Placement Testing Information


Testing dates and times are limited.  If you plan to take the placement test for entering Lane, or if you need to retest, please make your appointment early.  Placement tests are not given every day.
Testing times are extremely limited the week before each term begins, so plan to test early in order to find an available appointment. (The deadline for new students to test is two business days before the start of each term.)

Accuplacer Reading and Sentence skills scores never expire, but math scores expire after 4 terms. Also if you have not had a math class within 4 terms and would like to take another math class you will also need to test.


Placement Testing Information

Note: You are STRONGLY encouraged to review Math before testing.  View this 8 minute video for general information regarding the Math placement test.  If you have questions about the Math Placement Prep online review site, please contact the Math Division.  The information in this video may help you from having to retest an additional time.  It's best to study without a calculator, as you are not allowed to use one for most math testing.  You may also review by completing practice problems in the Math Placement Prep online review site.  Once there, login to Moodle, or if you do not have Moodle access, use this review site instead.  There you will also find resources to help you prepare for the Math tests. You can also use the Math Review Sheets to score the best you can.  

When should I take placement tests as a new student to Lane?

  • If you are a new student to Lane, please make sure you start at the "Steps to Enroll."  If you are out of the Lane area, but still plan to attend Lane Community College you will need to test on site.  Please call and we will discuss scheduling for testing and the manatory advising on campus. 
  • If you are wanting to take online classes please contact a college/university near you to proctor your test.  Contact our office with this information so that you can test there.

Which placement tests should I take?

  • If you are a new student you MUST take all three tests, reading, writing and the math test.
  • If you have taken a writing class, you may not need to test. Meet with your academic advisor to find out if testing can be waived. Some majors (for example, Nursing, Dental Hygiene, Culinary, etc.) need specific placement testing. Be sure to check with your academic advisor and the application to your program to see what tests you need. Requirements do change. Many courses have specific math pre-requisites.
  • Check the schedule of courses, the college catalog, AND with your academic advisor to ensure you are taking the proper placement tests for the courses you need.

How soon after testing can I register for classes? 

Complete the Steps to Enroll.

What if I have prior college experience?

Do I need to take the Math placement test if I have taken Math previously?

  • If you have taken a Math course at Lane within the past 4 terms, you are able to register for the next course now. If it has been more than one year (past 4 terms) since your last Math course, you must take a Math placement test to enroll in a Math class at Lane. Important! If you have taken a math course at another college within the past year (past 4 terms), you DO NOT need to take the Math placement test. Take an unofficial transcript to the Mathematics Division - Bldg. 16, Rm. 166, (541) 463-5392; to be cleared for the next course in the Math sequence. View this 8 minute video for general information regarding the Math placement test.

How do I get a Pre-Requisite override for college level Writing and Math I've previously taken?

  • If you are planning on taking classes with a writing pre-requisite at Lane, and have taken a Writing Course or have taken a math course in the last 4 terms, take an unofficial transcript to the Literature, Language and Communication Division - Center Building, Rm. 457 (541) 463-5419; or the Math Department, Building 16, Room 166, (541) 463-5392; to get a pre-requisite override.

How much will the placement test cost?

  • Placement testing in Reading, Writing, and Math is free for LCC students and prospective students. If you are planning on becoming a student at Lane Community College, please fill out an online admissions form, wait to receive your student L number (usually within 24 hours) and make a testing appointment (see below) before coming in to the Testing Office to take the placement tests in Reading, Writing, and Math.
  • We are unable to release placement test scores to other institutions without written permission.

Which placement tests are available?

  • Accuplacer/CPTS Reading Comprehension Test, a computer-administered test, with 20 multiple choice questions, is untimed and has instant scoring.
  • Accuplacer/CPTS Sentence Skills Test, a computer-administered test, 20 multiple choice questions, multiple is untimed and has instant scoring.
  • Arithmetic and Algebra Placement Test, is either a computer-administered or a paper-and-pencil test. It places students into courses from Math 10 up to College Algebra and covers basic arithmetic, advanced arithmetic, introductory algebra and intermediate algebra. Before taking the Arithmetic and Algebra Math Test it is helpful to review math concepts on the Math Review Sheets which may be purchased at the LCC bookstore, or view the review sheets online at no charge. College Level Math Test, now available on computer, places students into Trigonometry, Calculus, Linear Algebra, & Statistics.
  • Writing 121 Waiver Exam information

Retests: What are the rules?

  • Reading test - You MUST wait 3 months to retest in reading.
  • Sentence Skills test - You MUST wait 3 months to retest in writing.
  • Math test - You may retest as soon as the next day. If you do not achieve your goal on this second try, you should take the recommended course or wait three months to retest again. You may view the Math Review Sheets online or they may be purchased at the LCC Bookstore. Also see our page of study resources and study tips.

What if I need to take the test and I'm not going to be a Lane student?

  • If you need to take the Reading, Writing, or Math placement tests, but are NOT planning on becoming a Lane student, and/or you want your test scores sent to another school, there is a small testing fee of $15.00 that you will need to pay at Enrollment Services. Please contact the Testing Office at: or call (541) 463-5324 to make an appointment.  Make sure to bring your receipt to your testing appointment.

How can I prepare for the placement tests?

  • The purpose of the tests is to help you identify what your abilities are now so you can choose the best courses for you to succeed academically.
  • For the Reading and Sentence Skills tests there are practice questions embedded in this Accuplacer practice document. Go to pages 2-8 to study reading comprehension and sentence structure. You can also search the Internet for "test preparation" or "Accuplacer practice" and find sample questions for the Accuplacer™ tests.  There are also other  commercial preparation books for the SAT, ACT and GED tests.
  • You will find that the Math tests match what is taught in prerequisite Math courses. You may view the Math Review Sheets online or buy them at the Lane Titanstore.
  • You may also review by completing practice problems in the Math Placement Prep online review site. Once there, login to Moodle, or if you do not have Moodle access, use this review site instead. There you will also find resources to help you prepare for the Math tests. If you have questions about the Math Placement Prep online review site, please contact the Math Division.
  • Also see the links on our Study Strategy page.

What are good strategies for taking computer-administered tests?

  • Accuplacer is an "adaptive" test. It gives you one question at a time. You must answer every question it presents. When you get a question correct, the computer adapts by giving a harder question worth more points for the next question. A wrong answer gives you an easier question worth fewer points for the next question. Be sure to try to the best of your ability on each question. Work carefully at a medium speed, pay attention, and avoid missing questions that you could have gotten correct. See sample questions and test strategies for Accuplacer at: Accuplacer for students.
  • The Math placement test is not adaptive. We have work stations for left-handed people, NOVA desks for people more comfortable looking down at a monitor, and paper and pencil tests for people who are uncomfortable with computers.
  • Please ask if you need special accommodations or have special concerns.

What about dictionaries, calculators and notes?

  • Students who learned English as their second language are encouraged to use a translation dictionary between English and your native language. You should not take the tests without using a dictionary because if you receive low scores, you must wait 3 months to retest. Various language dictionaries are available; ask a Testing Staff person if one is needed. Calculators may be used on parts of the Math tests; check with Testing Office staff.
  • Notes, Math Review Sheets, and study aids may NOT be used while testing.

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