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Information Literacy Toolkit

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    • APA Style Quick Sheet
      APA style in text citation examples on one side. Reference list citation examples on the other.
    • Copyright and Plagiarism
      Defines and discusses copyright on one side and plagiarism on the other.
    • Database Search Tips
      A list of tips on how to craft more effective database searches.
    • Developing a Research Question
      When you begin preparing to write a research paper, one of the most useful things you can do is to develop a research question to guide you as you work. This sheet describes how.
    • Developing a Topic and Generating Search Terms
      Highlights resources to help topic development and provides a matrix to guide search-term brainstorming.
    • Evaluating Information
      Lists and describes criteria to help evaluate print or online information.
    • Evaluating Periodical Articles
      Provides a lists of considerations for students to keep in mind as they determine whether or not an article from a journal, magazine, or newspaper is appropriate for the task at hand.
    • Getting Started with EasyBib
      Learn how to find EasyBib, log in for the first time and create a project. Then you'll be ready to start your first EasyBib-enabled works cited list or bibliography!
    • Google Scholar
      Describes the utility of Google Scholar and provides instructions on its use, including how to modify your Google Scholar settings to take advantage of the Library Links Program.
    • Google Search Tips & Modifiers
      Provides tips on Google-specific search modifiers to refine searches and get the best results. Created by Google.
    • Library Vocabulary
      A list of library-related vocabulary words with their definitions. Especially useful for ESL or ABSE students.
    • MLA Citation Guide
      A more extensive list of examples of works cited page citations in MLA style.
    • MLA Style Quick Sheet
      MLA style in text citation examples on one side. Works cited list citation examples on the other.
    • Scholarly and Popular Articles: What is the Difference?
      Explains the difference between articles from popular magazines and scholarly journals, with examples of each.
    • Scholarly Articles: What to expect
      Learn about the kinds of information provided in scholarly articles, how to find them and weave them into a project.
    • Search LCC Library Research Databases
      The LCC Library provides access to almost 20,000 different magazines, newspapers and journals. They were originally published on paper but are now online. You can search for articles via the Articles/Databases tab on our main website. This sheet gives you some tips on how to get better results when you search.
    • Website Evaluation
      Describes criteria to evaluate information found on the web and lists four specific steps to help.
    • Wikipedia: The Good and the Ugly
      Lists appropriate and inappropriate uses of Wikipedia for college-level research.

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