Career Exploration

Career Exploration

In this Information Age, it is increasingly difficult for students to make the transition from traditional job experiences to a more high tech and complicated workplace.

Here at Workforce Department Development, we are providing students registered with us through he CASE grant with resources, information, and support in an easily accessible, yet technically sophisticated way.

We have a menu of resources that allow CASE grant students to access career coaching and guidance. Activities range from hands-on assessment and research in a computer lab, to special topics, such as Overcoming Age Bias and Effective Networking For Jobs.

Career development activities result in an individually customized career map for each participant. The career map includes short-term and long-term goals, timelines, budgets and resource options, as well as steps for skills enhancement.

Skill enhancement activities are as diverse as the individuals in the program, including basic skills development, GED completion, Career Pathway certificates, and college degrees.

All participants work towards the National Career Readiness Certificate. The NCRC is a nationally recognized credential that demonstrates basic skill competency in three areas: reading, math, and locating information.

The combination of high-tech, timely services with a supportive structure and environment delivers a one-two punch that provides dislocated workers with the competitive edge they need to be successful in today's challenging economy and competitive job market.