expectations, time frame, etc.)
  • What challenges did you encounter? How did you overcome challenges, delays, or problems that arose?
  • How could the process be improved in the future?

Assessment Results

  • What patterns emerged from your analysis and team discussions?
  • What key findings can we articulate? Are there patterns or trends?
  • What can we conclude about what is working well or not working well in the course/program

Develop an Action Plan

Based on your analysis, determine a prioritized list of improvements needed, resources required to carry out the improvements, and details about each improvement. Consider creating a chart delineating what the improvement is, what will be required to make the improvement, and who will be responsible.

Use the column headings:

  • Improvement goal
  • Resources needed
  • Who is responsible?
  • Deadline

Audiences Interested in Results
Analyzing Audiences for Assessment (Walvoord, 2010. p. 105)

Who? Needs to Know What? For What?
Departments, Institution How well are our strategies for student learning working? What can we do to improve? Make improvements
Institutional Leaders What assessment strategies do we have in place? What do we need for successful assessment in the future? Recommended changes for improvement of assessment; Report to regional accreditor or other external audience
Accreditor Does the institution meet our standards for an assessment system? What advice could we offer to help the institution improve its system? Accreditation review
Prospective Students How good is the institution in helping me reach my learning, professional, and personal education goals? Enrollment
Donors How well is this institution doing? Is it able to exercise appropriate accountability for my money? Giving
Trustees, Legislature What assessment strategies are in place? What do we need to do to strengthen assessment? How well are the institution’s students doing? Does the institution meet accreditation standards? Funding, oversight, and interpreting the institution to various publics, including businesses, voters, employers, and others