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Ebooks and Ereaders

The LCC Library offers ebooks that can be downloaded to your computer or mobile device.

What ebooks are available to download to my own computer or device?

You can find more than 150,000 titles by selecting one of the ebook collections that the Library subscribes to.

Why can't I search for ebooks using the library catalog?

The Library is migrating to a new library system and catalog. The migration is scheduled to be completed by the start of Winter Term when ebooks will once again be searchable using the library catalog. Thank you for your patience during this migration.

How do I view, print, and download an ebook using my own computer or device?

The process is different for every ereader and ebook provider. See the Ebook Collections webpage for more information.

Can I borrow an ebook from Summit or another library (Interlibrary Loan)?

Unfortunately publishers prohibit libraries from sharing ebooks.

Can I check out a Kindle ereader?

The Kindle pilot project has ended and the Library is no longer lending Kindle ereaders.

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