Year Three Work

Year Three Self-Study

In Year 3, we revised our Year 1 Report based on feedback from NWCCU evaluators. We also drafted parts of Standard Two, which gave us an opportunity to describe how we use our resources and capacity to meet our mission, core themes, and expectations. This standard is extensive, and addresses elements covering Academic Freedom, Educational Resources, and Student Support Resources, among many others. Lane received a waiver on the site visit for the Year 3 Report and a final Year 3 Report was not submitted.

Below are the drafts from the Year 3 Report:

Governance - Policies and Procedures

Academics - Don McNair

Students - Helen Garrett

Human Resources - Dennis Carr

Finance - Greg Morgan

Education Resources - Mary Brau

Library and Information Resources - Bill Schuetz

Physical Infrastructure - Dave Willis

The Accreditation Team engaged the Lane campus community in the Year 3 Self-Study in the following ways:

Campus Engagement Opportunities