Accreditation Communication and Engagement Team is Recruiting!

Join us to increase awareness of continuous improvement and accreditation collegewide using multiple communication methods and creating lively, engaging and fun games, activities and events that we design and host. Part-time and full-time staff and faculty are invited to join our team. Read team purpose and objectives here. If you would like to join our team, please contact Tammie Stark, 

Accreditation: Membership in Teams

Who can be involved in the accreditation process? Anyone interested. As teams form and we develop capacity, there will be opportunities for anyone interested to be involved. Check back here or watch the Lane Weekly for announcements. See you soon!

Accreditation Overview, Purpose, Outcomes, Team Structure, Membership and Major Roles

Here's info about our process, purpose, teams and roles. It describes the Coordinating, Leadership Teams as well as the Work Groups.