Electronic Technology

Electronic Technology

Electronic tech

Beginning Summer Term 2015, this program is no longer accepting new students. Students who are currently enrolled in the program should contact their academic advisor for information specific to program completion.

What's the starting pay?

  • *Statewide Average $27.18/hr. ($56,534 annually)

  • *Lane County Average $28.71/hr. ($59.720 annually)

*Average salary ranges are based on Statewide and Lane County Wages and Employment projections from the U.S Dept. of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistic.

If you like working with your hands and working in a team environment, the field of Electronic Equipment Repair and Technology is worth exploring. Using software programs and testing equipment, you will learn to diagnose malfunctions, replace faulty parts and adjust equipment back to working order.

Instruction includes the use of multimeters and advanced test equipment to measure voltage, current, and resistance in electronic circuits. Signal generators, ocilloscopes, and basic handtools (such as pliers and wire cutters) are all a part of an electronics technician's "tool box".

Employers are looking for workers with knowledge of electrical equipment and electronics. Electronic technicians are found in the wholesale trades, electrical companies, government, electrical repair shops, manufacturing companies, and in communications industries.

What's the Electronic Technology program at Lane like?
Get the scoop from students and faculty in this career preview video.