APR Cycle Year 1: Self Study and Peer Review

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This page contains:

  • Introduction to the Academic Program Review process
  • Steps to Begin the Academic Program Review Process
  • Templates
  • Faculty Compensation Process for Academic Program Review
  • College Planning, Institutional Effectiveness and data queries
  • Posters Illustrating LCC APR self studies
  • Video of Christina Howard, Faculty Coordinator of the Physical Therapy Assistant Program, discussing APR
  • Examples of other college self studies

Academic Program Review is a faculty-led collaboration with administration. This inquiry process provides program faculty, staff, students and Deans an opportunity to assess the strengths and weaknesses of academic programs and plan for improvements. During year 1 of the five-year cycle, the process is organized around a self-study and an external peer review. Six focus questions provide the parameters for the self-study and help organize data collection and frame recommendations for improvements.

Program Review Committees (PRC), headed by a faculty lead, have access to a dedicated APR coach, an Assessment coach, Academic Technology coach and consultations with Institutional Research (IR). See resources below and in the resources page for important information and guidance.

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Steps to Begin the APR Process



Faculty Compensation - All Phases

Curriculum Development 

Faculty Compensation Process for Academic Program Review

Data Sheets, Standard Data Package, Data Queries to Institutional Research

The Standard Data Package and Department Data Sheets are available online. For additional or specific data needs and assistance, please contact Institutional Research for a consultation. 

For college-wide information, please see Planning and Institutional Effectiveness web pages, especially the Program Review, Department Planning, and Data links.

Posters Illustrating LCC Self Studies

Below are posters illustrating how some Lead Faculty and their teams have approached the year 1 self-study. Click on the links below to view the posters.

Video of Christina Howard, PTA Program

In the video below, Christina Howard, Faculty Coordinator of the Physical Therapy Assistant Program, discusses her experience of the process.

Unable to view this video? View it on video.lanecc.edu

Examples of Lane CC Self-Studies

Sample of Lane Self-Studies

Examples of Other College Self-Studies

Lane's unique inquiry model of Academic Program Review is organized around the 6 Questions: 3 from program faculty, 1-2 from the Administrative Management Team, and 1 from APROC. But you will find that all program reviews share similar features and so we provide these discipline models. We recommend you look at several and use Lane's Handbook to suit your program's needs.