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AAWCC Events for 2018-19

AAWCC holds monthly brown bag networking luncheons and offers professional development opportunities throughout the year. Check here for information about local, state, and national opportunities, or find us on OrgSync.  

*This page is updated frequently. Check back or email our VP of Communications at butlerd@lanecc.edu for updates.

AAWCC Menstrual Hygiene Drive sign

2nd Annual Menstrual Hygiene Drive, through February 28, 2019

Donations of pads, liners, tampons, and individually-wrapped wipes. New, wrapped menstrual cups or other reusable supplies are also welcome and appreciated. All donations will be directed to Lane's own student-run Rainy Day Food Pantry.  

Donation box locations (more boxes will be added this week): 

  • Center, in the Library
  • Center basement, No-Cash Clothing Stash and Rainy Day Food Pantry
  • Center, 4th floor main entrance 
  • Bldg 1, Gender Equity Center
  • Bldg 1, ASLCC Offices
  • Bldg 3, inside the 2nd floor entrance
  • Bldg 19, near the restroom outside of #243
  • Bldg 15, #201

Did you know?

  • Access to menstrual hygiene products is critical for good health and sanitation
  • The average American menstruating woman spends $150 to $300 per year on menstrual hygiene products.
  • Food banks report that menstrual hygiene items are some of the most-requested and least-donated items.
  • Without access to necessary menstrual hygiene products, individuals may resort to using rags, socks, or other absorbent items, which can increase the chance of infection and toxic shock syndrome.
  • Housing insecurity and homelessness can compound the challenge for individuals who have difficulty affording menstrual hygiene products, because they lack a safe & accessible place to store them.
  • Access for transgender and non-binary individuals who menstruate can be even more challenging, since purchasing products in public restrooms may not be an option.
  • SNAP benefits cannot be used to purchase menstrual hygiene products. In most states with a sales tax, menstrual hygiene products are still taxed as “luxury items.”

Contact Deborah with questions: butlerd@lanecc.edu or x5608.

Upcoming Events

Women's History Month events in March: 

  • March 11 Afternoon tea and panel discussion with local women leaders who make a difference in the community (more details coming soon)
  • Oregon Women's History month presentation and cake celebration (date and details coming soon)