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Telenovela Summaries

Have fun and learn Spanish while watching telenovelas

Telenovelas are Spanish language soap operas not only immensely popular in Spanish speaking countries, but in Hispanic communities in the United States, in Russia, Eastern Europe, France, Malaysia, Singapore, China, the Philippines, and Japan. The most famous telenovelas have come from Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, and Venezuela. Unlike American soap operas which often last for decades, telenovelas usually span 4 to 8 months. Common themes include class structure, family, legitimacy, privilege and power, good and evil, honor and deception, and integrity and betrayal. Religion plays heavily in many telenovelas as does the supernatural. Characters are usually easily categorized as either very good or very bad.

Why watch a telenovela?

Telenovelas can provide a fun way to improve Spanish language skills. Since themes are similar to U.S. soap operas, many viewers with intermediate Spanish skills will easily comprehend the story line and learn by using contextual clues even if they don't understand every word. Furthermore, since telenovelas are produced all over the Spanish speaking world, they offer authentic examples of regional dialects."

Abrazame Muy Fuerte
Abrazame Muy FuerteCristina is a young girl whose sweet disposition endears her to everyone at "El Platanal", her father's beautiful hacienda. Her father, Don Severiano Alvarez, is a rugged, on-willed rancher. His foreman, Diego Hernández, is a strong, handsome, young man who is madly in love with Cristina. One day, she surrenders herself, body and soul, to his passion. Shortly thereafter, Cristina admits to her father that she is pregnant with Diego's child. Severiano banishes her to the city with her servant, Raquela. Federico Rivera, a cruel and greedy neighbor, takes advantage of this situation and arranges for the baby, María del Carmen, to be brought to his hacienda instead. In order to be close to her daughter, Cristina is forced to marry Federico and pass as María del Carmen's "godmother". Federico causes an accident that leaves Cristina blind, and takes possession of her fortune. Years go by and María del Carmen is now a beautiful young girl. Cristina has taken pains to provide her with a good education and everyone at the hacienda loves her, specially José María, a lowly ranch hand. Believing she is Raquela's daughter, he dreams of one day marrying her. The arrival of Federico's nephew brings him great joy. Carlos Manuel is now a handsome young doctor who has recently completed his studies abroad. Carlos Manuel falls in love with Deborah Falcon, not realizing that she is his uncle's lover When Federico finds out about their relationship, he looks for the way to drive them apart. María del Carmen falls in love with Carlos Manuel from the moment they meet. When Carlos Manuel begins to respond to her tentative overtures, Deborah intervenes and manages to separate them, but for all her scheming , she as well as Federico are unable to kill the budding romance between the young lovers.
Call number DVD 229

Amor Real
Amor RealIt is the 19th Century, a time of profound romanticism. Challenging the rules of the aristocracy to which she belongs, Matilde Peñalver y Beristain, falls in love with Adolfo Solís, an army soldier with no fortune; trusting that her father - fair and kind - will let her marry him. But her mother Augusta is determined to force Matilde to marry a rich man in order to save the family from bankruptcy. Manuel Fuentes Guerra is the perfect candidate. He is a honorable and handsome young man who has just inherited a vast fortune. Augusta ignores that Manuel is the illegitimate son of Joaquin Fuentes Guerra, a powerful landlord who raped a poor town girl, and only months ago recognized Manuel as his son. Using all kinds of intrigues, the arrogant Augusta and her son Humberto, send Adolfo to prison, and make Matilde believe that he is married and has children. Overwhelmed and despaired, Matilde surrenders to her mother’s pressure and agrees to marry Manuel, especially after she learns that he has paid the family’s debts. Adolfo escapes from jail and immediately goes to look for his beloved Matilde, who has just married Manuel. Desperate, Adolfo manages to secretly speak with Matilde and to clarify the misunderstandings. Swearing they will love each other forever, they decide to run away, but Manuel discovers them. Deeply hurt, Manuel is not willing to give her up; he takes her to his ranch in the countryside where they consummate the marriage. Matilde’s life in the house is tedious and bitter. She does not love her husband, and besides, she has to put up with Antonia, the former administrator’s daughter, who is in love with Manuel. Meanwhile, Adolfo, after an intense and frantic search, finds Matilde and intending to take her away, pretends to be the new ranch administrator. Manuel, ignoring Adolfo’s real identity, sympathizes with him and gives him a special, friendly treatment. In spite of the situation, Adolfo has to admit that Manuel is an honest, noble and fair man. At that point, Manuel and Matilde discover that they have been victims of Augusta’s and Humberto’s deceit. As time goes by, the subtle attentions, the glances full of passion and Manuel’s avid desire, end up conquering the heart of Matilde. Suddenly one day, she realizes that the love she felt for Adolfo has disappeared, and that in its place has come a new, more intense feeling, a real love towards her husband. Full of grief, Matilde tells Adolfo the truth. Although she does not want to hurt him, her love does not belong to him anymore. Heartbroken, Adolfo accepts his reality and leaves the ranch the same day Matilde announces to her husband that she is pregnant. But the couple’s happiness does not last long. Manuel discovers who his new administrator was, and in an instant everything falls apart. Matilde’s pleas and explanations cannot convince Manuel, he feels betrayed once again and cannot forgive her. Driven by his anger Manuel doubts his paternity and throws Matilde out of the ranch. Later, he tries to forget her with Antonia, starting a compromising relationship that will later make more difficult his reconciliation with Matilde. They love each other intensely in spite of the separation, but they will have to face conflicts and intrigues before they can be together and live happily forever.
Call number DVD 232

La Antorcha EncendidaLa Antorcha Encendida
Three centuries of Spanish domination. Three hundred years in which the discontent roiling the population of New Spain has grown along with their wounds of injustice, exploitation, poverty and discrimination. It is in this awakening Mexico that the love story between Mariano and Teresa unfolds. United not only in love, but also in the desire to free their country, the twists and turns of their destinies will lead us through history along the path to Mexico's independence and freedom.
Call number DVD 235

El Manantial
El ManantialThis is story of hatred between two families: the Valdes and the Ramirez. The evident reason for that is "El Manantial", a beautiful water bud that happens to bath the small property of the Valdes and not the neighboring rich and prosperous farm belonging to the Ramirez. But the true reason for such an intense hatred is hidden in private. Justo Ramirez, married to Margarita Insunza, has the relation with Francisca Rivero, the wife of their enemy and neighbor Rigoberto Valdes. This relation, founded on the deceit, will cause the gradual destruction of the two families. This will also affect the love of their children: the beautiful daughter of Valdes, Alfonsina and Alejandro, the only son and heir of Ramirez.
Call number DVD 230

Mi destino eres tu
Mi destino eres tuAndrea Sanvicente is a young lawyer, an intelligent, modern woman with a passion for law and justice. Andrea falls in love with Ramiro, a young man from a wealthy family. After many complications, Andrea and Ramiro get married, but destiny has yet another painful test in store for Andrea: while still on her honeymoon, Ramiro dies, leaving his young bride devastated. Andrea takes refuge in her work and her studies and gets her Master's degree in psychology. Soon, two very different men will enter Andrea's life: Eduardo Rivadeneira and Mauricio Rodríguez. One of them is destined to awaken her heart once more. Mauricio is a superficial young man who has always lived under the shadow of his father, Augusto, a rich and powerful textile merchant. Until the very moment he meets Andrea, he has seen women as mere sexual objects and has never experienced true love. His relationship with Andrea will shatter his pre-conceived notions about women, and open his eyes to a new reality. Eduardo Rivadeneira, like Andrea, is a brilliant young lawyer. They meet when she represents an employee who has been fired without justification from a company which has hired Eduardo to handle its legal affairs. From the moment they meet, they feel strangely attracted to each other. But there are obstacles. A tragic accident has left Eduardo's wife, Emma, in a coma and Eduardo has been forced to assume the role of mother and father to their little girl. Andrea feels that Eduardo's love is forbidden to her. She refuses to destroy a family, a little girl's home. Eduardo, likewise, doesn't have the heart to leave his wife while she is ill. Caught in the unpredictable hands of fate, Andrea, Eduardo and Mauricio are left to wonder what destiny has in store.
Call number DVD 236

Niña Amada Mia
Niña Amada MiaClemente Soriano is a vacuous man who is very powerful and wealthy, he has everything in life: he's a millionaire and has three daughters who all happen to be very beautiful, and has recently married Karina, his young and attractive secretary. However, in his past he has a dark secret, all the happiness will soon be destroyed by his old enemy Octavio Uriate, who is an architect, his family hates Clemente Soriano, because they blame him for the death of his brother Servando, Servando dies of pain, when Clemente ruins him and robs the love of his wife. Isabela Soriano is the oldest daughter of Clemente. A young woman who is strong and adores her father, but she cannot forgive her father for marrying Karina, whom Isabela does not like at all. One day, Isabela almost runs a man over with her car. This man happens to be Victor Izaquiree, the new veterinarian of Clemente's ranch. Isabela falls in love with Victor, even though she is engaged with Cesar, who happens to be the trainer of horses. When Isabela finds out that Victor and Karina understand one another, her worst enemy becomes her jealousy and she'll suffer a great pain of love. Diana Soriano is a young woman, who is very unsure of herself and the profession she has chosen as an architect. Maurico, her old friend from school, courts her, because Maurico is in love with her. One day Maurico presents her to their old professor from college whom he works for, the Architect Octavio Uriate. In spite of the hatred between the two families, a great love will occur between Octavio and Diana. Diana's father Clemente will stop that great love and destroy it. Carolina is the youngest of the Soriano sisters, who has recently returned from the States where she has been studying all this time. To please her father, she lets Rafael to court her, a young man who has nothing and is with her only because of her last name and the money her father posses. But, her heart will betray her because she falls in love with her childhood friend Pablo, who happens to be an employee of Clemente Soriano. When Clemente finds out that Carolina and Pablo are in love, he invents a big deceitful lie, saying that they are brother and sister. Thinking that Pablo is her brother, she marries Rafael. Clemente goes to Pablo's mother, his faithful servant Paz, and tells her to go along with the game, because if she does not, her son Pablo will suffer the consequences. Because of this great big lie Carolina's life will be miserable next to Rafael. At this point all three sisters will lose the happiness, and will fight to regain it. But first they must face their father and uncover the mask he holds.
Call number DVD 231

RosalindaRosalinda is a noble and very hard-working girl. She works in a flower booth belonging to Grandpa Florentino. When Rosalinda loses her mother, she throws her all into helping her father Xavier, sisters Fedra and Lucy and her brother Beto. Fedra is very self-absorbed and conceited, Lucy is as sweet as Rosalinda. Beto is a bum, thief and liar. Xavier finds out that one of his daughters is not his daughter and begins to discharge his resentment against the three girls. Rosalinda meets Fernando José Altamirano del Castillo when she delivers flowers to a restaurant belonging to Gerardo, Fernando José's friend. He and Rosalinda fall in love, though Fernando José is hell-bent on concealing the fact that he is a millionaire.
Call number DVD 238

RubiRubi studies in a private university thanks to an average scholarship and the support of her sister Cristina, who works hard to help her mother and sister. In the university, Rubi becomes a friend of Maribel, a millionaire, but sweet and nice girl, who is disabled after an accident. Maribel thinks that she has found a real friend in Rubi, but has no idea that Rubi envies her because of her money. After visiting Maribel's beautiful mansion, she is convinced that this is a life she deserves, and she will obtain it at any cost. Because of her disability, Maribel spends hours at her computer talking over the Internet with a guy named Hector. Shortly after, they meet in person, and Hector, in spite of her disability, proposes her to marry him. Maribel is very happy and accepts. Hector presents Rubi to his best friend, a young doctor Alejandro, and he and Rubi also fall in love, Rubi hopes that finally she will marry a rich, handsome doctor whom she is in love with, and all four of them are very happy... until Rubi finds out that actually Alejandro is not rich at all! Rubi must choose between love and money, and obviously she chooses money and breaks her commitment with Alejandro. Disillusioned, Alejandro decides to dedicate in body and soul to his profession. Now, Rubi is more than ever determined to marry a millionaire, and to achieve her goal she is ready to commit most vile of the betrays: to rob the Maribel's fiancé Hector. She achieves her goal.
Call number DVD 237

Tres Mujeres
Tres MujeresThree women with perfect lives...or not? Fatima has the ultimate boyfriend. Adrian is tall, gorgeous, well-bred and dying to marry her. But Adrian has a dark side: he's jealous, violent, ambitious and a liar, not to mention the fact that he's having an affair with his assistant, Brenda. When Fatima's best friend uncovers the infidelity, Fatima must make a decision about her perfectly planned life. The arrival of Sebastian, the handsome son of Adrian's boss, also complicates matters because, without meaning to, Fatima and he begin to fall in love. Fatima's sister, Barbara seems to have a perfect family with Mario, her loving, faithful husband, and a daughter, Montse. But Barbara is obsessed with having another child, something that is putting a strain on her marriage and ultimately will drive her into the arms of another man. Despite an enduring stable marriage and a comfortable position in society, Greta, the mother of Fatima and Barbara, has never been able to forget Federico, her first love. What road will she choose when fate crosses their paths once again?
Call number DVD 233

La Usurpadora
La UsurpadoraLa Usurpadora is about a woman who meets another who is absolutely identical to her. While one is shallow, unscrupulous and married to a millionaire, the other is all heart, though she is a poor orphan who has suffered all her life. Paola and Paulina decide to change places. Paola proposes the switch so she can run off with a lover and Paulina accepts under threat of being unfairly imprisoned. But the replacement wife ends up being better for the family than the real one: Not only does she offer loving support to her "husband" and "children", but she dedicates herself to rescuing the once-powerful matriarch of the household, Grandma Piedad, from alcoholism. But when everyone finally is happy, Paola decides to return.
Call number DVD 234

All summaries taken from Alma Latina,