Art at Lane

A Guide to Public Art at Lane Community College

Lane Community College is home to a collection of public art located across the main campus in outdoor courtyards and open spaces as well as in interior building spaces. The collection includes works in a variety of media including wood and metal sculpture, photographs, watercolors, prints, oil paintings, and textiles. The pieces of art were created by students, faculty, staff, and artists from the community.

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Title Artist/Creatorsort descending Media Building Pictures
My World Is Your World Bernardo Vallarino Painting 1 'My World Is Your World' by Bernardo Vallarino
Biomorph II Bill Bradish Sculpture 11  Biomorph II a concrete sculpture outside of building 11 at Lane Community College
Sentinel Bruce Goring Dean Sculpture 2 'Sentinel' by Bruce Goring Dean - close up
Dragonfly Daniel Dancer and students Textiles Giant dragon fly made out of clothing laid out in Bristow Square
Komachin '96 David Joyce Photograph (digital) 19 Artist David Joyce created this unique digital mural for  Komachin Middle School in Lacey, Washington. From a  distance, the image appears to be a large conventional  photograph. Close inspection reveals, however, that it's  actually a mosaic comprised of thousands of pictures  (15,552 to be exact) of school students and staff. The work, which  was entirely produced using digital technology, was a percent for art commission administered through the Washington  State Arts Commission.  David Joyce (1946-2003)
Lane College Seal David Spriggs Sculpture Center College seal was designed in 1964 by David Spriggs, a student at Eugene Technical Vocational School and Lane  Community College.
Night Flowers Dee Natzel Printmaking 3 'Night Flowers' by Dee Natzel
Ocean, Rocks, Birds Edna Kennel Painting 11 'Ocean, Rocks, Birds' by Edna Kennel
Floral With Pear Floyd C. Wilson Painting 3 'Floral With Pear' a watercolor painting by Floyd C. Wilson
Green Pears and Blue Bottle Floyd C. Wilson Painting 3 'Green Pears and Blue Bottle' a water color painting by Floyd C. Wilson
Moon, Hills Gail Randle Printmaking 11 'Moon, Hills' by Gail Randle
Metal sculpture Harold Hoy Sculpture Metal sculpture - close up
Flight Stage #1 Ivan Schiffendecker Printmaking 11 'Flight Stage #1' by Ivan Schiffendecker - Color etching, 36 x 26 inches
Metal sculpture James Thurman Sculpture 'Metal sculpture' by James Thurman - front view
Diversity Is Strength Jennifer Parks and Caroline Porter Painting 1 'Diversity Is Strength' by Jennifer Parks and Caroline Porter - left panel - children are standing, sitting, and reading near a tree with books flying out of it's branches
Road to Lane Jerry Ross Printmaking 19 'Road to Lane' by Jerry Ross. Lithograph
Heart and Hand Quilts Jill McKenney Textiles 16 The Heart and Hand Quilts were made in memory of Joan Thomas, a Mathematics instructor who died of breast cancer in 2001. The hearts and hands on the quilts are symbols of caring and helping. The hands included in the quilts include those of her husband, daughter, and Mathematics staff and instructors.
Path and Trees Liepe Drawing 3 'Path and Trees' by Liepe. Charcoal 24.5 x 20  inches
Art Lunch Madeliene Liepe Painting 11 'Art Lunch' by Madeliene Liepe. A pastel painting of a table with flowers, paints and food
Species Marilyn Robert and students Textiles 19 'Species' by Marilyn Robert and students
Nellie and Hattie N. Allen Photograph 11 'Nellie and Hattie' a photograph by N. Allen
Denouement Nancy Arthur Hoskins Textiles 6 'Denouement' by Nancy Arthur Hoskins - a Woven fabric, wool installation. Three rectangular blue pieces with a red piece draped over all three
Valley Piece Ralph Baker Painting 11 'Valley Piece' by Ralph Baker
Puertas Abiertas Mural - 2002 Rites of Passage students Textiles 1 Puertas Abiertas Mural - 2002
Puertas Abiertas Mural - 2003 Rites of Passage students Textiles 1 Puertas Abiertas Mural - 2003
Puertas Abiertas Mural - 2004 Rites of Passage students Textiles Center Puertas Abiertas Mural - 2004
Conception of Creation Roger Williams Sculpture 5 'Conception of Creation' a bronze sculpture by Roger Williams, depicts a small boy with a tree growing out of his head sitting on a giant chair
Bristow Square with Cherry Trees Sam Blackwell Photograph Center ' Bristow Square with Cherry Trees' by Sam Blackwell - the photograph depicts students studying and relaxing on benches and on the grass near Bristow Square
Pegasus Stanfield, Gary G. Sculpture 6 'Pegasus' by Stanfield, Gary G. - detail
Metal sculpture Steve Reinmuth Sculpture 11 'Metal sculpture' by Steve Reinmuth - front view
Islands of Memory Tenold Peterson and students Sculpture Center 'Islands of Memory' by Tenold Peterson and students - rear view from inside
Man Reading a Book Unknown Painting Center Painting of a man wearing an orange shirt and green pants sitting in a brown chair reading a book
Memory Unknown Printmaking Center 'Memory' print by an Unknown Artist  - Woman with black hair and a black dress looking into the distance
Transformation Through Education Unknown Sculpture Sculpture A
Cars Unknown Painting 11 A water color painting of old crushed and rusted cars. Painted with water color, it is 28 x 36 inches
Metal sculpture Unknown Sculpture 6 Metal sculpture- close up
Old Mill Unknown Sculpture 3 Old Mill Metal sculpture
Choir Book Manuscript: Istorum est enim Unknown Drawing Center Choir Book Manuscript Front (recto) side - Ink on vellum this piece is 22.5 x 34 inches
Metal sculpture Unknown Sculpture 11 Metal sculpture - side
Wagon Unknown Sculpture 11 Wagon - Metal - side view
Screaming Man Unknown Sculputre 6 Screaming Man - full view
Yellow Sculpture in Fountain Wilson Gray Printmaking 3 'Yellow Sculpture in Fountain' Print with water colors added by Wilson Gray
Water Drops Yasamoto Printmaking 11 'Water Drops' Monotype by Yasamoto.
Moon Rock Yasamoto Printmaking 11 'Moon Rock' by Yasamoto
Long Life Yoshiki Kawada, Shimada Mineo and students Sculpture Center Students in Lee Imonen's site-specific sculpture class worked with two master woodcarvers from Japan to create a large, two-sided mahogany relief panel titled, "Long Life."