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Tutor Central Transition

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Tutor Central is changing, during the remodel of the Center building, the different areas of tutoring are being relocated around campus. 

Check out the different tutoring subject areas below for new locations and information.

Liz Coleman-Tutoring Services Coordinator
Office: New location - Center Building, Room 430
Phone: (541) 463-5783
Email: colemanl@lanecc.edu

What do students say about tutoring?

Get exceptional help from peer tutors in the following subjects (see new location for each subject below):

Computers: CIS 101, CS120 and other general needs, including Moodle and MyLane.

  • Fall 2014 through completion of construction - Building 2, Room 215.
    • Hours: M-Th, 9- 4:30, Fri, 9-2

Math 10/20

  • Math Resource Center Building 16 Room 163 
    • Fall, Winter Spring hours: M-Th, 9-4:30, Fri, 9-2


  • Center Building Room 430
    • Summer hours: M-Th, 9-3 (campus closed on Fridays)
    • Fall, Winter Spring hours: M-Th, 9-4:30, Fri, 9-2

Plan ahead! There is frequently a long line of students, so plan to wait at least 30 minutes. But you have plenty of homework to do, right? Bring it. Make your time count.


  • All tutors can help with study skills and encouragement.