Math Review Sheets

Math Placement Test Orientation

View this 8 minute video for general information regarding the Math placement test.

Math Review Sheets

These review sheets are provided to help you:

  • Refresh your memory for old math skills you may have forgotten.
  • Prepare for math placement tests by helping you refresh skills you previously knew.

The placement test is designed to place students in the best possible class that fits their knowledge level. The placement test is just a sampling of some key concepts covered in prerequisite math classes. You should use the test results with caution and realize that by placing into a "higher" level course you might leave important gaps in your background knowledge. 

  • Passing the placement test does not mean you have all the prerequisite skills mastered.  It is only a rough indicator to you of what skills you have retained.
  • Passing the placement test does not mean you have all the concepts mastered that are presented in the corresponding class.
  • If you bypass the class for which you have passed the placement test, you are doing so at the risk of not being prepared for the next class.

Our greatest concern is your success in learning mathematics. If you feel you have passed the placement test by selecting answers on an intuitive or questioning strategy, we strongly recommend enrolling in the next lower math course. Those who move forward from a strong foundation of understanding mathematics can more easily succeed in the next math course and eventually excel in any profession they choose.

See below for two ways to access review materials to help you prepare for these placement tests.

1) An interactive site with practice questions and other resources:

Interactive Math Placement Preparation

2) Download review sheet pages: For example, if you want to test out of Math 65, review the Math 65 sheets by clicking on the Math 65 - Review Sheets link below.

To place into Math 70 study the Math 60 and Math 65 review sheets.