Women in Technology and Trades Panel Discussion and Luncheon

Women in Technology and Trades - Panel Discussion and Luncheon

This annual free event features a panel discussion from expert women in non-traditional occupations discussing their careers and what it took to get where they are.There are typically two different panels that occur, with a lunch that occurs between discussions.

  • PRO Panel: Discussion featuring different women that work in the trades including engineering, construction, plumbing, programming and utilities.
  • Human Resources Panel: A panel of employers discuss the types of employees they are looking for.

Over 50 people came to this event last year and they were treated to a free sandwich lunch and had the chance to network with professionals, participate in a panel discussion with women in industry and ask questions during the breaks between sessions. They offered wonderful advice for how you can spruce up your professional image as well as gave information about what different companies look for when filling positions and hiring new emplyees.

The next panel discussion and luncheon is scheduled to take place sometime in February 2015, check back for updated information and bring your resume if you'd like to learn about how it can be improved. Don't miss this wonderful opportunity!

Panel Discussion