Deliver Training

Deliver Training & Certification

If you have specialized knowledge you would like to share with classified staff, or if you just want to train a new person in your department, SST would like the opportunity to support you.  If you want to provide training and certification through SST, we will help you:

Become a Certified Skills Trainer (optional)

If you are not one already, become a Certified Skills Trainer.  Even if you need to deliver on-the-job training to a co-worker immediately, you can get skills trainer cercertification while you deliver training.

Find a QuickReference Checklist

To deliver structured on-the-job training, you will need a checklist of the critical steps and quality criteria for the task.  You may find a checklist already developed in the Admin Quick-Reference Library, which you can modify as needed to meet specific requirements of the position to be trained.  If no checklist exists on the task, we will help you develop one.

Print out the Skills Trainer Evaluation 

Use the CST Training Evaluation Form to help you prepare for and deliver the training.  It is full of simple tips that will ensure a positive and effective training.  After you complete the training, ask the trainee to fill out a copy of the evaluation and send it to SST.

Deliver Training

Use the relevant quick-ref as a checklist to make sure that you cover all the key aspects of the task during the training.  Have the trainee use the quick-ref as a memory aid while performing the task independently.  Coach the trainee on the task until you are sure he or she can perform the task reliably while meeting all quality criteria.  As the trainee masters each step in the task, initial the corresponding row on the quick-reference checklist.

Submit Training and Certification Records

Print out a copy of the Certification Cover Sheet and staple it to the quick-reference checklist(s) you used for the training.  Submit to SST.