Ed Ragozzino Oral History

Oral History - Ed Ragozzino

Ed Ragozzino portrait

Date: April 9, 2003
Length: 51:68 minutes
Location: Eugene, Oregon
Interviewer: Planet Glassberg, student

Ed Ragozzino was chair of the Performing Arts Department from 1968-1986. In this interview he talks about establishing the Performing Arts Department, the design and construction of the Performing Hall, and working with faculty, as well as his work in theater in Eugene including the Hult Center and the Eugene Festival of Musical Theatre.

Read a writtEd Ragozzino sitting at desken transcript of Ed Ragozzino's oral history.

Listen to recordings of Ed Ragozzino's oral history:

Photographs of Ed Ragozzino taken in the Performing Arts Theater, January 1986

Ed Ragozzino in theaterEd Ragozzino in theaterEd Ragozzino in theaterEd Ragozzino in theater

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To mark the 30th anniversary of the construction of the Performing Arts Building in 1984-5, several oral history interviews were recorded to document the founding and development of the music, dance, and theatre programs at Lane. Contact the Archivist for access to the recordings and transcripts.

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