Collections - Photographs

The Archives collects and preserves visual resources in a variety of media and formats: photographs, negatives, and slides, as well as digital photographs.

The Archives maintains three large collections of photographs, negatives, and slides: the College Photograph Collection, the College Personnel Photograph Collection, and the College Slide Collection. Other photographs, negatives, and slides are maintained in discrete accessions or as part of other collections.

The Archives maintains a local database (VAR - Visual & Audio Resources) with cataloging information about photographic materials. Contact the Archivist for a complete list of holdings and for more detailed cataloging information.

Photographs & Slides

Collection Description #
College Photograph Collection Photographs of college activities and events; buildings and campuses; students, faculty, and staff; campus construction; and scenes of campus activities. Photographs are organized alphabetically by department or topic. A-028
College Personnel Photograph Collection Photographs of college faculty, administrators, staff, and students. Photographs are arranged alphabetically by name, and they are often accompanied by news clippings, resumes, or other biographical information. A-029
College Slide Collection Color slides of college scenes and activities, campus and buildings. Some slides are organized by department, others by general subject; includes a slide show about the twelve original community colleges in Oregon. A-027
25th Anniversary Records "LCC Through the Years: A Look Back" - slide show about the early years of the college, c. 1965-1970; produced for 25th anniversary celebration in 1990. A-058
25th Anniversary Records 11 exhibit panels (30 x 44 inches) with photographs depicting the early years of the college, 1964-1973; produced for 25th anniversary celebration in 1990. A-058
Admissions - High School / Community Relations Two slide shows, "Go For Success," slides of students and activities in various departments and programs.  Slides were used to market Lane's academic programs to high school students. 1988-1995 1997-024
Adult Basic Education

Three slide shows with cassette tapes documenting ABE programs and the High School Completion Program; slides of students, faculty, staff, and facilities of ABE and its programs; slides of Work Activity Center.  1977-1981.

Computer Services Slide show, "Personal Computers: Basic Concepts," 1979; slide show about computers and the computer program at LCC, by Nick Cheshire, 1979; slides about data processing and the computer program at LCC, 1969-1984; "Data Processing Slide Show" with audio cassette tapes, 1979. 1997-029
Construction Photographs and Records Color digital photographs and status reports on the construction and remodeling projects which were part of the Bond Construction Project, 1998--. A-037
Eugene Vocational School / 
Eugene Technical-Vocational School Records
Photographs of staff and students, Aviation Mechanics shop and aircraft, building construction; photographs used in publication "Fourth and Madison." 1938-1965 A-031
Forest Technician Program Photographs of forestry surveying, forestry students and faculty in the field; horse logging. 1962-1987. A-021
Home Economics Department

Photographs of home economics classrooms and activities, 1966-1988.

Institutional Advancement Photographs and negatives of college staff and events; used in The Daily. 1992-1995. 1995-079
Institutional Advancement Photographs taken at 30th anniversary party, 10/19/1994. 1996-044
Institutional Advancement Photographs of campus, staff, students, events, classes, Heveta Head. 1975-1991 1997-001
Institutional Advancement Photographs and slides of students and classrooms, boards and councils, bookstore, main campus, and college events. 1972-1990 1998-005
Institutional Advancement Photographs from retirement celebration. 1997. 1999-005
Institutional Advancement Photographs of Lane's booth at the Lane County Fair, 1979-1989. 1999-006
Lane Community Builds a Campus Slide show with script about planning and construction of Lane's Main Campus. 1965-1968 A-027
Mathematics Department Photographs, negatives, slides, and proof sheets of Mathematics Department staff, special events, and the Math Resource Center, 1969-1990. A-041
Media Arts & Technology Slides of college programs and classes, activities, and events; taken for inclusion in presentations about the college, 1970s-1980s 1996-040
Media Arts & Technology Slide shows, some with accompanying audio tapes, used for public relations or student recruitment. Slide shows about college programs, campus scenes and tour of campus, and special events. 1972-1990 2000-036
Schafer, Eldon G., Papers I Portraits, photographs of special events on campus and from trips to China. 1957-1984. M-001
Schafer, Eldon G., Papers II Photographs from Schafer's college career and military service; photographs of the Schafer and Brokaw families. 1917-1985. M-001
Torch Negatives of images taken by and for The Torch. 1979-1981. 1995-014
Training & Development Photographs of employee recognition and retirement celebrations and in-service, events 1998-2000. 1999-066
Wotton, Peter, Papers Portraits and candid photographs of Peter Wotton, author of "Elderberry Wine" commentaries on KLCC-FM. M-003