Women in Transition

Women in Transition

How to Apply

To apply to the program, visit:

The Women's Center
Student Services
Bldg. #1, Room 202,

Located on the main Lane campus.

Or call (541) 463-5353, to make an appointment for an orientation session.

The Women in Transition Program empowers women to become economically self-sufficient and improve their lives through education and self-awareness.This program is the longest standing learning community on campus and can help promote self-esteem and confidence while encouraging students to learn what it is they hope to achieve academically and professionally.

Women in Transition (WIT) Orientation Sessions:

Women in Transition Orientation Flyer

This is a free information session to help women get started at Lane and attendance is required to enroll in the Women in Transition program. It covers a variety of topics including the Women in Transition classes, services offered at Lane and through the Women's Center, financial aid requirements, and what to expect when beginning college. Call the front desk at the Women's Center to learn more and to sign-up.

The program consists of:

  • Required Core Classes
  • Optional Linked or Sequential Classes
  • Individual Academic Advising
  • Follow-Up Services

Student Stories

Counselor and lead Women in Transition instructor, Cara DiMarco, and former Women in Transition student, Vicki Epperson, were recently featured on the Mckenzie River Broadcasting community forum with host Tracy Berry. They answered questions about the Women in Transition program and talked about how the program has worked to strengthen the community by empowering women and teaching them the skills it takes to succeed educationally, professionally, and emotionally. Listen to this community forum interview and learn what it means to be a Women in Transition graduate!

Former WIT Student - Vicki Epperson
Lead WIT instructor and counselor Cara DiMarco


Required Core Classes:

Life Transitions (CG 220): 4 Credits
Life Transitions is designed to help women navigate current life transitions and explore new life directions. Attention is given to: life transitions (life stages, endings, losses, starting again); relationships (relationship patterns, healthy relationships); and personal growth (self-esteem, empowerment, assertiveness, communication skills).

Career and Life Planning (CG 140T): 3 credits
Career and Life Planning is designed to help students plan their careers and their lives. Attention is given to: self-awareness (values, interests, skills and personality style); career exploration (what careers are available, which careers fit the student's needs and wants, and what does she need to do to pursue her career goal); and decision making (making decisions and exploring some good ways to make career and life decisions).