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"I couldn't have done that much damage with an axe, a day off, and a mission statement."

Rob Wilco, after observing Bucky chew through a wall to get at Fungo Squiggly.

...welcome to the webpages for Don Macnaughtan, Lane Community College Library.

Latest Projects...
blue pinMy latest book The Buffyverse Catalog: A Complete Guide to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel in Print, Film, Television, Comics, Games and Other Media, 1992-2010 has been published by McFarland Publishing. Winner of the 2011 Mr. Pointy Award for the Best Academic Book in Whedon Studies.
blue pin"The Purchase of the Nahuhulk: A Tsimshian Tale"...the story of a legendary Copper.
blue pin"Educating the Macnaughtan boys, 47000BC to 2946AD"...a new short story.
blue pinA new bibliography about the mysterious Shompen people of Great Nicobar Island, in the Indian Ocean.
blue pinAn ethnographic bibliography on the rich oral literature of the Chinookan peoples of the Lower Columbia River.
blue pinA research bibliography on the five Athapaskan languages of Western Oregon.

Here at Lane I work as a reference librarian, and I also teach. My subject specialties are:

  • American Indians
  • anthropology
  • applied design
  • computer & information technology
  • ethnic studies
  • geography
  • history
  • international studies
  • law & criminal justice
  • mass media (movies, tv, newspapers, web)
  • multimedia & game design
  • Oregon
  • photography
  • political science
  • popular culture

I act as the academic liaison to most faculty in these areas, which means I help them use the library's resources, and help build the new book & dvd collections in those fields.

I also help in the Library's evaluation of new electronic resources, and work on special projects such as the Library's unique movie screenplay collection and Kindle lending project. I am responsible for the Library's publicity and outreach to LCC faculty, including editing the faculty newsletter Inklings and creating a fun trivia quiz for faculty and staff. I'm also a resource for copyright and MLA citation issues on our campus.

I do some writing & research - my publication history is here on OCLC WorldCat. Coming from a remote land downunda, I'm intrigued with how prehistoric humans settled the planet's more isolated islands. I do some projects with music & media, and I'm especially a student of the Buffyverse, with a new book from McFarland & Co. I have also contributed to the history of the Perthshire Macnaughtans, also known as the Cuarain Fada or "Long Sandals", who settled the village of Fortingall during the Dark Ages.

I also specialize in American Indians of the Northwest. My main work is on the Chinookan, Siuslaw-Kuitsh and Chetco-Tututni peoples of the Oregon Coast and the Columbia River, the Indian languages of Western Oregon, and also the rare ceremonial artifacts known as coppers. My latest publication about coppers is the secret history of the Nahuhulk, a Tsimshian tale first recorded in 1916.

I have also written in vexillology (the science of flags), and I have a WordPress media blog and a bibliography blog where I store my dozen bibliographies on American Indians, island peoples, archaeology, and music.

I always travel with a camera - my favorite shots are on Picasa and Flickr. I also collect comedy records & books, and I'm always foraging for great music.

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