Coordinating Team

Continuous Improvement / Accreditation Teams

As defined by the Department of Education, the goal of accreditation is to ensure that higher education institutions meet acceptable levels of quality. Accreditation is a voluntary, non-governmental, self-regulatory process of quality assurance and institutional improvement. It is a continuous improvement cycle.

The purpose of Lane’s process and teams is to guide continuous improvement efforts across the college to help ensure the achievement of Core Theme objectives and mission fulfillment. The outcomes are to: complete and submit year 7 report by Spring 2020, prepare for and host NWCCU members during year 7 visit in Fall 2021 and develop a continuous improvement mindset.

During November - December 2018, the Coordinating Team began the planning process. In January 2019, the Leadership Team met to further identify stakeholders, develop processes and begin work. In February, an open call will invite faculty and staff to participate in the Leadership Team. In late Winter and Spring terms, an open call will invite additional participants. 

Team members are listed below.

Margaret Hamilton

Paul Jarrell
Accreditation Liaison Officer
Vice President Academic and Student Affairs, Chief Academic Officer

Tammie Stark
Project Manager
Planning and Institutional Effectiveness

Coordinating Team members: Jennifer Frei, Paul Jarrell, Tammie Stark, Jennifer Steele, Faculty Technical Writer (TBD)

Leadership Team members: Dennis Carr, Zach Evans, Jennifer Frei, Lida Herburger, Phyllis Johnson, Paul Jarrell, Brian Kelly, Grant Matthews, Chris Rehn, Brett Rowlett, Tammy Salman, Bill Schuetz, Tammie Stark, Jennifer Steele, Rick Stoddart, Cathy Thomas, Faculty Technical Writer (TBD)

Also see this visual illustration of the accreditation organizational structure.