Women in Transition

Women in Transition

How to Apply

To apply to the program, visit:

The Women's Center
Student Services
Bldg. #1, Room 202,

Located on the main Lane campus.

Or call (541) 463-5353, to make an appointment for an orientation session.

The Women in Transition Program empowers women to become economically self-sufficient and improve their lives through access to education.

The program consists of:

  • Required Core Classes
  • Life Transitions classes
  • Optional Classes
  • Individual academic advising
  • Follow-up services

Student Stories

Counselor and Lead Women in Transition Instructor, Cara DiMarco, and former Women in Transition student, Vicki Epperson, were recently featured on the Mckenzie River Broadcasting community forum with host Tracy Berry. They answered questions about the Women in Transition program and talked about how the program has worked to strengthen the community by empowering women and teaching them the skills it takes to succeed educationally, professionally, and emotionally. Listen to this community forum interview and learn what it means to be a Women in Transition graduate!

Former WIT Student - Vicki Epperson
Lead WIT instructor and counselor Cara DiMarco


Required Core Classes

Life Transitions (CG 220): 4 Credits
Life Transitions is designed to help women navigate current life transitions and explore new life directions. Attention is given to: life transitions (life stages, endings, losses, starting again); relationships (relationship patterns, healthy relationships); and personal growth (self-esteem, empowerment, assertiveness, communication skills).

Career and Life Planning (CG 140T): 3 credits
Career and Life Planning is designed to help students plan their careers and their lives. Attention is given to: self-awareness (values, interests, skills and personality style); career exploration (what careers are available, which careers fit the student's needs and wants, and what does she need to do to pursue her career goal); and decision making (making decisions and exploring some good ways to make career and life decisions).


Optional Linked WIT Classes

Sections of these optional classes are reserved for Transitions students and are taught by female faculty. These classes are highly recommended and can be taken during the term you take the Core Classes or during the following term.

Level One Class: First-term only optional "Learning Community" class

Intro to College Writing (WR 115): 4 credits
Prerequisite:Appropriate scores on Lane's Writing Placement Test or a passing grade (C- or better) in WR 93, WR 95, WR 97 or eqiuvalent. WR 115 offers students the oppurtunity to explore issues on women's identity and insight through writing, revision, and editing. Students learn to express ideas clearly in written form, and develop analytic skills in order to become critical thinkers, readers, and writers. Class assignments are specifically linked to the Core Life Transitions class. Must be taken with Women in Transition Core Classes. 

Level Two Classes:

Life Transitions 2 (CG 207): 3 Credits
This course is a follow-up to the core Life Transitions class. It is a three-credit class designed to assist students in enhancing the ability to navigate life changes in powerful and positive ways. Topics include: responding successfully to changing professional and personal demands; strengthening resiliency and self-esteem; establishing and maintaining healthy relationships; setting, enacting and attaining personal, academic and career goals.

Graduate in a group of staff members

Career and Life Planning 2 (CG 208): 3 Credits
This course provides advanced career guidance to women who have completed Women In Transition. Students will assess their dependable strengths, motivational patterns, and advantages/challenges as they create a viable career plan. Particular focus is on increasing self-confidence, effective decision-making, thorough career research, and connecting with employers.

Level Three Class:

Life Transitions 3 (CG 210): 3 Credits
This course is the third level of the Women in Transition program and is focused on the concept of “life as a relationship to everything,” and is designed to assist WIT students in their capacity to identify the healthy and enduring components of healthy attachment and relational connections that actively contribute to their well-being and ability to successfully achieve their educational goals.

"Any Term" Linked WIT Classes:

College Success (CG 100T): 1-3 credits
This course is designed to help present and past Women In Transition students explore the positive forms that strength can take in women's lives. Topics will include: identifying healthy definitions of strength in various arenas of life (mental, emotional, physical); exploring where and what to direct your strength toward; defining and creating a personal strength plan that embodies key aspects of both internal and external forms of strength in your life. Using an experiential format, students will apply techniques and strategies to solving problems that interfere with student success and satisfaction.

Computer ABCs (BT 30): 3 credits
This is an introductory computer course. Students will work with word processing, spreadsheets, set up an email account, and learn how to search the internet. This is an easy-going class that removes the mystique surrounding computers.

WIT Staff 2009

Whole numbers, Fractions, Decimals (MTH 10T): 3 credits
This course quickly reviews whole numbers skills, and then concentrates on strengthening understanding of fractions and decimals. This class is designed for students who need to improve their fraction and decimal math skills before moving on to the faster pace of Math 20. These math classes are designed to build positive math experiences in a supportive environment. Ideal for those who have math anxiety.

Math Renewal (MTH 20): 3 credits
This course begins with a review of whole number, fraction, and decimal arithmetic that includes rounding, estimation, order of operations, averages, and the solving of one-step equations. This review is followed by an introduction to ratios, proportions, percent, measurement, and basic geometry in a problem-solving context, with the earlier review skills integrated throughout.

Strength Training for Women (PE 183U): 1 credit
This course is a fun and active class designed for women of all ages, experience and conditioning levels. Use of barbells, dumbbells, weight machines, stability balls, bands, medicine balls, body weight resistance exercises and more, to tone and strengthen all major muscle groups and improve your general physical condition. Emphasis is on safe and correct techniques, while learning terminology and basic anatomy. Basic and specialized individual programs for beginners through advanced levels, tailored to your goals and experience.