About the A-Team

Get to Know the A-Team

At Lane Community College, we are committed to assessment as the primary means to enhancing student learning and supporting professional growth among faculty.

The Assessment Team was chartered with the understanding that program and course assessment are fundamentally faculty-driven.  The A-Team maintains that Lane's faculty takes collective responsibility for fostering and assessing student achievement of learning outcomes. Through systematic assessment we analyze evidence to reflect on what students learn in order to improve learning.

The Team draws from the School of Professional and Technical Careers and General Education faculty, across diverse departments and disciplines, meeting monthly to engage in the great educational conversation, centered on what constitutes effective education; and we focus on what can we do to support faculty opportunities to create rich learning environments.

Kate Sullivan, Chair
Language, Literature and Communications
(541) 463-3256

Sarah Lushia, CLO Coordinator
Language, Literature and Communications
(541) 463-5482

Christina Howard, Chair 2012-2015
Health Professions
(541) 463-5764

Christine Andrews
(541) 463-5450

J.S. Bird
(541) 463-5414

Susan Carkin, Instructional Manager
Dean, Language, Literature and Communications
(541) 463-5418

Joseph Colton
Computer Information Technology
(541) 463-5249

Ian Coronado, Instructional Manager
Interim Dean of Academic Technology
(541) 463-3340

Dawn DeWolf, Vice President
Academic and Student Affairs
(541) 463-5315

Rosa Lopez, Project Coordinator
Adult Basic and Secondary Education
(541) 463-4726

Patricia Lytton, Parttime Faculty Representative
Cooperative Education
(541) 463-5699

Mary Parthemer
(541) 463-3133

Ce Rosenow
Language, Literature and Communications; Honors
(541) 463-5142

Craig Taylor
Institutional Research; Assessment and Planning
(541) 463-5364

Lynn Songer
Cooperative Education; Social Science
(541) 463-5493

Sarah Ulerick
Roadmaps Special Project
(541) 463-5447 

Molloy Wilson
Institutional Research, Faculty
(541) 463-5577


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