Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events


Call the Women's Center at (541) 463-5353 for the dates and times of exciting activities year round, including:

Women in Transition Orientation Sessions

This is a free information session to help women get started at Lane and attendance is required to enroll in the Women in Transition program.  It covers a variety of topics including the Women in Transition classes, services offered at Lane and through the Women's Center, financial aid requirements, and what to expect when beginning college.  Here is a flyer with the dates of the next orientations scheduled for the second through fourth weeks of October - call the front desk at the Women's Center to learn more and to sign-up.

Alumni Meeting

Tuesday, November 4 from Noon - 2 pm in the Women's Center (Bldg 1, Rm 212 lead by Cara DiMarco and other WIT alumni to brainstorm fun activities for a new alumni group. Here is a flyer you can print out about this great event!

Career and Technical Education Events and Workshops:

Click here for the CTE calendar of events. Be sure to check with the Womens Center for any last minute room changes due to construction on campus this term.

The CTE workshops are designed to provide general guidance and instruction on what it takes to succeed in technical education and in technical careers. Several are focused on familiarizing participants with the computer and how it can be used as a powerful and resourceful tool. Registration is required and you must fill out and turn in a workshop registration form. Registration forms are available at the Women's Center or you can view and print one here. The locations of the workshops are subject to change so please check for updates or contact the front desk to confirm where it will take place. Be sure to check with the Womens Center for any last minute room changes due to construction on campus this term.  

Fall 2014 Term Workshops:

1. Moodle/MyLane Made Easy - Join Lisa Bohannan and learn to easily use these two essential student tools efficiently and effectively.

2. Writing for Work - Lisa looks at various careers and how writing is used to be successful.

3. Intro to Basic Computer and Internet Skills - Don't know what to do after you turn on the computer? Pat  teaches the basic skills of how computers work and how to create documents and use the Internet.

4. Intro to MS Word & Resume Writing - Follow along as Sharon shows how easily you can create wonderful documents, fliers and more in Word. Then learn how to create an exciting resume easily with templates.

5. Intro to Web Design - Ever wondered what it is like to create your own web page? Using free software, Pat guides you step-by-step in building a web page.

6. Intro to Excel - Does creating a budget, tracking your expenses, mileage, or using a computer spreadsheet seem like an unreal expectation? Sharon will show you how easily you can do these tasks and much more.

7. Exploring Careers Online - Have fun with Lisa as she guides you through various career searches available on the Internet. This three-hour workshop helps you search for high pay/ high demand careers, find your own specific interests and expand your career knowledge.

8. Intro to Informational Interviews - Now that you know what your interest are, it's time to find out more from someone that is already working in the field. Lisa Bohannan will help you figure out who to interview, how to prepare and what to expect. 

9. Intro to Animated FUN! - From the paper you are holding, the lights, flooring and coffee cup, the bus, the shoes and the computer - nearly everything you see around you has been imagined, designed, engineered and built by men. Imagine how things might be different with a woman's touch! Mel will open your eyes in fun and easy ways to tech skills you may have only dreamed you would ever tackle.

Fall 2014 Term Video Discussions: In Her Own Words - Women in Non-Traditional Careers

Please join us for a weekly series of short videos, each focusing on women in non-traditional careers telling, in their own words, what they love about their non-traditional career paths.  There will be time for discussion and questions afterward.  Will be held on most Wednesdays from 1:30 to 2:30 PM in the Women's Center.  Everyone is welcome!

There is also a workshop that is offered several times throughout the term in the media center called Mac 911 that is all about Mac computers. Registration is required - to register and to get more information check this page on the LCC Media Arts site for dates and to register online.

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