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The Archives maintains sound and video recordings in a variety of media and formats: audio cassettes and tapes, video cassettes, films, and CDs.

The Archives maintains a local database (VAR - Visual & Audio Resources) with cataloging information about sound and video materials.  Contact the Archivist for a complete list of holdings and for more detailed cataloging information.

Sound Recordings
Title Description VAR #
Board of Education Meeting Records Recordings of minutes of board meetings, executive sessions, and special meetings. Also minutes of Budget Committee. 1994-1998. VAR 569, 2082
Brauer, Albert - Oral History Interview with board member, Albert Brauer, c. 1985. VAR 515
Bristow Rock

Comments by Jim Pitney, board member from Junction City, on the Bristow Rock, now on Bristow Square on the Main Campus. 

VAR 524
Campus Dedication Ceremony Ceremony dedicating the new Main Campus, 10/11/1969. VAR 527-528
Charter Day Ceremony Ceremony marking the presentation of the College Charter, 10/22/1965. VAR 526
College Dedication Ceremony Ceremony dedicating the college, 7/1/1965. VAR 525
Dotson, Bert - Oral History Interview with assistant to the president, Bert Dotson. c.1985. VAR 516
Dotson, Bert, and Gerald Rasmussen - Interview Radio interview with Bert Dotson, assistant to the president, and Gerald Rasmussen, associate dean of instruction, about college budget, tax base, and tax election, 1968. VAR 530
Eugene Air Show Radio news spots, interviews, and advertisements about Eugene Air Show (fundraiser for LCC Foundation). 1993. VAR 565-567
Hakanson, I.S. "Bud", and Jack Kreitz - Interview Radio interview with I.S. "Bud" Hakanson, dean of students, and Jack Kreitz, head of business department. 1968. VAR 557
King, Martin Luther Convocation Convocation in memory of Martin Luther King. 1968. VAR 556
KLCC-FM Hearings KLCC-FM hearings, 1977. VAR 519
Moskus, Jerry - Speech Speech about community colleges by Jerry Moskus, college president, at Eugene City Club, 1992. VAR 568
Radio advertisements Radio spot advertisements, 1985-1991. VAR 558-561
Reid, Marie - Oral History Interview with secretary to the president, Marie Reid. c.1985. VAR 558-561
Schafer Drive Dedication Dedication of Schafer Drive on LCC Main Campus in honor of Eldon Schafer, 4/23/1986. VAR 512
Schafer, Eldon G. - China Trip Eldon Schafer (college president 1970-1985) describing his trips to China in 1982 and 1984. VAR 509
Schafer, Eldon G. - Commencement Address, 1985 "Lexicon for the Good Life" - commencement address written by Eldon and Lucy Schafer, delivered by Lucy Schafer, 6/7/1985. VAR 511
Schafer, Eldon G. - Introduction News conference announcing appointment of Eldon Schafer as president; speech by Eldon Schafer. 7/1/1970. VAR 505
Schafer, Eldon G. - Memorial Service Memorial service for Eldon Schafer, 8/12/1985. VAR 514
Schafer, Eldon G. - Oral History Interview with college president, Eldon Schafer. 1985. VAR 518
Schafer, Eldon G. - Speech State of the College speech by Eldon Schafer, 3/5/1981. VAR 508
Sounds of LCC - Interviews

Interviews with college staff and faculty about college programs and issues. 1972.

VAR 531-543
Video Tapes
Title Description VAR #
25th Anniversary "LCC: The 25th Year" and other video images about the college's 25th anniversary. 1990. VAR 622
30th Anniversary "30th Anniversary Dance Party" and excerpts from the 30th anniversary celebration. 1994. VAR 581
"A Closer Look" Promotional video about LCC. 1996 VAR 289
"Cool School" Promotional video about LCC used for high school recruitment. 1993 VAR 328
"Cooperative Education: The Co-op Experience" Promotional video about cooperative education at LCC. 1995. VAR 583
Counseling - "How to Succeed at LANE"

Counseling video providing advice from other Lane students on how to achieve academic success at Lane. 1996.

VAR 2496
Eugene Air Show Eugene Air Show (a fundraiser by the LCC Foundation) television news spots and promotional videos. 1993. VAR 53-257, 615
"Eugene - Springfield" Promotional video about the Eugene/Springfield area. 1986. VAR 595
Fitness Education Center renovation - video Video describing renovation of Lane's Fitness Education Center. 1/3/1994. VAR 2497
"Florence: Emerald of the Oregon Coast" Promotional video about Florence, produced at LCC. 1991. VAR 603
"Getting Back to Work" Promotional video for Lane's Training and Development Center's Dislocated Worker Program. 1986. VAR 586
"Go For Success"

Promotional video about LCC, produced for high school student recruitment. 1988.

VAR 262
"LCC Beginnings" Video about the early years of the college, including budget message from Dale Parnell (1968), construction of Main Campus (1967-68), aerial view of campus (1968), "Torch of Learning" publicity campaign (1968), and dedication of Main Campus (10/11/1969). 1990. VAR 592
"LCC: The Early Years"

Archive photo video with photographs of campus activities with captions set to music. Photographs depict students in classrooms, at registration, and other activities. Also the first Board of Directors, Monroe St. and Springfield campuses, and construction of Main Campus. 1964-1973. 1994.

VAR 614
LCC Serial Levy Panel discussions about the 1987 serial levy to fund repairs and renovations of the LCC physical plant. 1987. VAR 594
LCC Vision Statement

Interviews with faculty, staff, and students regarding their opinions of the LCC Vision Statement. 1993

VAR 606
Paragon Awards Lane's awards for best video advertisement, best newsletter, and media success category, called the Paragon Awards, presented by the American Association for Community and Junior Colleges, 1988-1993. VAR 263-268
Parnell, Dale - Memories of LCC Dale Parnell, first president of Lane, recounting his memories of the founding of the college. 1990. VAR 599
Poem and Porch Skit Poem - "LCC: The First 60 Years" and "Porch Skit - 2014". Both written by Jerry Moskus, college president. The "Porch Skit" portrays Moskus and other staff sitting on the porch of a rest home discussing their "memories" of their accomplishments at LCC. 1994. VAR 608-609
Promotional video - Mechanical Technologies Department Promotional spot for Mechanical Technologies Department. 1996. VAR 2499
Rasmussen, Gerald - Retirement Party Tributes and speeches at retirement party for Gerry Rasmussen (associate dean of instruction, 1967-1974, and dean of instruction/dean of students, 1974-1986). 1986. VAR 587
Schafer, Eldon G. - China Trip Eldon Schafer (college president 1970-1985) describing his trips to China in 1982 and 1984. VAR 229
Schafer, Eldon G. - Death Announcements Television news spots about the death and memorial service for Eldon Schafer. 1985. VAR 326
Schafer, Eldon G. - Retirement Party "A Tribute to Dr. Eldon Schafer" - retirement party held on 4/28/1985. 1985. VAR 296
Schafer, Eldon G. - Speech

"Historical Overview of Innovation in Community Colleges" - speech by Eldon Schafer, taped for conference in Iowa, 4/26/1985. 1985.

VAR 295
Schafer, Eldon G. - Tree Dedication Television news spots about the dedication of a gingko tree on campus in honor of Eldon Schafer, college president. 1985. VAR 297-298
Shields, Wayne and Lois - Gift and Tribute Press conference announcing gift to college by Wayne Shields; tribute to Wayne and Lois Shields; 1987. VAR 596-597
Television advertisements

"Backgrounds" 1997-1998.

VAR 327
Television advertisements "Go" 1992-1993. VAR 290-291
Television advertisements "Student Recruitment" 1987. VAR 258
Television advertisements "Study Your Mail" 1989-1991, 1994. VAR 269-270, 582
Television advertisements "Unbelievable Series" 1993-1994. VAR 292
Television advertisements "Weekend" 1988. VAR 261
Television advertisements Television advertisements, "Bolero" Fall 1989-Summer 1991; "Go" Fall 1991-Summer 1993; "You know where to begin" Fall 1993-Summer 1994; "Bolero" Fall 1994-Summer 1994; "You know where to begin" Fall 1995-Summer 1996; "Registration" Fall 1996-Summer 1998; "Pomp and Circumstance" Fall 1998-Summer 1999. VAR 2495
Television advertisements

Television advertisements broadcast, 1993-1994.

VAR 607
Theater performance

"It's Only a Play" 1998.

VAR 436
Theater performance

"The Playboy of the Western World" 1997.

VAR 435
"We Put Learning to Work"

Promotional video used for working partnerships with the business community. 1990-1991.

VAR 329
Web site development

Interview by LCC Today with Tim Blood and Therese Picado concerning web site development. c. 1995-1997.

VAR 2498