ALS Guided Studies

Guided Studies

Guided Studies is designed for students whose placement scores indicate the need to strengthen academic skills before entering transfer-level courses. Students must meet with the Guided Studies counselor/advisor to set up an academic plan.

Guided Studies students are required to take the appropriate preparatory courses and are restricted from transfer-level courses their first term.

Students take a 3-credit developmental reading course (RD087) linked with a 3-credit Effective Learning 115R (EL115R) course. Effective Learning 115R (EL115R) is transferrable as an elective at most colleges and universities. (Check transfer tool for more information.)

Advisors assist students in selecting preparatory classes and/or program classes, depending on their needs.

Guided Studies support is offered at Main Campus. Students in Cottage Grove and Florence should see the campus advisor at their location.

SUCCESS TIP: Following recommendations from your counselor or advisor can save you time and money, and keep you on track to earn a certificate and/or degree by the most efficient path.