Choir Book Manuscript - Istorum est enim

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Istorum est enim, back page (verso)Title: Choir Book Manuscript: Istorum est enim
Date: c. 1540
Collection number: M-006
Size: 1 leaf (2 pages) 570 mm x 860 mm (22½" x 34")  
Description: The manuscript "Istorum est enim" consists of one vellum leaf from a 16th century choir book containing portions of a Roman Catholic Mass. The manuscript contains five lines of Latin text with two decorated initials. The music consists of square notations on red 5-line staves.

Study Guide: Additional information about the choir book manuscript with links to resources.

Istorum est enim, front page (recto)Material Information:

Description: 1 folio (leaf), front and back (recto and verso) pages
Material: Vellum or parchment
Layout: 5 lines of text and music
Binding: not bound
Date: c. 1540

Text & Music Information:

Language: Latin
Description: Individual leaf from a choir book containing parts of two antiphons which are chants in the liturgy of the Roman Catholic mass.
Music: Square notations on red 5-line staves
Other Decoration: 2 large initials with decorations and borders painted red, blue, and green

Manuscript Information:

Collection number: M-006
Provenance: Donated to Lane Community College Library by Stanley Slotkin
Notation on manuscript: "From the library of Stanley Slotkin, Founder of Abbey Rents, circa 1540"
Access Restrictions: This manuscript is open for research at the Lane Community College Archives.
Citation: Choir Book Manuscript: Istorum est enim, M-006, Lane Community College Archives, Eugene, Oregon