Historical Files and Memorabilia

Collections - Historical Files & Memorabilia

Historical Files: News clippings and subject files containing college histories, reports, memos, flyers, and other materials collected by the Archives staff for reference concerning college history, events, and programs.  Although the college is the subject of these files, most of them were not created by college departments.

Memorabilia: Three-dimensional artifacts or ephemera that are not in paper format. 

Collections List: Historical Files are maintained in two large paper collections (Newspaper Clippings and Historical & Subject Files). Memorabilia items are generally part of a larger collection of paper records. The Archives continues to add to these collections as items are received and processed.

Collections Description #
Newspaper Clippings Clippings from local and regional newspapers of news items related to the college, students, and staff. Compiled by Institutional Advancement. 1944-- and by LCC Florence,1993-1998. A-011
Historical & Subject Files Subject reference files for college history, events, reports, and other information about the college; files are arranged alphabetically by subject. A-012
Memorabilia Three-dimensional artifacts or ephemera such as the shovels used in ground breaking ceremonies, campaign buttons, plaques, trophies, flags, anniversary celebration items, and other non-paper objects. 1965-