About the A-Team

About the Assessment Team (A-Team)

Vision: To create a culture of continual inquiry and refinement through assessment that facilitates the improvement of teaching and student learning.

Mission: To coach and support faculty, staff, and administration about assessment efforts on campus; to serve in an advisory capacity to administration and faculty around assessment tools, projects, and policies.

The A-Team is comprised of a diverse group of faculty, staff, and managers from across the college who are interested in learning about and actively participating in outreach and creating assessment-focused professional development for their peers. The team meets approximately twice a month to plan outreach, professional development opportunities, and to engage in conversations about current practices and trends in student learning assessment.

Tammy Salman, Chair | Sarah Lushia, CLO Coordinator/Co-Chair

Name Title/Department
Christine Andrews Faculty / Science
Shannon Ball Faculty / ESL
Ian Coronado Dean / Academic Technology
Sarah Lushia Faculty / Language, Literature and Communications
Ellen Osterkamp Faculty / Art & Applied Design, Media Arts
Casey Reid Faculty, Writing Center Coordinator / Language, Literature and Communications
Christopher Rehn Dean, Business / CIT
Tammy Salman Faculty Coordinator, Student Learning Assessment and Curriculum Development / Institutional Research, Assessment, and Planning
Craig Taylor Director / Institutional Research, Assessment, and Planning
Nancy Wood Faculty / ABSE, International Programs, and ESL