Administrative Quick References

Administrative Quick-References

Use of Quickref Checklists

This is a library of reference checklists designed to be used by:

  • Certified Skills Trainers to ensure that training is complete and accurate
  • Certified Skills Trainers to document the skills covered in training and the competency of the trainee on those tasks
  • Administrative trainees as learning support tools and memory aides
  • Any administrative personnel as memory-support and quality-assurance tools, especially for tasks they perform infrequently

What is a Quick-Ref Checklist?

Administrative Quick-reference checklists contain only brief reminders of the critical aspects of the task.  This supports efficient use during task performance and consistency in training and certification, as well as making them easy to produce and maintain.

Trainer Required

The checklists are formatted to be used as on-the-job quick-references, not as comprehensive training documents.  They are not intended to be used for independent learning; support from a skills trainer certified to deliver training on the task in question is required.

Contribute to the Admin QuickRef Library

These checklists are developed by Peer-to-Peer, with support from Professional and Organizational Development and the Classified Professional Development Team.

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