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Prior College Advising Sessions


Due to Lane's abundance of caution to COVID-19, the drop-in advising “New Student Orientation” will not be held face-to-face.

You can complete your New Student Orientation advising session via email by contacting your Advising team or scheduling a 30 minute zoom appointment

If you are unsure of your Academic Advising team, please contact the Advising department.

Please monitor the COVID-19 page for all updates


If you have not completed a writing composition course with a grade C- or higher at a previous college, your next step before you meet with your academic advising team is to complete placement testing.

In addition, if you have not completed a college math course with a grade C- or higher within the last two years, AND you need to take math at Lane, sign up for the math placement test too.

If you've previously been a student at another college, and after after graduating high school/earning a GED, you'll meet with an advisor to determine the best way to use your prior college experience toward your degree. Before you meet with an advisor, please determine your writing placement. If you intend to take math at Lane, please determine your math placement.You'll also need to bring your (unofficial) prior college transcripts/AP or IB scores to your session, and submit your official transcripts from any previous colleges, AB/IB.

When campus is open and advisors are not working remotely: Please keep in mind that drop-in advising sessions are held on a first-come, first-served basis, and the date and time you choose to attend may be full when you arrive, requiring you to select an alternative. We encourage you to contact Lane Academic Advising to confirm dates and times for advisor availability.

Summer term classes begin on Monday, June 22 (with classes starting at various points throughout the term). 

Fall term classes begin on Tuesday, September 29. You have until Wednesday, September 30 by 4:00 p.m. to complete all of your steps to enroll. Please note: it is strongly recommended to complete your New Student Orientation and register for all classes before week 1 of the term begins (Tuesday, September 29).

How to use this system:

  • Find your Advising Team 
  • Connect with your Advising team for your required Prior College New Student Orientation advising session (email, zoom appointments, and when campus is opened again via drop-in advising hours)
  • If you are not sure about your program of study please check with Lane Academic Advising
  • After your Prior College Advising session with an academic advisor, you may have access to same-day registration

If you need additional support to complete this process, please contact us

Although we try our best to commit to the linked schedules, they are subject to change.