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College Records: These are the records of administrative units, instructional departments, programs, and services. These records are maintained in collections based on the department, office, program, committee, or person that created them. They comprise the primary historical record of the college.

List of Collections by Topic

  • Diversity Records: Brief descriptions of selected records, photographs, publications, oral histories and other collections of college records that relate to diversity.

List of Collections by Title/Department: This alphabetical list of college records includes the title, dates, and size (in cubic feet) of the collections and a general description of their contents. Guides (finding aids) to the collections are accessed via links from the collection number. The Archives continues to add to this list as the collections are processed.

Title Description #
Administrative Services Office (Birch, Berry, Hillier) Records, 1968-1993 Administrative records of Business Operations, 1974-1978, and Administrative Services, 1978-1993. The collection includes correspondence, topical files, and departmental and committee records (29 c.f.). A-051
Admissions Photograph Exhibit and Slides, 1979-1995 Photograph exhibit of students and classroom activities used by Admissions to promote LCC at the Lane County Fair. Also color slides used for marketing the college to high school students. A-062
Anniversary Records, 1964-1995

Records that document the special exhibits and events that marked the 20th (1984), 25th (1989), and 30th (1994) college anniversaries (4.00 c.f.)

ASHLANE Records, 1968-2000 Records that document the ASHLANE (Adult Student Housing for Lane) project to establish student housing; includes correspondence, reports, newspaper clippings, and blueprints (.5 c.f.). A-017
Assistant to the President (Bert Dotson) Records, 1960-1975 Records that document the founding and early years of the college as well as the activities of the first president of the college, Dale Parnell, 1965-1968 (12 c.f.). A-032
Board of Education Meeting Records, 1964-present Meeting records of the governing body of the college; includes Budget Committee records (26 c.f.). A-030
Class Schedules, 1965-present Class schedules and Aspire magazine from main campus, Cottage Grove and Florence (6.4 c.f.) A-002
College Catalogs, 1965-present College catalogs (5.2 c.f.) A-003
Committee Records, 1964 - present Minutes, agendas, and reports of college committees, 1964---. A-026
Community College Moment, 2001-present

Academic journal published by faculty (1.0 c.f.)

Denali Literary and Arts Magazine, 1971-present Student-produced literary and art magazine (6.4 c.f.) A-008
Eugene Vocational School /Eugene Technical Vocational School Records, 1938-1965 Records of the vocational schools that became the community college in 1965. The records include historical narratives, reports, publications, curriculum records, advisory committee records, school catalogs, and photographs (1.6 c.f.). A-031
Executive Assistant to the President (Linda Simmons) Records, 1991-2000 Administrative Records from Linda Simmons, Executive Assistant to the President from 1994-2002 (9.6 c.f.). A-047
Facilities Management & Planning Department, Property Records, 1916-1994 Property Records including deeds, leases, and land appraisals, 1916-1994 (.4 c.f.) A-015
Facilities Construction Records, 1965-1976 Facilities Management and Planning Construction and Administrative Records, mainly the construction of the main campus and its buildings, 1966-1968 (17 c.f.) A-056
Forestry Technician Program Records, 1963-1987 Administrative records of the Forestry Technician Program (.4 c.f.). A-021
Graduation Programs, 1972-present Graduation programs (commencement bulletins) for the college, (1.5 c.f.) A-059
Home Economics Department Records, 1966-1990 Administrative records of the Home Economics Department (2.0 c.f). A-022
Institutional Advancement Records, 1964-1994 Institutional Advancement administrative records during the tenure of Larry Romine, 1968-1992 (7.6 c.f.). A-038
Institutional Advancement Records, 1969-2003 Institutional Advancement administrative records during the tenure of Diane Dann, 1969-2003 (21.0 c.f.). A-025
Instructional Services Office (Hein, Case, Rasmussen) Records, 1965-1981 Administrative records from the tenures of deans William Hein, 1965-1968; Lewis Case, 1968-1974; and Gerald Rasmussen, 1974-1978 (16.4 c.f.). A-023
Instructional Services Office (Rasmussen, Belcher, Ellison, Warford) Records, 1966-1997 Administrative records from the tenures of four vice presidents: Gerald Rasmussen, 1974-1986; Jacquelyn Belcher, 1986-1990; Jim Ellison, 1990-1995; and Laurance Warford, 1994-1997 (67 c.f.). A-052
KLCC-FM Records, 1968-present

Administrative, news and music broadcasting, marketing, public relations, and fundraising activities of the radio station. (40 c.f.)

LCC at Cottage Grove Collection, 1977-2009

Collection documents the day-to-day and yearly activities of LCC at Cottage Grove including administrative records; curriculum records; and photographs, blueprints, and administrative records of the new facility completed in 1997. (5 c.f.)

LCC Roundup/The Daily/Lane Weekly, 1965-present Staff newsletters - LCC Roundup, 1965-1969, Daily, 1970-2006; Lane Weekly, 2006-present (6.4 c.f.) A-004
LCC: The Early Years, 1994 Poster exhibit and video of photographs of students, staff, and college activities, 1964-1974. A-058
Mathematics Department Records, 1970-1991 Math Department meeting records and slides of departmental activities, 1970-1991 (2.0 c.f.) A-041
News Releases, 1965-present

News releases concerning events, announcements, and programs at LCC (8.6 c.f.)

Oral History Collection, 1984-present

Oral history recordings, transcripts, and interview records

President's Office (Dale Parnell) Records, 1964-1969 Correspondence and subject files of Dale Parnell, the college's first president, 1965-1968 (1.6 c.f.). A-033
President's Office (Robert E. Hamill) Records, 1968-1970 Correspondence and subject files of Robert Hamill, college president, 1968-1969 (.4 c.f.). A-034
President's Office (Robert L. Pickering) Records, 1968-1970 Correspondence and subject files of Robert Pickering, college president, 1969-1970 (.4 c.f.). A-035
President's Office (Eldon Schafer) Records, 1964-1985 Correspondence and subject files of Eldon Schafer, college president, 1970-1985 (32.8 c.f.). A-036
President's Office (Richard M. Turner) Records, 1972-1990 Correspondence and subject files of Richard Turner, college president, 1985-1988 (24.8 c.f.). A-039
President's Office (John Carter) Records, 1978-1991 Correspondence and subject files of John (Jack) Carter, interim college president, 1988-1990 (6.5 c.f.). A-045
President's Office (Jerry Moskus) Records, 1964-2004 Correspondence and subject files of Jerry Moskus, college president, 1990-2001 (73 c.f.). A-053
Staff Directories, 1965-present Staff directories with department and employee names, locations, and phone numbers (6.8 c.f.) A-006
Student Services Office (Hakanson, Carter) Records, 1965-1987 Administrative records during the tenures of Dean I.S. (Bud) Hakanson, 1965-1969, and Dean/Vice-President John Carter, 1969-1988 (15.6 c.f.). A-024
Student Services Office (Robert Marshall) Records, 1965-2000 Administrative and departmental records from Robert Marshall, Vice President of Student Services, 1988-1992 (20.8 c.f.). A-048
Student Services Office (Linda Fossen) Records, 1971-2000 Administrative and departmental records from Linda Fossen, Vice President of Student Services, 1992-1997 (19.2 c.f.). A-049
The Titan, 1966-1968 Student yearbook, 1966-1968 (.74 c.f.) A-009
The Torch, 1965-present Student-produced newspaper, 1965-present (8.4 c.f.) A-010
The Torch Photographs, 1972-2000 Negatives, prints, and proof sheets of photographs taken by the staff of The Torch, the student newspaper, 1972-2000 (8.5 c.f.). A-057
Willamette Writers Guild Records, 1976-1986 Records including correspondence, project and topic files, poems, and biographical information on poets and writers (1.2 c.f.). From Joyce Salisbury. A-046
20th Anniversary Records, 1982-1985 Sound recordings and transcripts of oral history interviews recorded for the 20th anniversary of the college in 1984 (1 c.f.). A-058
25th Anniversary Records, 1964-1990

Records of the committee that organized the anniversary celebrations in 1990, as well as a slide show, "LCC Through the Years: A Look Back," and a photograph exhibit (2.5 c.f.).

30th Anniversary Records, 1994-1995 Photographs and memorabilia of the anniversary celebration in 1994 (1 c.f.). A-058