Coordinating Team

Accreditation Team

The Accreditation Team leads the ongoing work of self-reflection, assessment and continuous improvement at Lane Community College. During fall 2017 and winter 2018, Core Theme Teams refined measurements of success using indicators.

Margaret Hamilton

Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs

Brian Kelly
Vice President of College Services

Jennifer Frei 
Executive Dean, Academic Affairs, School of Arts and Sciences

Vicki Trier
Accreditation Liaison Officer
Executive Dean, Academic Affairs, School of Professional and Technical Careers

Kerry Levett
Executive Dean, Academic Affairs, Student Affairs

Anna Kate Malliris
Assistant to the Vice President

Tammy Salman
Faculty Coordinator, Assessment and Curriculum Development

Bill Schuetz
Chief Information Officer

Jennifer Steele
Director of Strategic Planning and Budget Officer

Craig Taylor
Director of Institutional Research, Assessment and Planning

Molloy Wilson
Institutional Researcher