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Service Learning Courses at Lane - Spring Term

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BA 195 - Service & Ethics in Business
Jamie Kelsch & Chris Culver
This capstone course is an opportunity for students to explore the role of business concepts and skills in the social economy. Students will gain insights into the application of common business skills and experience in organizations. Each student will participate in an administrative service learning experience for up to 15 hours during the term and share their experience with peers through reflective presentations and papers. Students will also attend a series of seminars and workshops. May be offered through Distance Learning.

BI 103F - Wildflowers of Oregon
Instructor: Gail Baker
Our region's flowering plants and their habitats provide the framework to learn about plant diversity, ecological and evolutionary processes. Students will study flower characteristics to aid in identification and how natural selection explains why there are so many different kinds of plants and animal species in the world with such diverse and interesting life styles. Field trips to a diversity of local ecosystems enhance the study of natural history, and habitat conservation and restoration efforts.
Extra Credit

BI 103J - Forest Ecology
Instructor: Pat Boleyn
Basic ecological and evolutionary processes and interrelationships in our local forests and their importance to humans will be explored. Identification of major trees, shrubs and wildlife through extensive field work will increase the student's awareness of ecosystems. Old Growth forest ecosystems and current forest issues will also be explored. Field trips are required.
Optional or Extra Credit

COOP 280SL – Cooperative Education: Service Learning
Instructor: Beverly Farfan
This course will provide students with work experience with community partners in addressing real community needs. Students identify learning objectives and engage in reflection activities. This course is designed to promote critical thinking, problem solving, and civic engagement. In this course students develop skills, explore career options, and network with professionals while earning college credit. Instructor approval required, contact instructor to arrange dates and times.
SL Required

HE 255 - Global Health
Instructor: Susie Cousar
This course will increase student's knowledge and awareness of global sustainability and the health consequences related to; poverty, social status and global economic systems. Students will explore the interconnected global issues of: consumerism, industrial globalization, maternal and child health, violence, hunger, emerging infectious disease, environmental toxins and pollution, organic and conventional agricultural practices, alternative media resources, social marketing, fair trade, biodiversity and ecosystems services, population, environmental racism and the impacts of economic, political, and social constructs on the health of our communities and planet.

HS 228 - HIV/AIDS & Other Infectious Diseases
Instructor: Toni Fudge
Introduces the epidemiology of HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, tuberculosis and sexually transmitted diseases that frequently infect people who use drugs or who are chemically dependent. Students will examine treatment options and prevention strategies. The legal and policy issues that impact infected individuals as well as the larger community will be explored.

SOC 108A – Selected Topics: Women's Bodies
Instructor: Patsy Raney
Throughout history, cultural views and practices regarding women's bodies have fundamentally affected women's experiences, position, and relative power in society. This class focuses on the embodied experiences of women, in what ways these experiences are socially constructed, and women's accommodation and resistance to those cultural constraints. Major areas of focus will include the politics of women's health, reproduction, sexuality, and body image, and will include cross-cultural information. Optional "Action projects" will be offered to incorporate Service Learning work at local agencies including SASS, Womenspace, and Ophelia's Place.
Fulfills AAOT Ethnic/Gender/Cultural Diversity requirement. Optional

WATR 107 – Water Conservation Outdoor
Instructor: Tammie Stark
This course will focus on conservation at the residential outdoor level including water use & waste; efficiency measures; and landscape issues such as planning & design, irrigation systems, soils, mulch & maintenance. Theoretical work will be enhanced by hands-on outdoor learning.