Team Membership, Purpose and Roles

Team Membership, Purpose and Roles

Team Membership

Who can be involved? Anyone interested. As teams form and we develop capacity, there will be opportunities for anyone interested to be involved. Multiple opportunities for engagement will be provided for the entire campus, see Accreditation web page for info. 

Initial team members were chosen based on the work that must be done and the groups are structured around NWCCU Standards and a continuous improvement mindset.

Coordinating Team

Membership: Jen Steele, Accreditation Liaison Officer and Associate Vice President, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness; Jennifer Frei, Associate Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs; Paul Jarrell, Vice President Academic and Student Affairs; Tammie Stark, Project Manager, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness; Gina Szabady, Technical Writer and Language, Literature and Communications Faculty.

Purpose: To coordinate the work required to maintain accredited status and support continuous improvement, mission fulfillment, quality in education, performance and integrity. This work helps us earn the confidence of the educational community and the public.

Role: The Coordination Team role is to communicate with Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) personnel, provide high-level oversight, guidance, decision making, barrier removal and resource allocation to meet and maintain accredited status with NWCCU and develop a continuous improvement mindset. Members will attend NWCCU training events and manage the work at the college level.

Leadership Team

Membership: Coordinating Team plus team leads representing each of the NWCCU Standards.

Purpose: The purpose of the Leadership Team is to provide support and a functional structure and resources to ensure elements in the work plan are met on time, on budget and at the quality necessary. Team Leads are responsible for demonstrating and documenting the College’s progress toward meeting NWCCU Standards within their subject areas.

Role: The Leadership Team role is to provide functional leadership, help secure resources and personnel needed to ensure work gets done and organize the work in partnership with the Coordinating Team and develop a continuous improvement mindset.

Work Groups

Membership: Work groups include staff, faculty, students and administrators with expertise and interest. Initially, members are chosen by the team leads. Additional members may be recruited and volunteers may participate.

Purpose: The purpose of work groups is to perform the day-to-day work that is required as outlined in the work plan and engage in the continuous improvement process.

Role: Work groups and team leads are responsible for delivering all the necessary data, evidence, written documentation or other materials to show how each NWCCU Standard is being addressed and and develop a continuous improvement mindset. Work groups perform the necessary day-to-day work to illustrate Lane’s commitment to continuous improvement. Interested parties are welcome to participate in the work teams.