ASLCC Projects for 2014-2015

The student government works on various projects throughout the year. Some of those projects are listed here:

Winter Welcome Week 2015

The foremost important project currently underway. We are organzing a Culinary Club chili cookoff free to all students who enter while supplies. We are also actively working with student unions & clubs to create a space where they can also dicuss their agendas and recruit new members.

Political Lobbying

The ASLCC lobbies on behalf of students in front of the Board of Education, and also at the state and sometimes national levels. We do this to influence decision making in a way that is in the best interest of students at Lane Community College.

Voter Registration

One of our most active projects, the student government's goal is try to get as many students to register to vote as possible. We do this because it gives the student body more power when we talk to elected officials. If we have a certain number of registered voters that we represent, then we can tell any other elected official that number. That number is potential constituency to the official, and increases our influence. It is very important that students are registered to vote!