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The Archives is the official repository of all major college publications as well occasional publications such as brochures, pamphlets, flyers, and posters.

Major College Publications

  • Class Schedules - 1965-present (A-002)
  • College Catalogs - 1965-present (A-003)
  • Daily & Weekly - staff newsletter, 1965-present (A-004)
  • Denali - student literary arts magazine, 1971-present (A-008)
  • News Releases - 1965-present (A-005)
  • Staff Directories - 1966-present (A-006)
  • Titan - student yearbook, 1966-1968 (A-009)
  • Torch, The - student newspaper, 1965-present (A-010)

Brochures / Pamphlets / Programs / Posters (A-001)

The college Archives maintains a collection of occasional publications produced by departments, offices, programs, and other college units about college events and activities, instructional programs, etc. The publications include brochures, pamphlets, programs, flyers, and posters.

The Archives welcomes additions to its collection of publications. If you or your department have publications you would like to see preserved in the Archives, please contact the college Archivist.

The alphabetical list provides a general description of the publications; dates are included when possible. Publications are listed alphabetically by department or general topic (accreditation, budget, commencement).

Department/Topic Description
Accreditation Self-study, committee, and interim reports, 1966-1984, 1994
Admissions Applications, flyers
SEE ALSO International Students
Admissions Student Enrollment Characteristics Reports, 1971-1980, 1989-1993
Adult Basic Education Tutor handbooks
Adult Basic & Secondary Education Flyers, brochures, diplomas, instructor handbooks, course announcements, calendars
Adult High School

Brochures, program reports and handbooks

Advisory Committees Advisory Committee Handbook, 1984
Affirmative Action

Flyers, brochures, reports,

African-American Rites of Passage Article, 1997
American Assoc. of Women in Community and Junior Colleges Newsletters, 1991-1992; flyers, brochures
Applied Engineering

Program descriptions, 1999

Archives & Records Management Handbook, 1979, 1994; Records Retention Schedule, 1979
Archives & Records Management Records Retention & Disposition Schedule, 1999
Art & Applied Design Exhibit posters, flyers, program brochures, 1981-present
Assessment Team Award flyer, 1995
ASLCC (Associated Students of LCC) Flyers; Senate Handbook, 1972-1973, 1975-1976; Housing Guide

Flyers, brochures

Audits LCC Annual Financial Reports, 1970-1971, 1977-1981, 1986-present
Audits Correspondence/reports, 1966-1976

KLCC-FM, 1987, 1989-present

Audits Student Financial Assistance Program, 1987-1989
Board of Education Flyers; Policies, 1999

Flyers, brochures


Budget Documents, 1966-1967, 1972-1973, 1988--

Business Administration Program guides, 1999
Business and Industry Services (BIS) Flyers, seminar & class schedules, Training Solutions, 1997--
Business Department Flyers, class brochures
Business Development Center Flyers, brochures; seminars, programs and services quarterly, 1995-1997
Business Technologies Program guides, 1999
Campus Ministry Flyers
Campus Public Safety Flyers
Campus Services Memos, flyers
Charter LCC Charter photocopies; Charter presention programs, invitations, 1965
Chemical Dependency Counselor Training Program Program guides, student handbooks, 1992--
Child Care Resource Connection Brochures, flyers, newsletters, 1992-1995
Class Schedules Main Campus - Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer, 1965-present
Class Schedules LCC at Cottage Grove, 1978-present
Class Schedules

LCC at Florence, 1973-present

Class Schedules Annual Class Schedules, 1999-present
Class Schedules Evening & Weekend Annual Program Schedules, 2000-present
Classified Professional Development Team Flyers
College Catalogs


College Catalogs Eugene Technical-Vocational School, 1962-1965
College Catalogs The Library has catalogs that may be checked out.
College Finance

Guide to online financial system, 1994

College Operations College Ops Quarterly, 1995--
College Plan College Plan (Strategic Plan), 1985/86, 1987/88, 1989/90
Commencement Programs, 1965--
Community Education Brochures, flyers
Computer Information Technology Program brochures
Computer Services Memos; Reflections on Computing at Lane by Nick Cheshire, 1999
SEE ALSO: Word Processing Center
Continuing Education Brochures, flyers
Cooperative Education Handbooks, brochures, flyers
Cooperative Work Experience Handbooks, brochures, newsletters; Report, 1971
Counseling Handbooks, reports, brochures, flyers, orientation packets, handbooks and academic planners, 1966--

Apprenticeship Resource Manual

Culinary, Food Service & Hospitality Brochures
Culinary, Food Service & Hospitality Renaissance Room brochures, menus
Daily, The Staff newsletter - includes predecessors, LCC Roundup, Titan Roundup, Echo, 1965-present
Data Processing Brochures
Denali Student literary arts magazine, 1979-present
Denali Flyers
Dental Clinic

Flyers, Treatment Information

Development Fund Brochures, flyers, posters, 1968-1979
SEE ALSO: Foundation; Lane Alumni Office
Disability Services Flyers, brochures, guides
Dislocated Worker Program Brochure, 1984
Distance Education Memo (history), 1995
Distance Learning Brochures, course descriptions
Diversity Flyers, brochures, programs
Electronics Brochures, program guides
Employee Recognition


English & Foreign Languages Flyers, course descriptions
English as a Second Language Brochures, flyers, tutor handbooks, newsletters
Eugene Technical-Vocational School SEE College Catalogs
Evening/Weekend College Newsletters, 1985-1987
Family & Health Careers Dental, Early Childhood Education, EMT, Health Records, Medical Office Ass't, Nursing, Respiratory Therapy -- Program guides, brochures, 1991--
SEE ALSO Health Occupations
Farm Mechanics Program Open house invitation, 1967
Financial Aid Information guides, flyers, newsletters
Fitness Center Flyers, brochures
Flight Technology Flyers, brochures
Foodservices Catering menu and policy booklets, 1976, 1992-1993
Foundation Flyers, brochures, letters, 1985--; donor reports, 1990, 1995--
SEE ALSO Development Fund
Future Faculty Task Force Report, 1995
Graphic Design Posters, flyers, brochures
Health & Physical Education Posters, flyers, program guides, sports schedules, 1972--
Health Occupations Flyers, brochures, program guides, reports, manuals, accreditation reports, 1970s-1991
SEE ALSO Family |& Health Careers
High School Relations Flyer, 1991
Hiring Process Team Minutes, 2003
Human Awareness Council Report, 1977
Industrial Technology Automotive Technology, Construction Technology, Welding; Flyers, brochures, program guides, 1967--
Inservice Calendars, flyers, 1992--
Institutional Advancement Brochures, flyers, booklets, 1965--
Institutional Advancement Feathers (newsletter) 1973; Focus on Productivity (newsletter) 1980-1985; Grants, 1990; LCC Report (with class schedules), 1978-1980; Lane Line (newsletter), 1977-1980; News Reports (recorded reports for media), 1969-1986; Speaker's Service, 1968-1981; Twenty Years: A Great Beginning (college history), 1985
Institutional Research ACT Student Opinion Survey, 2000; Enrollment Reports, 1998--; Facts about LCC, 1999--; Profile, 1997--; Student Follow-up Study, 1998--
SEE ALSO Research & Planning
Instruction, Office of Reports, information packet, procedures manual, 1967-1989
SEE ALSO Instructional Services
Instructional Computing Laboratories Flyers, brochures, 1994, 1999
Instructional Services Memos, reports, 1994-1996
SEE ALSO Instruction, Office of
International Students Flyers, brochures, 1991--
Job Placement Brochures, flyers, 1966--
KLCC-FM Brochures, flyers, 1985--
KLCC-FM Garden Tour flyers, press releases, 1999--; Marketing Guides, 1999--; Press releases, 1989--; Program Guides, 1972--
Landscape Development Program brochure
Lane Family Connections Child Care Provider Newsletter, 1999;
Child Care Community Newsletter, 2000
Law Enforcement Program brochure, flyer, 1965
LCC Advocates Flyers, 1990-1995
LCC Alumni Assn/Office Lane Alum (newsletter), 1969, 1972
LCC at Cottage Grove Brochures, flyers
SEE ALSO Class Schedules
LCC Downtown Center Brochures, flyers, pres releases, 1977--
LCC at Florence Brochures, flyers, 1976--
SEE ALSO Class Schedules
LCC. Junction City Brochure, 1974
LCC Oakridge Brochure, 1995
LCC: Parnell Years, The LCC: The Parnell Years (college history), 1998
LCC Siuslaw Area Center SEE LCC at FLorence
Learning Communities Flyers, brochures, 1999--
Learning Resource Center Guides, handbooks, 1967--; Focus on Instruction (newsletter), 1975-1978
SEE ALSO Library
Library Flyers, information sheets, 1989--; Film & Video Catalog, 1997-1998
SEE ALSO Learning Resource Center
Long-Range Planning Committee Long-Range Strategic Plan, 1979
Management Employees Management Employees Working Agreement/Conditions, 1975-1994
Maps Maps of LCC campus, LCC District, 1984, 2000
Mass Communications Flyer, 1972
Mathematics Flyers, Math Resource Center Guide, 1990-1993
Mechanical Technology Agricultural & Industrial Equipment, Auto Body & Fender/Automotive Technology, Aviation Maintenance, Deisel Technology, Manufacturing Technology, Recreational Vehicle Service Technology; Flyers, brochures, program guides, 1979--
Mechanics Department SEE Mechanical Technology
Media Arts & Technology Flyers, brochures, program guides, 1988--
Miscellaneous Flyers, brochures, 1967--
Multi-Cultural Programs/Center Flyers, brochures, program guides, 1983--
SEE ALSO Student Organization of Multi-Ethnic Club (SOME)
Music, Dance & Theater Arts Press Releases, posters, flyers, 2000--
SEE ALSO Performing Arts
Native American Student Association Flyers, brochures, newsletters, 1993--
News Clippings Newspaper clippings about LCC people, events, and activities, 1944-present. Clippings from LCC at Florence, 1993-1998.
News Releases News releases from Institutional Advancement, 1965-present
Oregon Small Business Development Center Flyers, Fact Sheets, 1996--; Annual Report, 1987
Oregon Student Public Interest Research Group (OSPIRG) Newsletters, flyers, brochures, 1994--
Peer-to-Peer Minutes, 2003
Performing Arts Brochures, flyers, posters, performance calendars, programs, press releases; 1971-1999
SEE ALSO Music, Dance & Theater Arts
Personnel Services Memos, handbooks, brochures, 1967--; Classification Training Manual, 1994; The College and You (employee orientation), 1992; insurance information; COCO (Computing Options Company) payroll and personnel user's guide, 1992; staff information booklets, 1990-1994
President's Office Brochures, flyers, reports, memos, clippings, newsletters, 1968--; College Plan, 1989-1995; Final Attainment Report, 1993; Hotline (newsletter), 1972-1981; President's Report, 1977-1982; Strategic Plan, 1999
Phi Theta Kappa Cookbook, 1994
Physical Education Flyers, 1998
Process Redesign Flyers, updates, 1995-1995
Public Safety Crime information, 1992-1997; Motor vehicle regulations, 1997
Purchasing Services

Flyers, memos, 1995--

Recycling Services

Flyers, bookmarks, 1998--

Renaissance Room SEE Culinary, Food Service and Hospitality
Research & Planning Newsletters, memos, 1971--
SEE ALSO Institutional Research
NOTE: Many additional reports are in the historical records of Research & Planning
Research & Planning Academic & College Planning Report, 1975-76; Campus Construction Program, 1977; College Outcomes Survey, 1994; Construction and Remodeling Projects, 1973; Enrollment Reports, 1997-1998; Employer Follow-up Survey, 1983-84; Environmental Scanning Project Report, 1988; Facts, 1989--; Final Attainment Report on the 1995-96 College Plan; Graduate and Early Leaver Follow-up Survey, 1974-75; Institutional Effectiveness Measurement Plan, 1992-95; LCC Datapoints (research newsletter), 1984-1995; Oregon Family Resource Study, 1995; Oregon Student Opinion Survey, 1994; Outcomes Assessment Project, 1993
Research & Planning Planning Model for LCC, 1972; Profile, 1996-97; Research Briefings, 1990-1995; Siuslaw Center Attitudes and Opinions Report, 1989; Space-Time Utilization Study, 1970; Student Enrollment Characteristics, 1985-1987; Student Follow-up Study, 1971, 1974-75, 1996-97; Student Voices: Listening to Students of Color, 1995; Ten-Year FTE Student Enrollment Data, 1987; West Lane Project and Planning Strategies for LCC, 1973
Retirement Retirement celebration programs and booklets, 1992, 1994--
RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program) Flyers; Senior Buyer's Guide, 1989, 1995; newsletters, 1994-1999

Schafer Innovation Awards

Flyers, applications, 1992--
Schedules Miscellaneous class schedules, academic calendars, 1977-1995
Science Reports, surveys, memos, course offerings booklets, program brochures, flyers, 1973--
Security & Auxilliary Services SEE Public Safety
Small Business Development Center Brochures, workshop and class schedules, flyers, 1988--; Business Report, 1991-1995
Social Science Memos, reports, brochures, program information, 1972--
Staff Directories Directory of staff and departmental phone numbers and locations, 1966--
Staff Handbooks Handbooks for employees, 1965-1974, 1996
Strategic Learning Initiative Memo, 1997
Strategic Plan SEE College Plan
Strategic Planning Project Memo, 1999
Student Activities

Flyers, brochures, Includer (activities calendar and newsletter), 1993--

Student Awareness Center Information sheets, 1971
Student Directory


Student Handbook 1965-1974
Student Health Services Reports, flyers, brochures, handbooks, 1974--; Policies & Procedures, 1971; Annual Reports, 1974-1981
Student Organization of Multi-Ethnic Club (SOME) Flyers, programs, 1991
SEE ALSO Multi-Cultural Programs/Center
Student Services Procedures Notebook, 1983
Students First! Brochures, memos, surveys, 1997-1998
Study Skills Brochures, information sheets, 1966-1984
Teachers Talking about Teaching Meeting flyers, 1995-95
Tech Prep Program Student Catalogs and Guides, 1992-1998; flyers
Technology Advisory and Coordinating Team (TACT) Memos, flyers, 1997-1999; questionnaire results, 1999
Telecourses Class schedules, 1990-1995; flyers, information sheets, 1979--
Testing Information sheets, flyers, 1976-1980, 1993
Titan Student yearbook, 1966-1968
Torch Student newspaper, 1965--
Torch Torch Reporter's Guide to LCC, 1972-73; Parody issues, 1982-1993
Traning & Development Brochures, flyers, workshop and event schedules, 1987--; Learning Times (staff training calendar booklets), 1996--

Traning & Development - Classified Professional Development Team

Flyers, event information sheets, 1993--

Traning & Development - Faculty Professional Development Team

Flyers, event informaiton sheets, 1993--
Training & Development Unity/Strength Through Diversity (Martin Luther King Day workshop scheudles, 1993-1997
Transitions to Success Program guides, brochures, 1990--
SEE ALSO Gender Equity Center (formerly Women's Program)
Trio Learning Center


Veterans' Office Policy and procedures brochures, 1984, 1994
Vocational Education

Technical/vocational education program information sheet, 1970; Vocational Education Advisory Committee, program, 1991

Warehouse Information sheet, 1991; Warehouse Supply Catalog, 1988-89
Wellness Committee Flyers, program brochures, event schedules, 1992--
Wellness Committee Well, Well, Well... (newsletter), 1989-1992
Women's Program (now Gender Equity Center) Flyers, brochures, program guides, posters, 1983--; Intervie Report and Year End Report, 1979-80; Newsletters, 1980, 1993, 1996
SEE ALSO Transitions to Success
Word Processing Center Memos, brochures, 1977-1987
Work Study Program Guide for On-Campus Supervisors, 1988-89